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Updated! Soulja Boy Quits 'Love & Hop Hop,' Says The Show Is Too "Ratchet" For His Brand ... Ha!


Soulja Boy - the originator of the phrase "superman dat ho" ... the same guy who has tattoos on his face ... the same guy who belittle's his girl on TV ... and the same guy who has become famous off his ratchetness - has decided to quit Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

The rapper tweeted out the other day that he feels as if his brand is too big for the show now and that he has his own show coming out. There's no word yet on what his new TV show will be about.

Soulja, who rarely appeared on this current season of LHHH, was just bragging about how much he makes per episode when he posted a peek of his $25,500 check. Well, I guess he had a change of heart. 

With LHHH newbies like Safaree Samuels and appearances from Fetty Wap, I'm sure us viewers won't miss Soulja that much anyway. 


Uh oh, it looks like Soulja Boy might have been fired! Check out what the show creator Mona Scott-Young posted on her Instagram page: