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Reality Star Tanisha Thomas Catches Her Man Cheating & Records It All! + Peep Her New Boo

A slimmed down Tanisha Thomas, check her out!
TV personality and OG of the Bad Girls Club show Tanisha Thomas is funny as hell on Periscope. Unfortunately, the reality star says she's done with the live video app. 

Tanisha likes to get up close and personal on Periscope with her fans as she talks about real ish going on in her life. Her fans had a chance to watch her adventures and chat with her as she shared these pieces of her life. 

Recently, Tanisha went live on Periscope and hundreds of fans saw her dude (now ex-boyfriend) getting busted for creeping!

Yessss, hunny, Periscope was LIT!

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So, Tanisha met this dude named Andre on the Plenty of Fish dating website. Comes to find out Tanisha wasn't the only chick Andre was messing around with. 

Tanisha, like the true Bad Gal she is, busted up in Andre's place AND while the other chick was there! 

I'm not sure who was the side chick in this case, but watch it all go down below:

Well, Tanisha didn't know this video would soon go viral. 

The TV host recorded her last Periscope video yesterday (June 9) and said she's done with the app. Tanisha didn't like the fact that people were recording and re-posting her Scopes on YouTube. 

The Brooklyn, New York native said she thought her videos would delete after 24 hours, like how Snapchat works ... which they do on Periscope, but there are different cellphone screen recording apps which allow you to record live Periscope videos, Snapchats, etc. It doesn't even matter if you delete your videos right after you go live, people can record them as they're watching it live. 

Tanisha also said she didn't like the comments she was seeing all over social media about her being ratchet, looking for attention, etc. etc. 
Eff Andre, Tanisha done moved on!
Following all the Periscope drama, the BGC mother hen posted up this pic
of her and her new boo, Carey, who is a travel photographer
Okay, girl!
So yeah, Tanisha says she's done with live video recording on Periscope and said MAYBE she'll continue to do Facebook Live videos

Moral of the story is... you have to be mindful of what you post on social media and apps, period. You never know who is recording your ish! 

[Photos: Instagram / Video: YouTube]