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New Dance Trend: Check Out This 'Running Man Challenge' That Is Taking Over Social Media

There's a new dance challenge sweeping over social media called the #RunningManChallenge.

A number of college sports and pro teams started posting their Running Man dance challenges online ... even Chris Brown recently joined in on the fun:

A video posted by La La's Entertainment Blog (@ooolalablog) on

All of the video dance challenges are accompanied by the '90s track, "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJ's.

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Although some reports online say the Maryland Terrapins have started this challenge, I have to disagree because my New Jersey peeps been doing this dance.

A video posted by Jaylen Brantley (@jaybriddle_1) on

Now, if you're around my age, meaning over the age of 30, then you know this is not OUR original Running Man dance. These kids are just having some fun.

I reposted some high school students from Jersey about a week ago doing the challenge:

There's different people claiming to be the originator to this so-called running man dance, including Kevin Soze who calls himself the 'Running Man Challenge Creator' on Instagram along with @jerrygunnz.

A video posted by La La's Entertainment Blog (@ooolalablog) on

A video posted by Kevin Sรถzรฉ ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿพ (@11.oo7) on

Here's another group of guys doing the challenge, this one is good too: 

There's also a guy named Mark who is claiming him and his crew did this dance several years ago:

Well, who knows who really started the Running Man Challenge ... but, what I do know is this dance is very similar to The Patty Cake dance which in fact started in the Jersey club scene: