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POWER Season 3, Ep. 2: 'It's Never Over' (FULL RECAP)

"It's Never Over" Season 3, Ep. 302 - Full Recap

Ghost awakens in bed next to a sleeping (and naked) Angela. He quickly checks his phone. Angela wakes up and he plays like he's sleeping, but he's really not. Ghost is in deep thought, he has Lobos on the brain. 

Lobos On The Brain 

Ghost is on the hunt for Lobos and is looking for his location. 

"I need to know where he is," he tells his attorney, Joe Proctor. "I just have to make sure it's all over. 

Joe suggests he asks Angela where to find Lobos since she's a prosecutor and would know. 

"You gotta teach me whatever it is you know about women because she should hate your breathing guts right now," Joe says about Angela. 

"And she would, if I keep going to her for information," Ghost says. "That's why I need you."

Later on, Joe tells Ghost that he can't get a location on Lobos because Lobos is not in the system anymore, but his death certificate is. Ghost figures out Lobos is in protective custody. Joe says he needs to ask Angela how to find Lobos so he can close the issue.

But, Ghost doesn't want to ask Angela about the case. 

"You may have to decide on protecting your girl or saving your own life," Joe tells him. "I know which one I would choose."

Meanwhile, Angela thinks the Lobos prosecution will be successful and tells her boss, Mike, that she wants to review the files and talk to other jurisdictions. Mike offers to get the files for her and says the request will be faster if he makes it. 

The boss can't be trusted though, Remember, Mike is secretly working for Lobos. 

Mike later talks to another one of Lobos' workers. Mike is focused on finding the prisoner who stabbed Lobos. He says. if someone finds this guy before they do, Lobos will have a problem since they made everyone believe another crew killed Lobos.

Mike is also worried that if it's in fact Ghost who stabbed Lobos, then he could possibly testify against Lobos.

"I'm putting my life on the line, I'm doing the best I can," Mike says. 

Mike is told to do his job and protect Lobos or he'll have no other options left. 

But, he has a problem with his coworker, Saxe, who is also dead set on looking for the guy who stabbed Lobos.

The Drug Business Is Slipping

Tommy is sitting in his car and listens to Ghost's voicemail (from the last episode) as Holly puts up 'Lost Dog' fliers around town. 

"Who was on the phone?" nosy Holly asks when she gets back to the car.

"Wrong number," Tommy replies. 

Holly and Tommy are both sad over their "missing" dog.

"I'm not gonna be able to sleep until we find her," she says.

Tommy tells her they'll find the dog soon. 

That damn dog is dead! But, Holly just doesn't know that, yet. 

In another scene, Julio and Tommy discuss getting only half of their products delivered and Julio starts worrying what will happen if they can't deliver the full product to their customers. With Lobos playing dead and his accounts frozen, him and his drug distributors are dealing with some financial problems. 

Tommy doesn't have a lot of drugs to sell and tells his Chinese connects that he ran into problems that were out of his hands. He reassures them that the problems will be solved soon. He also offers them an extra bonus in the next shipment so he doesn't lose them as customers, and they agree. 

Holly Tries To Run Shit

Ghost walks into his old house which is Tasha's home now. 

He says, "thanks for letting me take the kids to Angela's."

"I didn't do it for you," Tasha responds. "You know when my dad left, I hardly saw him at all. They [the kids] deserve better."

"Why are you even here?," she asks him. 

Ghost pulls out a check and tells Tasha he wants her to give that check to Tommy. It's money from him and Tommy's businesses, half of everything. 

"After Tommy gets this check, we are officially closed for business, I'm out," Ghost says. "We're not partners anymore."

Tasha says, Tommy doesn't want to see her either, but Ghost pleads with her to reach out to him ASAP since Tommy won't return his calls.

Tasha later heads over to Tommy's house, but Holly answers the door. 

Tasha is surprised to see her over there and asks, "How long have you been back in town?" 

"Long enough to know you're not welcomed here," Holly answers. "Look, Tommy doesn't want to talk to you or Ghost."

She goes to close the door, but Tasha holds the door open and waves the check in Holly's face. 

Tasha stands in the doorway and says Tommy will change his mind when they can talk about money. 

"How much is that for?," a nosy Holly wants to know.

"You'll find out when you tell Tommy to come see me, he knows my number," Tasha says and walks away.


Later on, Tasha meets up with her girl, LaKeisha, at her hair salon. 

"Fuck that, my kids are not spending the night over no side piece's house, ever" LaKeisha tells Tasha. 

"That bitch is a drive-by," she says referring to Angela. 

"She ain't a drive-by, he parked," Tasha replies.

Tasha realizes if she doesn't play nice, then the kids are the only ones who will end up suffering. 

"You're being way too nice," LaKeisha tells Tasha.

"I'm being an adult, Keisha. Trust me, if it wasn't for them kids, I'd throw the bitch down the stairs." 

LaKeisha notices Tasha is not wearing her wedding ring anymore and Tasha says she sold it. 

"I'm not playing make believe with Ghost anymore, the Ghost I know is gone," Tasha tells her and reassures LaKeisha that she's not pressed for cash. 

Tasha is the true definition of a ride or die chick, but she's riding for a man that's not even hers anymore ... for a man who left her. But, she's right. Play nice for the kids. 

Dre Confronts Ghost

Back at the Truth club, Ghost is talking to a group of big ballers who are making it rain in his VIP section. Afterwards, he heads up to his office and in walks Dre who questions Ghost about keeping him out the loop. Dre also questions the bloody tarot card that he found in Ghost's desk.

"What's up with you looking in my desk?" Ghost asks. 

"Funny thing is, I was looking for a goddamn tie, but that's not the fucking point," Dre responds. 

He gets in front of Ghost and says, "I've seen that card before ... I heard it's some Mexican mafia shit." 

"If you get a card like that, it means you're in trouble, it means we're in trouble."

Dre continues to talk as Ghost listens.

"Is that why you wan't me strapped? ... Whatever you want me to do it'll get done, man."

Ghost tells Dre, "I want you to go back downstairs, I want you to get back to work and if I need help, I'll ask you for that." 

"No you won't, man," Dre says and walks out the office. 

Ghost reaches out to Tommy, again, this time through text. He wants his old friend to call him back. 

Cold World: Is Tommy Really Done With Ghost & Tasha?

Tasha meets up with Tommy in a diner. A waitress walks over to take their order, but Tommy passes up on the food. 

"That's a first, not like you to pass up a meal," Tasha says to Tommy all nice. 

Tommy cuts the shit and gets straight to it as he says, "Just give me my money so I can get the fuck outta here already."

Well, damn!

Tasha can't believe the way Tommy is talking to her ... her former friend, he was like family to her, Ghost and the kids. 

"What is going on with you?," she responds. "I know you and Ghost got beef, but that ain't got shit to do with me."

Tommy brings up how he might have talked to Kanan before and found out he got set up by Tasha and Ghost. 

Remember the whole broken tail light story and Tasha sent in an anonymous tip to the cops which eventually landed Kanan in jail.

Tommy is pissed that Tasha lied to him about Kanan for ten years. Tasha snaps right back at Tommy and says he lied to her as well and didn't tell her about Angela. 

"How long was Ghost fucking Ms. Puerto Rico before you told me?"

Tasha says, her and Ghost couldn't tell a lot of people about Kanan and that they were doing what was best for Tommy.   

"Maybe that's why Ghost started fucking Angela, he was just doing what was best for you," Tommy says right back. 

Oh snap! No he didn't!

"Wow, it's like that!?," Tasha says as she stands up from the table and gets ready to leave. "Take your fucking money, Tommy."

She also says, "Truth is, in both of our cases, Ghost had us doing what was best for him."

Ghost Gets Scooped

Dre pops into his old hood to catch up on the gossip while his friends crack jokes on his clothes and how he turned corporate. One of his boys questions him about Kanan and how he hasn't seen him in awhile, but Dre doesn't know where Kanan is at either.  

His boys are telling Dre he should hit up the club for cash, but he is on the straight road and says he doesn't want to go back to prison, plus there's cameras everywhere in Ghost's club. 


Later on, Ghost thinks he's set to have the baddest DJ in town perform at his club. But then one of his hosts says the DJ backed out and is going to play at the club across the street because they offered him more money. 

Dre is in trouble because he never got the DJ to sign the contracts like Ghost asked him to do earlier. Ghost also wants to know who owns the club across the street. 

Afterwards, Ghost and Dre head over across the street and see two of the guys who Ghost was talking to earlier in the VIP section, they're the ones who own the club. They scooped Ghost and stole his DJ after hearing about his plans. 

Dre apologizes for fucking up and Ghost tells him, "Your head is not in the game, if you weren't so concerned about my business you wouldn't have made this damn mistake." 

"Look, I don't know this shit, I'm a hustler, I know the streets," Dre says in defense. "If you want shit done a certain way then maybe you should do it yourself, bruh."

Dre brings it down a few notches and tells Ghost he's on his team.

Dre says, "we can go fuck these bitch ass niggas up right now, it'll make me feel better."

Ghost doesn't respond. 

"So you're just gonna let them punk you like that?," Dre asks. 

"You know what, sometimes no response is the best response, so we're not gonna make a move. Not right now, Andre, they'll be expecting it," Ghost calmly says. 

"We'll let 'em wait, in fear. We'll make a plan and then we'll attack."

Tasha & Angela Come Face-To-Face

We see Tasha knocking at a door ... but who's door? 


Eventually this scene would happen!

Angela opens the door and is surprised to see Tasha standing there. Tasha decided to do a pop up visit when she knew Ghost wouldn't be around. She walks in and checks out Angela's place, making sure it's childproofed for her youngest baby girl. Tasha then goes over a list of things that her kids need. 

Before Tasha heads out, Angela tells her "thank you."

"You wanted him, you wanted them, okay," Tasha responds. "Remember that." 

She also says, "You better be sure you're ready for this."

Is Angela ready to step up and play step-mommy? This will be interesting to see how this goes with her busy schedule and to see how the kids react to her. 

Later on, while Tasha is helping her kids pack their overnight bags, they question why they have to go sleep over there.

"Why do we have to be punished with dad's mistakes?," her son Tariq asks. 

"Do you still love him, mom?" her older daughter Raina asks. 

Tasha explains to them that no matter what their father did, they're a family and families are forever.

"It's never over," she tells her kids. 

Sneaky Holly

Ghost is still trying to reach out to Tommy because there is some shit that is about to go down that he needs to know about. 

No answer. 

Tommy returns home to a crying Holly who is still sad over the dog. Tommy shows her the check he received from Tasha to cheer her up. Her face lights up after seeing how much money it is. She asks Tommy if she can deposit the check into the bank, but he says he'll handle it.

"You want to handle something? Handle this," Tommy says as he kisses her. 

Holly is slick though, and she distracts Tommy by unbuckling his pants to give him head as she swipes the check from the table and puts it in her back pocket. 

In a later scene, we see Holly at the bank trying to deposit Tommy's check. But, dumb dumb didn't realize she can't deposit anything without signing her name on some documents and inputting a PIN number. 

After realizing all the security steps she has to go through to actually cash the check, Holly gives up and leaves the bank. 

She later returns home and tells Tommy she tried to deposit the check and he's pissed. She thought he was doing Tommy a favor, but he doesn't think so. 

"From now on you don't make any move without talking to me first," he demands. "Not about nothing you hear me, especially my fucking money!"

"I thought that was our money?" Holly questions. 

Tommy tells her if they're going to be in this for the long run then they have to be completely honest with one another. 

Holly agrees to not making any moves without consulting Tommy. However, she still wants to help and learn how to handle and move their drug money. 

Holly wonders how the books were handled before and Tommy tells her that used to be Tasha's job because she actually went to school for accounting. He explains how Tasha almost got her degree, but the she met Ghost and quit school.

Holly suggests they bring Tasha in so she can teach her about handling the money.

"I don't want nothing to do with those people," Tommy says.

"We use Tasha until I learn the ropes and then we get rid of her," she suggests.

Tommy gets a text from an unknown number about a meet up and he leaves. 

Angela Plays Stepmom

Back at the office, Angela finds out from Saxe that he's looking for the guy who stabbed Lobos. 

When she gets home later, she walks in and says, "Jaime, we need to talk" not realizing the kids are already at her place early. 

Angela officially meets Ghost and Tasha's three children. He wants them to all and try to be a family together. The kids and Angela get to know each other and in the middle of their bonding time, Ghost receives a phone call from Tommy.

"It's better we meet and discuss it in person," Ghost says.

Tommy agrees on the other end of the line as he checks the gun in his pocket. 

Ghost heads on out before him, Angela and his children can have dinner and he leaves her alone with the kids. 

Meanwhile, Tasha is back in her big house, alone, sipping on a glass of wine. The fire place is going and she walks around, looks in the mirror and cries. 

Aww, poor, Tasha. 

I miss Shawn! 

Tommy Gets Ready To Kill Ghost

Tommy meets up with one of Lobos' guys in a parking garage ... the guy who was in his home, the one who killed his dog. This guy asks Tommy if he got the message and Tommy says he is still on the mission to kill Ghost and plans on meeting up with him later.  


It's night time and Ghost is at the park waiting for his ex friend. Tommy shows up but doesn't go near Ghost, instead he hides behind a building and plots. He puts a silencer on his gun. Ghost is not too far away and he turns around, but Tommy quickly ducks behind the building. 

I think Ghost saw him or he just knows Tommy is there. 

Tommy points the gun in Ghost's direction and gets ready to fire. Ghost looks out at his view and then closes his eyes and just stands there. 

Tommy is standing there, gun his hand, it's aimed right at Ghost, and he knows what needs to be done or Lobos will come after him and Holly.

Tommy's trigger hand starts shaking, he exhales, and he moves back behind the building. 

Tommy can't do it, he can't knock off his old friend. 

Ghost checks his cellphone, it's a message from Tommy saying something came up and he can't make it. 


Saxe tells Mike he thinks he found the guy who cut Lobos. Mike isn't too happy about this because he knows his ass is on the line. 

Later on, Saxe shows up at the prison, but it's too late. By the time he gets there, the prisoner who stabbed Lobos is already dead  ... someone stabbed him! 

Welp, there goes Saxe's lead. I'm pretty sure Mike had something to do with that. 


Back at Angela's place, Tariq asks to use the bathroom but instead he takes this opportunity to snoop around. He looks in Angela's closet, finds a gun in one of her bags, pulls it out and holds it. 

Later on, Angela is in bed, alone, and she's just thinking. She receives a text from Saxe who tells her Lobos' assault suspect was stabbed to death. 

Ghost returns home and pours himself a drink as he checks on the children who are asleep in the living room. He walks in the bedroom and just stares at Angela who plays like she's sleeping.

Tommy Is All Messed Up 

Tommy goes to the warehouse after punking out of killing Ghost. He snorts a bunch of cocaine and in walks Julio and two other guys.

One guy says to Tommy, "yo, boss, you keep snorting all the fucking product man, there won't be none left to sell."

Tommy walks over to the guy and beats his ass while Julio and the guy watch in horror. 

"Nobody better not ever disrespect me again!" Tommy yells.

"That should've been you for talking to Ghost," Tommy says as he's pointing at Julio. "That should've been you!"

Later on, an emotional Tommy opens up to Holly. The two are sitting on the couch and with tears in his eyes, he decides to spill it all.

"Holly, I fucked up," he says. "We're not safe, they're gonna kill us."

Tommy tells Holly that Lobos ordered him to killed Ghost, but he couldn't do it. He also tells her about the dog not being lost, it was killed as a warning. 

"I understand," Holly simply responds. 

"He was my brother, my whole life, my family," Tommy says to Holly about Ghost. 

As Holly comforts Tommy, she also says, "I know you can kill Ghost."

"If you can't kill Ghost for yourself Tommy, do it for me," she says. "Do it!"

"I will, I promise," he tells her. 

A knock is at the door and Tommy wonders who it is. Holly says she made a phone call and tells him not to be mad.

Holly heads towards the door, opens it and in walks Tasha.

Tasha says to Tommy, "I hear you have a problem, apparently I can help." 

The End!

Will Tommy be cool working with Tasha again?

In the next episode: Kanan makes his return and he's ready to seek revenge!

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