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Lawd! Rob Kardashian Blasted The Hell Outta Blac Chyna, Posted Her Nudes & Claims She Cheated!

On-again, off-again couple Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are feuding and of course, they're taking their problems out on social media for the world to see!

Rob claims Chyna cheated on him with a bunch of dudes ... eight dudes within a month, according to him, including some rapper guy named Ferrari.

Rob leaked a bunch of Chyna's nudes online and also claims she got surgery which he paid for right after their baby was born. He also claims Chyna is doing drugs and he's threatening to take their baby way from her. 

Rob says Chyna is just mad because his little sister took her baby daddy (Tyga). Ouch!

Chyna posted a bunch of Snapchats and is accusing Rob of domestic abuse. Lawd!

Peep some more of the screenshots below!

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A post shared by SNAPCHAT: NJLALA (@ooolalablog) on

A post shared by SNAPCHAT: NJLALA (@ooolalablog) on

This is what bugs me out... Rob is blasting Chyna for getting surgery after she had their baby and he's leaking her nudes and whatnot and claiming she's cheating.... but he knew what it was when he got with her! 

I'm not defending her actions or anything but c'monnn, you knew, bruh! 

And, her body was like that when you met her and you still decided to have unprotected sex with a chick who you think is a skeet skeet. So, stawppp! 

Where is his publicist? Matter fact, where is his mommy, Kris, to take his phone away!  

A post shared by SNAPCHAT: NJLALA (@ooolalablog) on


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