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Yikes! Mariah Carey's Dying Sister Begs Her For Money To Cover Her Health Care (Video)

Mariah Carey's sister, Alison, is begging the superstar for financial help to cover her medical bills. 

Alison released a video message to the singer which was sent to the Daily Mail. She needs help financially after a home invasion attack which has had a major effect on her health and left her brain dead. Alison is a former prostitute. She also has a long history of battling drug addiction, and she is HIV positive.  
In the video below, Allison says:

"Mariah, I love you, and I desperately need your help," she tells the camera. "Please don't abandon me like this." 

Their brother Morgan is also hoping Mariah will come to her sister's rescue. He has previously slammed the star for abandoning their sister. 

According to the Daily Mail, Morgan said Alison was institutionalized for observation after being found wandering in the street barefoot and partially dressed. 

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Mariah has reportedly helped her sister plenty of times in the past. The two fell out years ago, reportedly in the '90s,  following an argument, and Mariah hasn't really spoken to her sister since. 

The 46-year-old singer has an estimated net worth of $510 million, according to the Daily Mail, and she's currently planning her wedding to billionaire, James Packer

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