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Updated! Twitter Goes Crazy Over #ATLOrgy, Calls It A Scam

(Photo: via Twitter)

Peeps on social media are praising a woman who supposedly created an Atlanta orgy birthday party and scammed dudes out of their money.

*Scroll to the bottom for the updated version to this story

So, apparently this whole thing was started by a Black woman named Cidney Green, who is a phone sex operator, according to Rolling Out. 

Cidney announced her raunchy online 27th birthday bash online about a week ago. The open invitation revealed that the party would be March 18 and March 19 in a secret location in Atlanta (the city with high HIV rates). 

The prices for pre-paid admission were single ladies: $99.99, couples and single men: $175. Participants were reportedly told that there will be condoms as well as full sexual expression at the party. And then, #ATLOrgy took off, started trending on Twitter, and soon went viral. 
According to some ATL orgy attendees on Twitter, there were a lack of female attendees at the sex party yesterday, and Cidney was supposedly a no-show at her own event. 

Some are also saying that the whole event was just a social media experiment for a psychology term paper by one of the organizers.

Check out more of what Twitter had to say about this orgy birthday party: 


Social media is all confused and trying to find out if this orgy party actually took place or not. I have yet to see any video or picture evidence, but peep this post:

Supposedly this was the cake at the orgy party
The organizer of the orgy bash, Cidney, says she was at her party and she posted a message on her Facebook page which read:

"So yall think i scammed people by not showing up to my own party huh...?๐Ÿ˜‚
Iight. Meet me here at 6:00pmEST.
Let yap about it.
Oh yea-
Im starting the #atlantaorgychallenge :
For those lames who claim the came to the party and saw nothing but men and no Cid.
Have them post a screenshot of their verified purchase of a ticket with the date.
Have them post all emails sent out to all confirmed guests.
Have them prove they were they all night.
And prove how they got past security with the cell
phone that they used to tweet live from the party....describe him. Tell me where they were standing. How many guards were there? Describe the home on detail.
Provide details about the party that only confirmed guests would know. ( oh yea, with that email: verify that it was YOUR email)
You see....i have proof that i was there...and they there were women there...fine ones too!
But i think this will be funny as shit when noone can come forth with this info.
ESPECIALLY the shit that requires you to prove that you stayed all night and did not see me or any women at all.
So...what u waiting on bitches??"


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