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Dafuq!? Kids are partaking in the #HotWaterChallenge which killed 1 and injured others

I just came across one of the dumbest challenges/pranks, ever ... the #HotWaterChallenge.

Kids are boiling water in a pot and then throwing the scalding water on their unsuspecting victim. 

An 11-year-old girl attending a sleepover in the Bronx was severely burned when an older girl poured boiling water on her face Monday morning as a part of this "Hot Water Challenge." The young girl was rushed to Harlem hospital after suffering second-degree burns on her face, neck, shoulders and chest, reported NY 1 News

In July, 8-year-old Ki'ari Pope of Florida died several months after her cousin dared her to drink boiling water through a straw as part of the challenge. 

There's also another video floating around on social media showing a girl boiling water and yelling out "Hot Water Challenge!" as she goes outside and throws the burning water on her victim who then falls to the grass and yells in pain. 

What the hell is wrong with these kids?! Are they that bored and desperate for social media likes and attention?? Smh.  

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