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Business, Fun & Beauty Event Pics + 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Juju On Her Success As An Entrepreneur & Stepping Out Of Camron's Shadow

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Business, Fun & Beauty event at Bliss Lounge in Clifton, NJ, on April 8. 

This women empowerment event included a panel of successful business women as well as a host of vendors, plus celebrity panelist, Juliet C. who is better known as "Juju."

Entrepreneur, reality star and author, Juju.
She is also the fiance of rapper Camron

The Business, Fun & Beauty event, a mix and mingle of women entrepreneurs, touched based on many topics, including: success stories, the beauty of business, tips on pitching your products, reinvention, the power of networking, and much more. 

Author Sheena E., the organizer of this networking tour, has written three books in a year. She said writing is her therapy, and she offered her advice to those looking to write their very first book.

"You just have to get it done. It [your story] can't just be in your head for the rest of your life," she said. "The sky is the limit." 

Organizer of the event, author Sheena E.

Sheena is an advocate of networking and wanting to see women win. 

"We are stronger together," she said. 

Sheena said she linked up with Juju after noticing she is the perfect example of someone who has turned their life around and branched out into entrepreneurship. 

Celebrity Host Juju

Juju, who was the celebrity host and one of the panelists of Saturday's event, made it known that she is more than just "Camron's girlfriend" and a video vixen. The LHHNY star and entrepreneur is also an author, plus she's the owner of Candy Jewels Hair company.

Another Season of 'Love & Hip Hop'?

I briefly chatted with Juju about Love & Hip Hop New York and I asked if she would be returning next season.

Juji and I taking a selfie

Juju said the cast starts filming for LHHNY in two months and if the offer was made, she would be open to joining another season. 

Business Advice From Juju

In the clip below, Juji talks about the importance of having your own and she gives advice to the entrepreneur newbies. 

She said there are always going to be naysayers and to expect failure, but just keep on going. 

"Don't ever give up on your goals," she said. 

Juju also wrote on her Instagram page:

"It's always rewarding to have the opportunity to share a little of my story! It's been a journey of very humble beginnings, I grew up surrounded by poverty, raised in a single parent home. My father was incarcerated for 20 years. At the age of 14 I stepped up and begin working without being asked. I just knew it was the right thing to do." 

"I saw a lot in my neighborhood and there were many different paths I could have taken! But It's my work ethics and determination that brought me this far. You don't have to be a product of your environment. Please don't ever believe your circumstances can stop you from accomplishing your dreams."

"Have a plan! Action that plan without fear of failure! All successful entrepreneurs have taken missteps before nailing it. A big part of starting a business is planning and preparation. Do your research, Save up to start a business instead of saving to buy something materialistic. You can spend the bare minimum until some decent cash flow begins."

"There many possibilities in entrepreneurship. If that's what you want to do go for it! Juju said YOU CAN! Don't allow anyone to tell you different."


Check out more pics from Saturday's 
Business, Fun & Beauty event below!

Celebrity host and panelist Juju

Juju and I holding her new book "Secrets of a Jewel"

Sheena E. and Juju pictured with some of the other panelists,
including the owner of Laced N Luxe (far left),
a brand new boutique located in Woodland Park, NJ

Marlo (right), owner of Marlo Tha Jeweler, pictured with a satisfied customer

Yana P (right), owner of A Shady Business

The owner of KweenDome Virgin Hair Co.
The next Business, Fun & Beauty event will stop in Richmond, Va., on April 22 and then in Raleigh, NC, on April 30. 

Sheena said she looks forward to more future networking events encouraging women empowerment, and she also has plans of getting together a retreat for women, possibly towards the end of 2018. 


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