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La La Diaries: A Finger, Suck, F*ck Kinda Night (Part 2)

*** Entry #9 ***

A Finger, Suck, F*ck Kinda Night (Part 2) 

Jamaica scoops me up in his strong arms, like I weigh nothing! 

Let me tell you ... when a man picks me up, that shit turns me on so much. It's like instant wetness downstairs. 

I wrap my long legs around his waist and I put my arms around his neck to hold on as his hands are grabbing my ass. He kisses me, hard ... and, he slides his tongue in my mouth. 

I couldn't stop him even If I wanted to, but I didn't want to. 

Jamaica moves towards the bed and drops me. Mind you, this is Chica's bed ... remember, my home girl whom he just tried to have sex with. 

But, I wasn't thinking about none of that ... I didn't think about anything. All my problems seem to go away and I'm floating on cloud nine because I've imagined this very moment in my head and it's happening right now!

I'm laying on my back, looking ahead at Jamaica and his perfectly built chest as he pulls a Magnum out of his jeans. 

Yes, the gold package!

He pulls his pants down, kicks them off ... OH MY!

I wasn't ready for what he was about to give me ... his dick was hard and at attention, and it was huge! ... width, length, homeboy was winning in that area, he was winning all around. 

Jamaica easily slides my pants down and tosses them to the side. My bottoms are off yet again and he opens my legs. I see him admiring my pussy. Yes, it's shaved and pretty. 

I thought he was about to give me some head, but instead, he climbs on top and I feel all of his weight on me. He grabs my face with both hands and kisses me again ... I can feel his third leg poking my thighs. 

I love the way he's taking control and manhandling my ass. Yessss, give it to me!

Jamaica raises his body up to slide the condom on, and as he enters me, I instantly let out a moan. 

Oh ....  my ..... gawdddd!

He starts off slow to warm me up and he's only giving me what feels like half of his dick. After some more pumps, Jamaica gives me all of his dick and I make a loud noise.

I feel like he entered another layer of my pussy walls. It hurts ... but, it hurts good. 

I keep moaning and getting louder and louder, I can't help it. With every stroke he delivers, I answer back with a louder moan. At one point, Jamaica covers my mouth with his hand and even said "ssshhh" in my ear. 

"Yesssss, right there!," I yelled out.

He looked at me and whispered, "ssssh, shutup."

Okay, I'll shutup ... I'll do whatever you want me to do ...

"Fuck me, yesss, oh my gosh ... oh my..."

I dig my nails in his back and I come ... some more long and hard pumps, I come again. 

I can't take this anymore. 

His pumps speed up and my pussy is now sore.

After Jamaica busted his nut, he laid all of his weight on me, again, for like a minute this time, and I can feel his heavy breathing in my ear as he's still inside me. Then he stands up, takes the condom off and quickly gets dressed. 

I'm not sure how long the sex lasted but it seemed like he hurt my pussy forever. 

I laid there afterwards, looking like a dead fish, and I don't feel like moving, but I did. No words were said and he left the room. I followed shortly after. 

The sex was amazing, but I honestly felt like shit afterwards. 

Did I really just settle for sloppy seconds? And, I hope no one heard me moan, I'm surprised I didn't wake up Chica's roommate whose room was like right across the hall. 

Fuck, what did I just do!?

Him and I probably even wouldn't have had sex if he all the way fucked my friend. 

I stand in the hallway, reevaluating life, thinking about how much I drink every night, thinking about my bad decision making ... and at that moment, I feel like I'm fine to drive home, my buzz is gone. 

I'm ready to go home. Yup, I'm going. 

My pussy hurts and my legs feel weak. 

It seems as if Jamaica headed back upstairs, I guess that's where everyone else is. Chica comes downstairs and is trying to be nosy to see what just happened. She also asks if I'm coming up. 

"I gotta go," I tell her. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Hunh, you sure? You good?," she says. 

I start heading towards the door and she yells out,"text me when you get home."

Fuck, my bag. I can't go anywhere without my bag and car keys. 

I turn back around and ask her to please get my purse, I left it upstairs. I can't go back up there ... I left J up there ... a guy I fucked is up there ... and Boss who finger popped me is up there too ... upstairs is bad. 

Once I get my purse, I'm ghost. I left the rest of them in that house to do God knows what ... I don't even care anymore.


Working at the restaurant was awkward as fuck. Usually I'm loud and talkative but on this day, I felt embarrassed and even a little ashamed. I also felt like the entire restaurant knew what went down last night, even the customers ... like, they were all looking at me and judging me. 

Don't fucking judge me. 

And, it was already bad enough that all of us - Jamaica, Boss, J, Chica and myself included - were all at work that day.

Like, seriously!? 

Boss was the shift leader and was on level 10 of asshole mode .. oh, just great. Chica said whatup to me but we didn't get a chance to discuss last night yet. J didn't say a single word to me the entire serving shift, not one word. But, I feel like he knew. Him and Boss just had this look on them ... the "I know you fucked my homeboy" look. And, less than 24 hours ago, this dude was licking my pussy. Yeah, I bet they all told each other everything already and compared notes and shit. You know, guys gossip just as much and sometimes more than us chicks. 

And, as for Jamaica, we spoke, but we weren't our flirty usual selves. There were no flirty looks, no long convos off in the corner, no kitchen flirting, no ass smacking, none of that.  

Come to think of it, he didn't even make sure I got home safely last night. No text, nothing. I don't even remember texting Chica to tell her when I made it home. She didn't even say anything about it. No one cared. Why would they? 

The chase was over. Jamaica got me. He got these goodies and fucked them really good. 

There's no point of flirting with me anymore, right? 

The party was over, now back to reality. 

Nothing was the same. 

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