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15 Must-See Highlights From Donald Trump's Inauguration & The Obama's Farewell

Didn't watch the inauguration? Couldn't give two shits? Lol, don't worry, I got you!

Whether you watched today's events (and played my drinking game) or not, and whether you support Donald Trump or not, he is now (no matter what) officially the 45th president of the United States. 

Below are 15 highlights from today's inauguration:

#15 Poor Hillary

Now I know Hillary had to attend the inauguration, there are rules in place. But, what a strong woman she is... just to be there, period, and put on a brave face and listen to Trump, her former opponent and against the man who has attacked her so much during the political campaign. I would've been like f*ckkkkk this! Lol. 
#14 This photo of Michelle & Hillary is everything!

This picture below probably pretty much summed up a lot of people's attitude today, Lol. I loved Michelle's face throughout Trump's inauguration. At times, Barack put on a smile and Michelle's facial expressions were just like"eff this." Haha! 

#13 Did this really just happen? 

Yup, it's official. Former reality star and businessman a.k.a Mr. "grab her by the p***y" is now President of the Unites States. God bless us all. 

#12 It started raining because today is a sad day. 

The rain started coming down in Washington during Trump's inaugural speech. Supporters may have taken the rain as a sign of cleansing, while his opponents were in mourning as the transition of power was happening. 

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#11 This Tweet!

Chris Teigen reminded us of what Trump thinks of women. #NeverForget.

#10 Will America Be Great Again?

Donald Trump has this plan to "make America great again," so he says. It's so much easier to talk, but now he actually has to deliver, so we'll see! 

The newly elected President tweeted out early today after his speech: 

"January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again."

#9 Typical, Trump. 

Donald Trump bashed former presidents for "failing America." He's a trip! And, Bush, Clinton and Obama were sitting right there. 

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#8 Michelle still ain't having it. Lol. 

The new President and First Lady standing next to the now former, President Obama and former First Lady, Michelle Obama. 

I bet the Obama's couldn't wait to leave. 

#7 A final salute and a job well done. 

#6 Hold back the tears 

Former President Obama gave one last speech before the Obama's headed off to Palm Springs, California, for a family vacation. 

#5 The Transition of power, Obama bids farewell

#4 One last final farewell from former President Obama 

#3 Donald Trump thanks Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump actually thanked his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, for being there at his inauguration and at the luncheon, and Trump said he has a lot of respect for the Clinton's. 

#2 The inaugural parade

Donald and Melania got out of their vehicle during the presidential motorcade lineup a couple of times during the inaugural parade to greet their supporters. A much different crowd from when Obama became president was in attendance. But, several blocks away, Trump protesters were breaking store windows, blowing up cars, throwing rocks at cops, and rioting in the streets. 

#1 Don't Leave, Obama! 

So, to quickly wrap up:
Obama looks so happy and relieved: