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La La Diaries: A Finger, Suck, F*ck Kinda Night (Part 1)

*** Entry #8 ***

A Finger, Suck, F*ck Kinda Night (Part 1)

I didn't forget about "J"... 

(Catch Up And Read About "J" In My First Diary Entry Here: He Ate My Box So I Cancelled My Gym Membership To Avoid Seeing Him)

J was Puerto Rican, fit and sexy ... just one little problem, he was my height! I'm 5'7 which is pretty tall for a chick and with heels, I easily hit at least 6'0 tall. I was always attracted to tall dudes and by tall I mean at least 6'0 and up. 

Well, are short men a total turn off if they have everything else going for themselves? 

Let me think...

Eff it, I wasn't trying to marry this dude, I wasn't even trying to date him. I actually like his friend more, but I wouldn't mind sitting on J's face... He has a nice mouth and facial hair... hmm... 

J and I worked together, we were both servers at a restaurant (which I shall leave unnamed). 

At this restaurant, everyone was cool with everyone. The cool group of us were young and good looking and flirty. It was a common thing for the chicks to get their asses slapped constantly in the kitchen or get felt up on when no one was looking.

I always got hit on by the other male servers, the cooks, one of the managers, some of the customers, including these two old ass dudes who became my regulars ... hell, even a chick left me her digits once ... I played nice too... because I wanted a good tip, shit! 

Having big boobs and wearing that black V-neck t-shirt was golden. Especially whenever I had a table of 4 cute, young guys and I had to stretch over the table just a little... Yeah, I see those eyes looking down my shirt. 

Just make sure you leave a nice tip, shit. Serving is like stripping, but with your clothes on, and I always worked my tables. 

The walk-in refrigerator was the make out destination in the restaurant. Wanna smoke weed? ... No problem! That was always available. Some of us used to smoke out back by the trash cans. And, when the manager closed his office door, we would sneak shots at the bar. 

So, you get the picture of how chill working there was. 

Now, after work is when the real party happened. We would all let loose and turn up (still dressed in our server outfits too). 

This was the time in my life where I drank a lot, like a wholeeee lot. There was always a house party to go to, a bar night to attend or the after hours at our restaurant. 

During after hours, the cool group of us would stay in the restaurant (after closing), we made sure to close all of the blinds, and we would drink the beer on tap and whatnot ... all of this on the house of course. Luckily, I was cool with the shift leader, "Boss," who had keys to lock up the restaurant. 

We worked our asses off to make a bunch of tip money and what would we do with it? Spend it on drinks!

Saving money, what was that? 

This one night, a small group of us headed over to another bar. Me, this Spanish girl "Chica," whom I became cool with during our time serving together at the restaurant, J was there as well with his two boys: Boss and "Jamaica." 

Boss, one of the shift leaders at the restaurant and sometimes a server, was somewhat cute, an average looking dude, black and tall. Boss was known for banging every chick in the restaurant and he even dated a couple of them. He also kissed one of my good friends who worked with us. (I also heard during some girl talk that Boss had a hugeee sausage... hmm.)  

But, Boss could be an ass when it was time for him to be a shift leader and that would turn me off. Him and I disagreed and argued from time to time. Like, chill out bruh, you're still one of us, you're still a server. Don't let this sometimes manager shit go to your head. Sometimes I felt the sexual tension between us, but he pissed me off a lot, so he would never hit this. 

Then there was Jamaica ... the one I always had my eyes on, the one who I flirted with a lot in the restaurant, the one who I imagined bending over for in the walk-in fridge. 

Jamaica was, well, obviously Jamaican, and he was another tall brotha, gorgeous chocolate skin, such an inviting smile and he had the whitest teeth, ever, and he rocked a low cut with waves. Jamaica was smart too. He was studying in college to become a doctor. He had it going on. 

But, there was talk that Jamaica was only into white chicks. Ha, he just didn't see these big ass caramel titties yet!

I remember when Jamaica was the new kid at the restaurant, I had my eyes on him right from the jump. He quickly linked up and became friends with J and Boss and they all started going to the gym together and they developed a bromance. And, it didn't take long for Jamaica to catch on to our fuckery and flirty ways in the restaurant. 

One time, Jamaica saw Boss smack my ass in the kitchen. But, when Boss did it, he would smack my butt really hard and I would always scream, like "what the fuck, yo!?" and Boss always thought it was funny. 

Jamaica walked over that one time and whispered in my ear, "want me to make it feel better?"

Like, ooooh, yes, daddy!

Just him saying shit like that, made me wet. I would think, Jamaica better leave me alone or he's gonna get it, I'm trying to be good over here, but it was so hard.

I found myself getting a little jealous anytime Jamaica would play around with another chick in the restaurant. I know Jamaica wasn't mine to claim, he was free to play the field, but I still didn't like it. I never showed my jealousy, or at least I think I didn't. I know guys don't like that shit. 

Our work shifts were usually the same and all of us spent hours upon hours in that hell hole together. Dealing with all the craziness, hustling, rude ass customers, standing on my feet for hours, rolling up silverware ... all that shit. Working with Jamaica made me like my job a little more ... besides making money, I also had some fun to look forward to. Plus, I could rant about life and he was there listening and saying the nicest things.

Nice guys always win me over. 

But, I remember this one time Jamaica and I went for a quick ride after work to chill. He parked his car in this little parking lot down the street from the restaurant, and we started making out. I was kissing on his chest, heading down more to his abs ... then all of a sudden, dude put his hands on top of my head and started pushing my head down!

Umm, that's rude as hell and a big NO NO! 

Let it happen naturally... If I wanna suck your dick, it will happen, but don't start pushing my head now. I don't like that.

I lifted my head right back up. He got the "I am NOT sucking your dick" kind of look from me. 

He knew it wasn't going down. So, that car ride was a wrap.

Was that all he wanted from me this entire time?

I have this thing about putting random dicks in my mouth... yeah, that's something I don't do. Now, fucking is something different. Don't question my sex logic here, but my mouth is almost like a virgin. 

So, on another night, I was feeling good and I was looking to have some fun. Forget about all my problems, all the drama, and lets live it up for the night... that was my mind process. 

The five of us - me, Chica, J, Boss and Jamaica - went to the bar after work. 

About four strong Long Island Ice Tea's and some shots later (my typical night of drinking) the bartender announced "last call." 

Boy, was I feeling myself! 

We didn't want the drinking and fun to end. Chica told the boys and I that we could take the fun back to her place. She said her roommate would most likely be asleep anyway. 

Aight, cool!

We're at Chica's place, chilling in her living room which is upstairs. She turns the music on and to get things popping, we started playing the drinking game Kings which turned more into a stripping game.

As the game continued on, the more drinks we're taking back and the more clothes are coming off. Chica was losing badly and was down to just wearing a top and her panties by the time the game was over. This bish was the only one without pants while the rest of us removed tops, socks, belts, and stuff like that, like we're being all conservative, I don't know why.  

After the game, we start dancing around to some Spanish music. Chica was dancing around in her panties with Jamaica ... Ohhhh, okay, okay, I see you, bish. 

Then, the two of them headed downstairs.  

I was thinking, what the fuck!?

Her drunk ass is gonna hook up with MY guy. Why did he choose her to spend alone time with? 

Doesn't this bish know I'm feeling him?? What the hell happened to Girl Code!? I guess it all goes out the window when drinks are involved, hunh?

Jamaica is playing around with me... maybe because I didn't suck his dick in the car that time. Yeah, I bet her ass will gladly suck his dick. Whatever, I thought, two can play this game.  

I'ma hook up with one of his boys tonight, I said to myself. 

Yup, and that's exactly what I did.... in fact, I hooked up with BOTH of his boys! 

Don't fucking judge me. That wasn't the plan, it just happened. 

So, I was left upstairs with Boss and J who was on the couch laid out, trying to get himself together. I headed over to the other side of the room where Boss was standing. We start talking and whatnot and next thing I know, his hand slides down my pants and his fingers are in my coochie. 

Boss plays around with fingering me and this is where things get a little fuzzy. I can't remember exactly what I was thinking or why him and I didn't take things further, but we just didn't. 

Maybe because in the back of my mind, no matter how tipsy or drunk I got, I just knew, Boss wasn't getting this pussy. 

I went back over to the couch to chill with J. I forget where Boss went with my pussy juices still fresh on his fingers. 

J slides his tongue in my mouth, slides it down more to my neck ... my breasts ... he slides my pants down, spread my legs and went to work. His tongue skills were on point and he got me to the 'I'm ready to fuck you' point. I start rubbing his dick through his pants, he wastes no time pulling it out .... decent size ... but, he had no condom! Ughhh! J hinted at some head action, but yeahhhh ... I wasn't doing that. 

So, we're both just sitting there, horny as hell and he's all like, "let me just stick the tip in."

Umm, nah my nigga. 

"Can I just place it on top?"


"Can you kiss it?"

No and no!

Like, you're not raw-dogging me and I'm not sucking ya dick. So, I get up and I remember telling J we need a condom, let me go find one. I put my pants back on and my drunk ass heads downstairs. I left him and his hard dick on the couch ... "I'll be right back!"

Where did Boss, Chica and Jamaica disappear to? Someone has to have a condom in this house.

I went to Chica's room and the door was closed. 

Deep breath in, deep breath out ... 

I knocked on the door and Chica says in a low voice, "come in."

Did I really want to walk in to whatever the hell her and Jamaica were doing in that room?

Eff it. 

I open the door and Chica and Jamaica are standing up. He's buttoning his pants and she's standing there, still in her underwear.

Honestly, this chick is not even cuter than me. Her body and her face are just okay .... hold up ... am I jealous, again?

Stay cool, I tell myself. But, I'm not stupid, obviously some shit went down. Bet money she sucked his dick. 

"Do one of you have a condom?," I ask. 

The liquor is really hitting me now ... why am I in my damn feelings?

"A condom for what?," Jamaica asks.

"For what? Forrrr what!? What is this?" I respond with an attitude. 

Chica pulls me to the side, she seemed way more fucked up than I am. She kept giggling while whispering to me that her and Jamaica tried having sex. 

Tried? How the hell do you try. Either ya had sex or you didn't. What the hell is a "try"??

She went on to explain that Jamaica was too big for her and every time he tried pushing himself in her, it hurt. She told me they didn't even finish, hell, they barely even started anything ... the tip of his dick went in her, she tells me. She kept saying "oww," so he just stopped trying. 

I'm standing there like, really, girl? You're complaining about not being able to take a dick?

Chica then excused herself from the room and shut the door behind her, leaving me in her room with Jamaica.

He's just standing there at the foot of the bed and I'm standing there, too. His shirt is still off. Damn, he looks so good, perfectly sculpted abs, skin is glowing ... but, he irks my damn nerves. 

I start thinking ... not only did he try pushing my head down in the car that time, but he flirts around with all these other girls in the restaurant, AND he also just fucked my homegirl... or "tried" to fuck her, whatever. 

At this point, I totally forget about J ... ya know, the hot Puerto Rican guy who I left upstairs with his dick out ... Wasn't he waiting for me to bring a condom? Weren't we about to f.....

Jamaica grabs me up in his arms and kisses me. 

Ah shit, it's a wrap! 

Let's just say ... I never made it back upstairs to J. 

**To be continued, stay tuned!**

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