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Jennifer Lopez Throws Subliminal Shade Towards Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Performance

Between her supposed love affair with Drake and this ongoing "I don't know her" feud with Mariah Carey, it seems like Jennifer Lopez is making more and more headlines lately!

Well, here's another...

Time and time again, Mariah has claimed to not know who JLo is. Well, JLo surely knows Mariah and knew her New Year's Eve performance was a trainwreck last night!

The two stars, which are around the same age, both performed New Year's Eve shows last night (but, JLo's was hands down the better show). 


The 47-year-old singer/actress, "liked" an Instagram comment about Mariah Carey's NYE's show which called Mariah's performance: an accident you couldn't take your eyes away from...

LMAO! The fact that JLo actually "liked" that comment!!

But, don't worry, those Mariah fans (the lambs) are flooding JLo's comments right now with lamb emoji's and comments as they defend their master, Mariah. 

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