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Let's Get Blasted! Play This Ultimate Donald Trump Inauguration Drinking Game

The 'oh shit, I actually won this thing!' look
Unlike many people I know who said they would rather watch paint dry than turn on the TV to watch Donald Trump's inauguration tomorrow afternoon, I on the other hand WILL be watching. 

I just have to. 

Whether we like it or not, Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States in less than 24 hours. And, since I'm a journalist, I need to keep up with the news and watch it live as the ultimate fuckery takes place.

With that being said, I'll of course need some company: DRANKS!

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I found the perfect Trump inauguration drinking game below (via: Rolling Stone) ... oh, this is going to be so much fun now. Lol. 

Will you be watching America's funeral tomorrow? If so, play this game with me:
Drink every time:
1. Trump deploys the "pinchy fingers" rhetorical maneuver, holding his hands out to his sides and waving them back and forth with Spaghetti-Oed mini-fingers. 
** Make it a double if he uses his trademark "high-fives (or high-tens) the invisible ghost in front of him" move. 
2. Trump berates or insults a media outlet, or gloats about one that is dying or dead (here comes the "fake news").
3. Mike Pence holds a fake smile for 30 consecutive seconds. 
4. Trump name-checks a celebrity, or references The Apprentice
5. Trump praises someone who until recently was a political enemy. Jager shot for Paul Ryan. 
6. Trump doubles up a modifier (i.e. "many, many" or "very, very"). 
7. The crowd chants "Lock her up!" 
8. Trump makes preemptive excuses for his incipient failures. This could mean just about anything, including long excoriations on the "mess" and "disaster" his predecessor left for him to clean up. 
9. Trump references the popular vote vs. the Electoral College. 
** Double if he claims he would have won the popular vote if he'd wanted to. 
... And, I want to add one more to Rolling Stone's list:
10: Take a shot when Trump says "let's make America great again!"
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