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SHOTS FIRED: The Star-Ledger SLAMS Rihanna's Newark, N.J. Concert Performance, Calls The Show A "Cheap, Uninspired Mess"

The Star-Ledger ( SLAMMED Rihanna's Jersey concert which took place at the Prudential Center on Saturday night ... is RiRi losing her steam?

The website says, RiRi's stage set looked cheap, her background music blasted loudly over her own voice, the Newark audience looked disengaged, and at the end of the concert, it felt like you were cheated.

In an article titled: "Rihanna's N.J. concert was a cheap, uninspired mess" the reporter writes:

"At 28, Rihanna already boasts a résumé of 14 No. 1 singles, eclipsing Michael Jackson, Madonna and Stevie Wonder."

"But none of those pop luminaries would have been caught dead at Prudential Center Saturday night, and risked involvement with a performance so insipid and visually garish as the Barbadian dance-pop noble's new ANTI World Tour."

"For the piles of cash Jay Z's Roc Nation must have thrown at this show, why did everything look so cheap?" 


The writer does point out a couple of positives and writers, "Let's be fair: amid the misses there were still a few moments to savor here."

Well, me personally, I've seen RiRi a couple years ago at Prudential for her Diamonds Tour and although she's not the best singer or dancer, she has a lot of hot bangers and I jam to all her songs. Going to a Rihanna feels like one big party and I actually enjoyed myself.

But, after seeing her once, I'm good. I love her music, but she's not the kind of artist I would pay to see multiple times in concert.

RiRi, who recently won the 'Rock Star Award' at the Black Girls Rock Event (which taped in Newark on Friday), seems to be chilling out a lot more, from what I see. 

Her "Kiss It Better" recently dropped and I read a couple of reviews from websites asking, what's up with RiRi's low budget looking videos? 

I love that song, it's one of my favorites off her ANTI album, but the video was just okay, and I wish that song as well as some of the others off that album were a little longer.

Although some point out that her energy seems to be slacking on stage during her ANTI World Tour or point out that her music videos look low budget, Rihanna's "Work" still continues to dominate the Billboard Hot 100 charts and was radio's most heard song in its first day. So, yes, Rihanna is still out there killing it!

So, have we put Rihanna on a pedestal and now we expect her to do better on every album, every music video, every song? Or, do you think the 28-year-old pop star has made her mark in the music industry, she's comfortable now and is not giving her all anymore?

Have you ever been to a Rihanna concert? Do you agree?

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