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K Michelle Blasts Her Ex Friend, Joseline Hernandez, Accuses Her Of Snorting Cocaine

K. Michelle had a lot to get off her chest this weekend and she did by blasting the eff outta her ex friend, Joseline Hernandez!

The beef started when K. Michelle went to dinner witShekinah Jo and Mona Scott-Young this week. Shekinah posted a video of her talking crap about Joseline and spoke on claims that Mona was stiffing folks on her payroll. 

After K. Michelle made it clear that she'll always have Mona's back, Joseline was not feeling the love. Joseline is currently beefing with Mona and claims Mona owes her money from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. 

Joseline delivered a couple of shots back, subliminally calling K a dick rider and a rat. Then things took a left when K blasted Joseline for supposedly snorting cocaine in her bathroom and a bunch of other things:

Well damn!

K. Michelle also posted a Snapchat, making fun of Joseline and accusing her of snorting cocaine.

Joseline then posted another subliminal shot at K with the following meme:

She also went on Instagram Live to talk more crap and said K. Michelle doesn't even see her own child:


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