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POWER Season 4, Ep. 3 Recap: 'The Kind Of Man You Are'

"The Kind Of Man You Are" Season 4 Premiere, Ep. 403 - Full Recap

Power kicks off this week with Dre, Julio and Keisha being scooped up by the Feds. They're all brought in separately for questioning. 

Angela attends the end of Greg's funeral, making sure to avoid his friends and family. After Greg is laid to rest, Bailey Markham later resurfaces to help clear his friend's name.  

Meanwhile, at the prison, Proctor visits James and introduces him to a new guy, Terry Silver, who will be a second-chair attorney during his case. 

"... So, did you do it?" Terry asks.

James answers, "No, I didn't do it."

"Indignant, juries don't find that likable. We'll have to work on that," Terry says. 

Terry and Proctor work on establishing an alibi or timeline to show Ghost didn't kill Greg. 

James fills Terry in on his story of where he was and what he was doing on the night of Greg's murder, like how he broke in Greg's apartment. He looks at photos from the crime scene and notices a cellphone in a drawer one of the pictures. He explains to Proctor and Terry that he was helping Angela look for a suspected mole in her office, a federal agent or anyone who was connected to Lobos. 

James realizes that cellphone matches the phone he found while looking for the mole. He says whoever was in Greg's apartment placed that phone there to frame Greg as the mole because it wasn't in his apartment when he broke in. 

But, James doesn't have any proof of his story. 

"I'm telling you, I didn't do this," he says

"I'm not here to judge your innocence, brother. I'm here to save your life," Terry says.

Uncle Tommy Tries To Talk Some Sense Into Tariq

Tommy drops Raina and Tariq off at school. He holds Tariq back in the car for a moment and asks, "Yo man, wassup with you? Why all the shade to your mom?"

Tommy says he knows it's a hard time for their family but his mom needs his help. 

"I don't really care about helping her or my dad right now," Tariq says. "I don't even care if he goes away. He probably did it anyway."

Tommy seems shocked to hear Tariq talk this way about his father, but he plays it cool and says, "Well, yea, he told me he didn't."

"He lies about everything, I'm pretty sure he lied about this too," Tariq says. 

Tommy agrees and responds, "Yeah, he don't always tell the truth. I don't always trust him either. But Tariq, I swear to God, I do, about this."

Tommy tells Tariq that his father would never put their family at risk by shooting a cop. But, Tariq says family is not as important to his father anymore. 

Dre, Julio and Keisha Remain Loyal

Saxe questions Julio while in another room, Mike questions Dre on knowing James and Tommy. Julio says he knows James and Tommy from their laundry mat business, which is a legit business, and Dre says he knows them from Truth club. 

Saxe asks Julio if Tommy and James had any other businesses, like working for the Lobos cartel. But, Julio is too smart to fall for the BS and he simply says, "Who? I don't know what you're talking about."

"Look, you seem like a smart-ish guy," Saxe says to Julio. "If you're dirty, I'm gonna find out. You shouldn't be so loyal to St. Patrick. I doubt he'd be that loyal to you."

Mike drills into Dre about James helping Tommy with Greg's murder, but Dre says James isn't the type of guy who would kill someone. 

Dre and Julio paint James as this upstanding citizen who offered employment and saved them from the streets. 

In another room, Angela questions Keisha about James, Tommy and Tasha.  

Keisha says, "I know Tommy, but not that well."

"So, you can't describe the nature of his relationship with James St. Patrick?"

"They're men, they play video games and watch football," Kesha responds. 

Keisha says her and Tasha have been friends since the second grade. She leans in closer to Angela and says, "I don't care what you ask me, I ain't gonna say nothing against her."

Angela responds, "I wouldn't ask you to do that. I just want to clarify some facts."

She asks Keisha about Tasha selling her wedding ring and receiving Tasha's personal bank statements. 

"I don't know, I ain't the goddamn post office," Keisha snaps back. 

Angela tells Keisha if she answers her questions, then she can get back to her life, her shop and her son. 

"If you don't cooperate, then I can't help you."

Keisha says, "see, the thing is, you already know the answer to these questions you asking me. You know when he moved out, when he was sleeping on the couch, when she sold her ring... because of you. He left her for you."

"So to your knowledge, they were no longer functioning as husband and wife?," Angela asks.

Tasha Is Catching Heat

Later on, Keisha heads back to Tasha's place where she talks to her, Proctor and Terry about what Angela asked her. 

"Why the fuck was she asking me all that anyway?," Keisha asks. 

"Because she's a bitch," Tasha replies. 

But, Proctor and Terry see what Angela is trying to do. They explain, if Angela can prove Tasha and James' marriage was really over and more like a business arrangement, then the prosecution may be able to break spousal privilege.

"Shit," Tasha says.

Terry further explains that Angela could argue before a judge that Tasha is more of an accomplice to James rather than a wife, and she could force Tasha to testify against James. And, if Tasha refused, Angela could prosecute her. 

"So now she's coming after me? I knew this would happen," Tasha says. 

Proctor tells Tasha not to worry and says her and Keisha better not talk to anyone else without him and Terry present. 

Proctor tells Terry they have to get James' DNA thrown out of the case.

"I'm sorry, T," Keisha tells her friend. 

"Listen, Keisha, I'll protect you," Tasha says. "They ain't never getting shit from me." 

More Trouble Brewing For James: Blackmail

A prison guard slips inmate Tony a Ramen noodle pack which has a cellphone hidden inside. He makes a call to one of his peeps, Sammy, to find out more about Tommy's history. 

Sammy mentions Ghost and how him and Tommy were selling drugs, but he doesn't know who this Ghost is. Tony turns around and looks at James, he has an idea on who this Ghost character is.

Later on, Tony sits right by Ghost and says to him, "you know, most guys, they come in here and they want to prove how tough they are, but you're hiding that. When biscuit tried to fuck with you, you snapped his hand like it was a bread stick and there ain't no candy ass businessman that can do that."

James says he was just defending himself like anybody else would. But, Tony isn't buying it. 

"Not like anybody else, nah, you knew exactly what you were doing. You just don't want anyone to know who you are, right, Ghost?

Uh oh! The secret is out!

James tries to shrug it off and deny it. "Wrong guy," he says, 

Tony goes on and reveals what he knows about Ghost and Tommy and their drug dealing days. 

"I said, I don't know what you're talking about," James says. 

Tony then threatens to take his so-called proof - proving that James is Ghost - to the prosecutors. 

"You're either gonna pay me and I'll keep my mouth shut or you're not gonna pay me and I won't keep my mouth shut. Now what is it going to be?," Tony threatens. 

James breaks and asks, "What's your fucking price?"

Tony demands $20,000 every week from James and gives him an address. He says he wants Tommy to make the drop because he knows Tommy will be committed to making sure he gets his money.

I knew Tony would want money to save his wife!

James' Family Continues To Suffer For His Mistakes

Attorney Mak gets on his team about not getting anything from the people they interviewed earlier and he calls James "the hood fairies fucking Godmother" since Dre and Julio both said James saved them from the streets.


Josh Kantos' (that former Truth employee who was briefly made general manager by Stern, then later on, Kantos worked under James, then he got fired and kicked to the curb) gets brought up during discussion. He supposedly has information but wants full immunity. 

Angela tells the group that her interview with Keisha was productive and she may be able to make an argument to break spousal privilege, but she doesn't think that's the road they should take. 

If Tasha took the stand, Mak says the jury and press would eat that up. Angela realizes Tasha won't talk and she could get threatened with prosecution.

"The kids are blameless, is that the goal? To put them in the system?" Angela asks Mak. 

Oh, now Angela is worried about the kids? Bih, please!

"Our goal is to put a murderer in jail," Mak says. The camera quickly focuses on Mike.

Mak has no sympathy for James' family and says, "He should of thought about his kids before he pulled that trigger."

"What kind of man is St. Patrick, Angela? You know him best. Did he do this or not?," Mak asks.

"He did it," Angela answers. 

"Then his kids are collateral damage, not our concern," Mak says. "We go for the win."

Raina later receives a notification on her cellphone, a news story about her father possibly facing the death penalty. She gets picked on by Ethan and his crew (the same white kid who picked on Tariq in the last episode). Tariq pops up and comes to her defense, pushing Ethan up against the wall. 

Tariq walks out of the school and Raina runs outside after him. The paparazzi is camping across the street from the school and takes photos of Raina calling out to her brother and crying.

Bailey Returns To Clear Greg's Name

James realizes how the prosecution found his DNA on Greg... when Greg pulled him over and slammed him up against the car. He tells Terry and Proctor that he told Angela this the next day. Proctor and Terry now have to look for records of when Greg pulled over James so they can request to throw the DNA proof out of the case. 

Meanwhile, Greg's friend, Bailey, gets questioned by Mak and Mike. He says, Greg came to him to discuss his suspicions about Tommy and James. 

Mak goes on to say Tommy and Greg were working together and Greg was the one who gave Tommy the information which got Lobos killed. 

"You're committed to this BS of Knox being the mole?," Bailey asks. 

"I know it's hard to accept, but I'm sorry, it's true," Mike adds. 

"It's not true, he called me that night to tell me he could prove Angela Valdez was Lobos' inside man," Bailey says. 

Bailey looks at Mike and asks, "Why did he call you?" 

But, before Mike could answer, Mak says they have a piece of evidence that makes Greg as the leak (the planted cell phone). 

"Valdez helped St. Patrick and Egan before, hasn't she?," Bailey asks. 

But, Mak doesn't seem too interested in matching up the stories and says as long as they get the win, why does it matter.

"The truth matters!," Bailey says. "I can help you make your case against St. Patrick, if you investigate Valdez as the mole and present Greg as he was, a good man who was killed in the line of duty."

"I can't make that promise," Mak says.

"Well then I got nothing else to say," Bailey says and walks out. 

Bailey could help and hurt James' case. 

Bailey later visits Angela's office and talks to her about Greg. He says he saw her at Greg's funeral earlier, "seems like you were trying to stay out of sight."

"Yeah, I didn't think Greg's family would want to see me," she says. 

"Yeah, I don't know if they blame you, but I do," Bailey tells her. "... If you haven't left Greg for St. Patrick in the first place, Greg would still be alive."

"Yes, being with James St. Patrick was the biggest mistake of my life, I blame myself too, is that what you want to hear?" Angela says. "And now it seems the best possible outcome ends with Greg and Jamie dead. That's the remedy your justice system offers, an eye for an eye. But I am going to see this through. I would do anything to get justice for Greg."

"Anything?," Bailey asks. "Then you should clear his name and finally admit to being the mole."

"I won't confess to something I didn't do," Angela says. 

Tommy Believes Tasha Won't Snitch

Keisha tells Tommy about her meeting with Angela and what Proctor told her, how Tasha could be used to testify against James. 

"... And if they do that, you know she's going to give us up to protect her kids," a worried Keisha says. 

"Nah," Tommy says. 

"I wouldn't even blame her. I mean, what are we supposed to do if Tasha starts talking?" Keisha asks. 

But Tommy is confident Tasha won't say anything. "You know Tasha, she's harder than Chinese algebra. She ain't gonna give up you or anybody." 

Tommy hugs Keisha and says, "Listen to me, Proctor ain't gonna let that happen. He's not gonna let anything happen to anybody." 

Tariq Visits Slim Kanan

"What's wrong with you lil' nigga?," Kanan asks. "You looked all fucked up."

Tariq goes on to tell Kanan that his dad may get the death penalty and everyone at his school is talking about it. 

While Kanan tries not to smile too hard, he says, "Try not to think about that family shit, it don't matter. What you gotta do is take care of you, right?" 

He pours Tariq some Lean. "You ready to do some work?"

"I'm ready," Tariq answers. 

In another scene, Raina tries talking to Tariq about his actions at school earlier. She tells him he could have got suspended for doing what he did. But, Tariq doesn't care and he continues to shut his sister out. He also tells Raina that they know anything about their parents history and old hood. Then he curses at Raina and tells her to get out of his room. 

Tariq makes my ass itch! He needs a wake up call!

Dre Is Making Moves

Julio heads over to Truth and asks Dre about his questioning with the Feds, he passed by him in the hallway earlier when they both got scooped up. Dre says he didn't say anything. 

Julio says they have way too much heat on them at the moment and he wants Dre to shut down the drug operation in the club. 

But, once Julio leaves, Dre goes behind his back and continues on with his operation anyway. 

Later on at the warehouse, Tommy tells Julio that they have to prepare for fresh drug shipment and it's the most important shipment of his life. 

Later on, Dre meets up with Tommy. Still trying to get on Tommy's good side, Dre says Julio shut down the drugs in the club. Dre swears he has his bottle service scam on lock. Tommy tells Dre that they need the club and to continue dealing inside Truth. Dre also tells Tommy about seeing Julio while getting questioned by the Feds and says he was talking to them for awhile. But, Tommy says Julio already told him everything. 

Is the club in danger with Dre running things the way he is?

Bailey Is A New Key 'Power' Player 

Bailey meets with Saxe outside of the office and says he has a tape of Tommy confessing to killing Lobos with Ghost. Saxe can't believe Ghost and Tommy aren't the same guy like his team thought all along. He asks if there's any identity on the tape as to who Ghost is. 

Bailey just wants to clear Greg's name and he believes James killed Greg to save himself, Angela and Tommy. 

Saxe pops up later at some private club/spa looking place. The judge comes walking out in a towel and Saxe starts talking about Bailey's proof. But, the judge reminds Saxe that Bailey is the same guy Greg hired off the books during his own investigation outside of the office which doesn't look good for Saxe's team. 

The judge shuts Saxe down and says there's no chance of the tape being played inside his courtroom. 

"I'm gonna fuck off," Saxe says.

"Yeah, fuck right off," the judge says back. 


Mike later meets up with Bailey and says Greg told him about his theory of Angela being the mole and she was aiding James and Tommy all along. 

"Did you think he was right?," Bailey asks. 

"I never believed Greg was the mole, but that's the story John [Mak] wants to push to the jury  ... and now I don't know what to do," Mike says. 

Bailey pushes Mike's interest some more when he tells him about the evidence he has. Bailey wants to work together with Mike to clear Greg's name and to push Tommy and James both in jail. 

After Mike leaves, Bailey starts checking out Mike's profile on his laptop. It seems like Bailey may be doing his own investigation. 

Ughh! Mike is probably gonna kill Bailey's ass or try to kill him. 

Proctor Swears He Has Everything Under Control

Tommy meets with Proctor and worries about the feds questioning Dre, Julio and Keisha, and planting Tasha against Ghost. 

But, Proctor says everything is going to be fine, "Tommy it's not a good situation, but I have it under control. You have to trust me."

Tommy slides Proctor some more drugs for his ex. 

Later on, Terry later tells Proctor that he can't find any record of Greg's traffic stop and he thinks James could be lying to them. 

Proctor is positive that James wouldn't lie to him.

"Why? Because he's special, he ain't like the other boys? What makes you trust him so much?" Terry says. "Is there something you need to tell me about your relationship with St. Patrick? With Egan? Because I see you handling their needs like a concierge, Joe. Staking your reputation on these cats isn't smart."

"If James said the traffic stop happened, it happened. You come back to me with proof of the pull over, not excuses," Proctor says. "We're filing a motion to dismiss the DNA."

James later talks to Proctor and wants him to find out everything he can about this Tony inmate.

"I have to be careful, Proctor says. "Every time I risk my neck for you, I run the risk of exposure" 

"He called me Ghost," James reveals. "He asked for money to keep his mouth shut."

Terry soon walks in and see's James and Proctor chatting.

"You started without me?," he asks. 

Terry says he still hasn't found anything on that traffic stop. 

Angela walks in, surprise! She demands alone time with James.

"My lawyers stay right here, I don't trust you," James tells her. 

Angela gets right to it and says she wants James to confess to killing Greg. She also wants him to snitch on Tommy for the Lobos murder. For all of this, Angela says she'll promise to get James' sentence reduced as much as she can.

"I won't confess to something I didn't do," James tells Angela. 

Angela says they will break spousal privilege and force Tasha to testify against him. 

"What will happen to your kids if you and Tasha both go to jail? If you die by lethal injection will Yasmin even remember you?"

James tells Angela he's being framed and says he was at Truth all night when Greg was murdered.

"Whoever killed Greg Knox was careless, you know me, you know I'm not careless," James says. 

Proctor and Terry quickly cut in and advise James to not say another word to Angela. 

"You set me up, is that why you want me to take your deal?," James asks.

Angela still doesn't believe James and just wants him to take the deal. 

"We both know when you want something, your family doesn't matter. No one matters but you," Angela says as she walks out. "The offer is on the table, think about it." 

This should definitely give James a reality check now ... your family is first, not the side chick who played you. 

Terry thinks they should consider Angela's offer. 

"This is bullshit, she doesn't have the authority to make this kind of a deal," Proctor says.

Proctor doesn't want James making any decisions just yet and says to ignore what Angela says. 

As him and Terry walk out together, Terry says to him, "Valdez is right, man! We're gonna lose this. If James is really your client, tell him to turn on Egan or walk away."


Later on, Marshal Williams hands James a newspaper and says, "blame it on bad parenting." 

James see's a picture of his daughter on the front page with an article. The headline reads: 'St. Patrick's kids in tears at death penalty news.'

James calls Tasha and asks about Raina after seeing her picture in the paper. 

"She's not okay, she blames herself," Tasha says. "She's doing her best, but I don't think she can handle it."

Raina talks to her dad on the phone and says, "are they going to kill you?"

"No baby girl, no one can kill your daddy, we're going to beat this. I promise."

Meanwhile, Tariq is playing video games with a friend while Kanan and one of his boys breaks inside a house... the house where Ethan (the kid from Tariq's school) lives. Tariq texted some elevator pass code to Kanan, allowing him to easily break in the place to steal valuables. 

We all know Kanan is just using Tariq as a pawn, for now. 

Proctor Scores One Over The Prosecution

Proctor visits James and reveals the information he found on Tony's background. Turns out Tony was in a hit squad and he was implicated in dozens of murders. James tells Proctor to reach under his sleeve and grab the address of where Tony wants Tommy to send the money.

He asks about Angela's deal and asks how much jail time would that be.

"We will find a way out, I promise you," Proctor tells James. "But, you have to trust me." 

Later in court, Terry pulls through with proof of the traffic stop. 

Proctor tells the judge that he wants the DNA part in the trial dismissed against his client. He shows the judge and prosecution city traffic footage of Greg pushing James up against his car which is how James' DNA was found. 

The prosecution side is dumbfounded by Proctor's discovery. 

Proctor also tells the judge that Angela had knowledge of the traffic stop and didn't present it. So, the judge asks Angela to approach the bench along with Mak and Proctor. She admits that she knew. Mak also tells the judge that Angela told their team but since the traffic stop wasn't logged by Greg, they failed to mention it in the case because they thought it was false.

The judge finds this hard to believe coming from Mak so he gives him options. Proctor could tell the jury that the prosecution left evidence out which favored James or the prosecution could drop the DNA from the case and Proctor won't say anything to the jury. Mak decides to drop the DNA from the case, giving Proctor what he wanted. 

Proctor tries to get all of the charges dismissed, but that ain't happening, not just yet. The judge says they still have to worry about the fingerprints and the gun. 

Later at the office, Mak apologizes to Angela for not taking the traffic stop more seriously when she first told him. He also lets her back on the case and says she's the most valuable person on the team. 


Tommy is later shown making a huge drug drop in a warehouse. When the truck opens, Tommy comes out with the huge box.

"What's this all about?," Julio asks

"You never know who you can trust these days, right J?" Tommy answers. 

I think Tommy decided to ride in the truck with the shipment so he's not seen distributing. Since Tommy is supposed to be laying low with dealing drugs, he decided to play it safe, which was smart because there were two Feds right outside the warehouse waiting to spot him in the act. 

The Kind Of Man You Are

Towards the end of the episode, Terry visits James in prison, without Proctor. James thanks him for finding the tapes. But, Terry makes it clear that he's just doing his job.

"I'm not here because you're innocent, St. Patrick, I'm here because you can pay and your money will allow me to help those who actually deserve it." 

"Look man, I'll admit, I need you, what I don't need is your judgement," James says. 

Terry sized up James right away and says, "I know what kind of man you are."

"Mmm. What's that?," James asks. 

Terry touches James' prison suit and says, "this, brother. And, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, you know it too."

I'm not feeling this new Terry guy! Let's just hope he helps James so they can wrap this case up this season. 

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