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POWER Season 4, Ep. 8 Recap: 'It's Done'

"It's Done" Season 4, Ep. 408 - Full Recap

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Did James Find Out About Tasha & Terry's Secret?

After a night of love making with his client's wife, Terry wakes up to his phone ringing. He rolls over and see's a note from Tasha on his nightstand dresser which reads:

"Had Fun.
For Real.


Really, Tasha?
Terry answers the phone, quickly throws on some clothes and heads to his living room and in walks James!

"We need to talk, now!" James tells him. "You're here alone?"

Ahhhhh shit!

But, it's not what we think...

"Not anymore, what's going on, James?" Terry says. "Why'd you feel the need to come to my apartment this early? It couldn't wait to later?"

James asks Terry when is the last time he talked to Proctor. Terry says some time last week. James questions him about a criminal investigation and Terry says they're probably still digging into Proctor after he was thrown off of the case. 

"Do you know something I should know?" Terry asks. 

"No. With my case still pending I just want to make sure he's not involved with something that could touch us," James responds. 

Terry says, "If you or I were implicated in anything, I'm quite sure I would have heard about it by now."

As James is about to walk out of James' place, he notices a hoop earring on Terry's carpet. He picks it up and says to Terry, "I didn't know you had a lady?"

Ooooh, chile!
"I wouldn't call her my lady, you know how it is these days, it's a grey area," Terry says. 

James says, "Well, if you need any help cleaning up around here, Tasha can put you in touch with a housekeeper, she's great."

"Nah, I'm good, thanks. I'll see you," Terry responds.


Meanwhile, LaKeisha is over at Tasha's in the kitchen talking to her and Tasha has drifted off in La La Land (probably thinking about Terry's ass).

"Tasha! Hellooooo! Girl!" Keisha says trying to get her friend's attention. "I saw you on television. Are you sure that was the right thing to do?" 

"Terry said that it was important for me to look like I'm standing right by Ghost. So? I did it for the case," Tasha responds. 

"Terry? The lawyer Silver? Ya'll still talking?" Keisha questions. 

"Yeah," Tasha says with a little smile on her face. "Look, Keisha, I gotta tell you something..."

"Mom," Raina says as she walks in the kitchen interrupting the grown folks convo. 

Tasha notices the bruise on Raina's arm and asks her what happened. Tariq, who is sitting in the living room nearby, overhears and looks over at Raina. Raina looks at her brother, lies and says she just bumped into someone at school. 

Raina shows her mom a brochure of the new school she would like to attend. 

"Why would you want to go to a school away from your family all of a sudden?" Tasha asks.

"I just do," she says. "Will you think about it, please." 

Tariq looks at his sister as she's talking. He then texts a guy named Brains: 'I want in.'

Brains replies: 'Bet, hit you later with the details.'

Well, obviously Tariq is about to get into some more shit and he hasn't learned his lesson with almost getting killed. Smh. 

Tommy Is Ready For War

Dre, the new distro, asks Tommy if he still plans on going to war with the Jimenez crew. Tommy says he hasn't heard back from them yet about his offer. 

"Yo, we just met with them..."

Tommy steps up to Dre's face and says, "We handle this right, Jason ain't got to know nothing. This is some dirt we can clean up ourselves and what the fuck are you questioning me for?"

"If we don't hear from them by midnight, tell everybody to strap up," Tommy instructs. "Bodies are gonna fucking drop."

"Well, you know I'm ready and the boys will be too," Dre says and shakes Tommy's hand. 

James & Councilman Rashad Tate Work Together

"It's always good to be back in the neighborhood. You ready to start?" James says to Councilman Tate. 

"Almost. Just waiting on one more party," Tate says. 

"Oh, I thought it was just you and I?" James asks. 

"Wanted to maximize the optics. What better way than introducing you and one of the young kids you helped save from the neighborhood," Tate says. 

A truck pulls up on the block and Dre jumps out of the back. 

Surprise, surprise!

Dre and James walk along with Councilman Tate on the streets of Queens. 

Tate shares his plan to build the Queens Child Project for the youth and says, "See, we reinvest in a community by establishing businesses that are owned by the people who live here or businesses that service them." 

"You got my ear and my full support, where can I help?" James asks. 

Tate says building a business can be difficult in these kinds of neighborhoods where they are nestled deep in areas of drugs and crime. 

"And now, I have to figure out a way to clean it all up," Tate says. "... James, this is what it's about. This is our chance to make a difference and it starts now." 

"An opportunity to rebuild a community I grew up in?! I can't be more excited," James says. "I'm ready to get both of these hands dirty." 

As Tate starts talking about getting rid of the drug dealers in the community, James looks over and see's a crew of Toros Locos members on the street. 

Tate excuses himself to answer a phone call and James uses this opportunity to address Dre.

"Would've been dope to have a spot like that when I was growing up in the hood, man" Dre says. 

"Look, I don't want any surprises. You can't give me a heads up?" James asks

"Tate called and said you would be cool with it," Dre responds. "Keep a legit image and all that."

James asks Dre if the drug dealers he peeped are the same ones standing on the same territory that he traded for Julio. Dre confirms it's them. When James asks about Tommy's meeting with the Toros Locos, he finds out it led to Tommy meeting with the Jimenez which didn't go well. 

"They haven't responded yet and Tommy is ready to strap up right now," Dre informs James. "Honestly, I don't think that Tommy is thinking this through. So, you need to talk to your man."

"Shittt," James says. "A goddamn war right now is not good for anybody."

Tommy Wants More Info On His Pops

Tommy pops up at his mom's place. Kate is blasting music and in walks Tommy who says, "turn that fucking shit off."

"Two seconds in and you're going to start with me!" Kate says. "Can we try to be normal?"

Tommy cuts the music off himself and gets straight to it. 

"Tell me about my father," he says. 

"Umm, okay, same as I always told you. He left when you were too young to remember and he died a short time after." 

Tommy asks his mom more questions about his dad and tells her he spoke with Tony Terasi.

"Motherfucker said he was my dad. He said he met you in AC and that he likes red heads, that's why I'm asking you."

Kate asks if Tony has any reason to fuck with him and calls it a sick joke. Kate reassures her son that his father is dead. She doesn't want Tommy thinking about his father anymore and she sure as hell doesn't want him talking to Tony. 

The Agents Put A Plan Into Action To Get Mike

While on his way to meet up with Angela, Cooper runs into Mike in the street. Mike taps Cooper on his shoulder and Cooper seems shocked to see him.

"Mike, what uh, what are you doing here?"

Mike tells him that Mak brought him in alone yesterday to get some final information on Donovan.

"Great. They're serious about looking at Donovan as a mole," Cooper says, playing along. 

"Yeah. Did you talk to Mak alone too?" Mike asks. 

"Nah, I haven't. Why?"

Mike gets closer to Cooper and says, "Saxe, we still have an agreement to work with each other, right? To bring Greg's real killer to justice."

Cooper says he wants Donovan to pay too. He then catches a taxicab and tells Mike if he finds out anything, he'll let him know. 


Later at Angela's apartment, Cooper asks Donovan about Mike showing up at his place last night. Donovan reveals that Mike showed up and talked to his daughter who told her not to mention he came by. Donovan also says Mike didn't realize he had custody of his kids over the weekend and thought he would be home alone. 

"Maybe he just wanted to talk about the case," Cooper says.

"Bullshit," Donovan responds. 

"He told Mak that Donovan was the mole, right? Angela says to Cooper. 

She looks at Donovan and says, "I think he [Mike] went over there to kill you because dead men can't exonerate themselves."

"Ain't that about a bitch... ah, fuck," Donovan says. 

Cooper says he ran into Mike earlier who asked if they were still working on proving if Donovan was the mole. 

"I told him yes," Cooper says. 

Donovan snaps and says to Cooper, "You double crossing piece of shit."

Cooper says if Angela is right about Mike then they all better have enough evidence to bring to Mak or all of them will soon be on Mike's hit list. He says the security footage shows Mike going upstairs in Truth but there's no angle showing him with the gun or planting it in the office. 

"Do we have anything else?" Cooper asks. 

Angela says she has something. She grabs the burner phone from her safe, the one that James gave her which was planted in Greg's apartment. 

Angela tells Cooper and Donovan that the phone came from a Lobos contact, Sanchez. She says she called the last number dialed from the phone and it was another burner cell, and someone inside the federal building picked up. 

"They didn't say anything so I couldn't tell who it was," Angela says. 

Angela says Mike was working with Sanchez for Lobos, he's the mole, he killed Greg and he planted the phone to cover his tracks. 

"You can't prove that!" Cooper says. "Maybe Greg hid it in his own apartment because he was the mole."

"Yeah, right! He hid it after he wiped off his own prints and then he shot himself to cover it up and then his motherfucking ghost hid the murder weapon at Truth," Donovan sarcastically says. 

Cooper says they can't introduce the phone and he asks Angela where did James get the phone. Angela falls silent. 

"We're saying an US attorney worked as a mole for a Mexican drug cartel then murdered a FBI agent then framed that agent as the mole then tried to frame a second man for the agent's murder?" Cooper says.

"Yes," Angela confidently responds.

Donovan says if they're right, Mike will be one of the biggest criminals in DOJ history and they don't have shit to prove it.

"It's not like he's going to confess," Cooper says. 

"So, what are we going to do now?" Donovan asks. 

Will James Get His Hands Dirty In The Drug Game Again?

Tommy later meets up with James who starts questioning him about going to war with the Jimenez crew. But, Tommy starts talking about Tony possibly being his father. 

"I had my suspicions but I couldn't confirm them, what'd he [Tony] say?" James asks.

"... I asked Kate and she said he's full of shit," Tommy says. "But, you were inside with him, what do you think? Is there anyway this guy is telling the truth?"
"You both got blue eyes, I don't know, but listen... about the Jimenez..." James says.

"What do you want me to do? Sit around and wait for the Jimenez to take their sweet fucking time?..." Tommy says.

James tries to talk strategy with Tommy and says there is a way to get the Jimenez to settle because they have history with them. 

"I told them I killed Lobos, they didn't fucking flinch." Tommy says. "I don't want to start a war that I'm not sure I can win but I can't go back there and negotiate against myself because then they would just fuck me like the pussy I would be." 

"Yo, you so sure about this, why don't you pitch in," Tommy suggests. 

"I can't do that. How would I look sitting down with a fucking drug cartel right now?" James responds. 

"I'm thinking if a war backs itself up on you, you're going to look a whole lot worse," Tommy says. "I mean, if you want shit done the way you want shit done, you're gonna have to get those hands dirty." 

"I'll come," James says. 

Who Can James & Tommy Trust?

Dre meets with Tommy's crew and says everybody needs to strap up because they're going to war with the Jimenez. But, the crew seems to be against it. 

One guy asks, "Tommy's a hot head, Dre, what is he thinking?"

"I don't know what he's thinking, but it's his call," Dre says. "... If the connect wants to go to war, we fucking go to war."

"Yo, Dre, are you sure you want to do this, man," Cristobal asks. 

"Of course not, man. I just became the fucking distro," Dre says. "I didn't think killing Julio would start a fucking war."

Dre is not sure of the next move but says whatever it is they have to make sure they remain on the same page and one step ahead of Tommy somehow. 


The next morning, Joe is getting in his truck after dropping his daughter off at school and James quickly hops in out of nowhere on the passenger side. 

"No sudden moves," James says. 

Joe is shocked. "What the hell man! My daughter's school?!" 

James tells Joe that he came by his place to talk to him a couple of nights ago.

"I didn't expect to see John Mak there. You didn't think you should tell me about that?" he asks. 

"There's nothing to tell," Joe says. 

Joe goes on to explain what Mak told him about Bailey's last phone call and how they traced it to the cellphone tower near his apartment building. 

"By itself, this doesn't prove anything," Joe says. 

"This is pretty fucking bad, Joe," James responds. 

"You're telling me? That's Tommy's fault," Joe says. 

James questions Joe's intentions and thinks he may flip on them to protect himself and use the recording evidence he has of Tommy against them. 

"If I was gonna do that, I would have done it already. I'd be on a golf course right now in Arizona," Joe says, "James, there's nothing for them to find. No body, no recording, no murder weapon, no crimes. They're just trying to scare me to get me to say something, anything." 

"Which you won't do?" James says while looking Joe dead in his face. 

"Which I won't," Joe promises. "I don't know how to be anymore clear. Whether I like it or not, we are in this shit together."

After a brief stare down, James rolls his eyes and looks away. Joe breathes a sigh of relief.

"This whole rolling up unannounced stuff is more of a Tommy thing," Joe says. 

"Man, I don't know who to trust," James confesses. 

"Still me," Joe responds. 

James warns him, "If Mak reaches out again, you reach out to me."

"Understood," Joe says.

James & Tommy Meet With The Jimenez For A Final Offer

Tommy heads over to Connie's (Tony's wife) place looking for Sammy. She invites him in and the two get to chatting about where Tommy is from and whatnot. Tommy peeps one of Tony's old pictures in the living room and says he was a handsome man back in the day. 

Connie heads over to the kitchen to get Tommy a drink and she starts asking about his mom and wants to know what her name is. 

"My mother? Why you asking about my mother?" Tommy asks. 

He sneaks and grabs a photo album to look at while Connie is in the kitchen and he steals a picture out of the photo album. 

"Just curious," she responds. 

"You said you don't know no Egan's, I'm guessing that you don't know her." Tommy says. 

"Aw, c'mon, I bet she got one of those pretty Irish names," Connie says. "I'm curious."

"Kate Egan," he answers. 

"You're right, I don't know a Kate Egan," she says. 

Tommy gets a text and quickly chugs his drink before heading out to meet with the Jimenez. 

James shows up with Tommy to meet with the Jimenez. He wants the corners clean in the community for his own legit reasons. 

The Jimenez say they're still considering Tommy's business proposal and say Tommy asked for quite a bit for the death of Julio.

"I must say first, I take Julio's death very personally," James says. "That deal was broken with the Toros Locos under you, Diego, and I know you pride yourselves on being people of your word."

"True, but we're here now," Diego says. 

"We are here now. We did you a favor with Lobos," James says. "We knocked out your biggest competitor with no collateral damage done to your organization whatsoever. You know that now, yet you still have not agreed."

James sits right next to Diego and puts the Jimenez' infamous playing card on the table. 

"... your organization has left that on ... hundreds of dead bodies. Your reputation proceeds you. Nothing governs like fear. But, what if you were exposed as a fraud," James says. 

"What do you mean?" Diego asks. 

"We all know what matters most in this game is juice... more than weight, more than money. Money can't buy respect. If you didn't kill Lobos, someone else did. Someone else should be feared more than you. You give us the territory, access to the ports and your little secret is safe with us. If you don't, you're exposed," James says. 

"Wow," Diego says. He reaches in his pocket, takes out his gun and slams it on the table. 

Tommy jumps in and says, "killing us won't stop the truth from getting out. You think we're so stupid that we don't have a plan B?"

Diego puts his gun away and James tells the Jimenez that they have until tomorrow to give them an answer. 

Tommy and James walk out to the truck and Dre asks how did the meeting go. James is sure they'll come around but Tommy says if they don't hear from them tomorrow, they go to war. 

Dre looks across the street and see's the Jimenez walking out and getting into a truck. 

What is he thinking?

Tommy Finds Out The Truth About Tony

Tommy visits Kate again and shows her the picture that he swiped from Connie's house. It's a picture of him when he was a baby and Tony holding him at one of their old houses before they moved to Queens and Tommy recognizes the old house. 

"... And that little baby is me. So, if my father is dead, who the fuck is Tony Terasi and why the fuck is he holding me outside our house?!" Tommy yells at Kate. "If you lie to me one more fucking time, ma." 

She looks at the picture all scared and looks at Tommy with tears in her eyes. 

"Okay, fine. Terasi is your father. Is that what you wanted to hear?" 

"Oh my god," Tommy says.

Kate walks over and Tommy yells, "get the fuck away from me."

She explains that Tony came to the house for a minute and she took that picture, he left and said he would be back in a half hour and he never came back. 

"Tommy, don't you get it? He left you, he left us, with nothing. You can't trust Tony Terasi, Tommy, I should know," Kate yells out.

Tommy storms out.

Mike Goes After Angela To Clean Up Any Evidence

Mike and Cooper meet up at a bar. Mike continues to tell Cooper that he never went into the office at Truth and says he didn't kill Greg. As Cooper is drinking, he tells Mike that Angela is going to Mak with the information but he doesn't think she has enough for a warrant. 

"The tape she [Angela] has shuts off before you get upstairs," Cooper tells Mike. "Drink up, next round is on me."

"Sorry, I can't. I have to run," Mike says. "Thanks for having my back, Cooper." 


Angela receives a knock at her apartment door and it's Mike!

"This is a surprise," Angela says to him. 

"Sorry to come by unannounced, I was hoping you had a minute," he says. 

"Sure, come in, can I get you anything to drink?" she asks. 

Mike takes his coat off and there's a gun showing in the back of his pants as he's sitting on the couch. 

"Just came by to check in, I feel like you and I need to talk," he says. 

"Sure, what you wanna talk about?" Angela says as she pops a couple of beers open. 

"I know you want to talk to Mak about me. You think I'm the mole, that I killed Greg," he says. 

"You talked to Saxe," Angela says. "I know it was you who passed along the information about Lobos' transfer and I know who you did it with."

"Nice try, but even if any of that was true, you would have no way of proving I did any of it," Mike says. "If you could, I'd be in cuffs right now."

Angela shows Mike's some evidence and pulls out photos showing him leaving the apartment of Lobos' contact, Sanchez. She pulls out another photo showing Greg in the street. She then plays out the scenario of what she thinks happened and tells Mike after Sanchez was killed, he went over there to cover his tracks. 

"What you didn't know was that Greg saw you," she reveals. 

"I was investigating," Mike says. 

"The next morning, Greg called the Federales. He was checking out that Lobos tip you supposedly got from them, the tip that would have taken us across town from where we actually arrested him."
"That was real information, Angela," he says. 

"Later that day, he [Greg] called you. I think you went over to his place and when you were there, the Federales called him back. He must've realized you were the mole and you shot him to protect your secret." 

Mike continues to deny the claims and says, "Angela, this is bullshit. I know you want an answer for Greg's death, we all do."

"When we were prosecuting St. Patrick, you handled Greg's phone records but you never mentioned the calls to and from the Federales, Mike. You redacted them from the records. There would be no reason to do that unless they implicated you."

Mike is sitting on the couch looking all shook as he's thinking. 

"What did Lobos have on you?" Angela asks. "Did he threaten you? Was it your family? Your daughter?"

Mike looks up at Angela and says, "You have no idea what's it like to be in a situation where if you make ONE mistake, the person you love most, dies. He was going to kill my daughter." 

Meanwhile, Mak, Cooper and Donovan are listening nearby in a truck and they're stunned by what they are hearing. 

"Son of a bitch, did he just admit to being the mole for Lobos?" Cooper asks. 

"Sounds like a fucking admission to me," Donovan says. 

"We wait, I need a real confession," Mak says. 

"The last time this son of a bitch had his back up against the wall, he killed a federal agent, Mak, my friend. I'm not waiting, not this time," Donovan says. 

Donovan storms out of the truck and Mak follows behind him and tells Cooper to stay put. 

"You still have time to make this right, we can go to Mak together," Angela tells Mike. 

Mike jumps up from the couch and says, "I can't let you take me down, Angela. I didn't have a choice, but you did. I will go to Mak myself and tell him everything I have on you."

FBI swarms the stairwell as they head up to Angela's apartment. 

"You don't think during my meeting with Lobos your name didn't come up," Mike says. 

"You don't have anything on me. I'm innocent," Angela tells him. 

"Innocent," Mike scoffs and he pulls out his gun.

"Mike, why do you have a gun?!" Angela says in fear. 

Cooper and the rest of the FBI team in the truck alert the other agents that Mike is armed. 

"None of us are innocent, Angela, we all have dirty hands, especially you," Mike says and he points the gun at her. 

Angela reaches into her pocket and unplugs the wire. Cooper loses the signal to her wire.  

"I never wanted it to come to this but you wouldn't just leave it the fuck alone," Mike says. 

"Mike, please, you don't have to do this, there's another way out," Angela begs. 

Mike tells her to turn around in Spanish as she's pleading with him to stop. 

While pointing his gun at Angela's back, he reveals his plan to lie to the feds: he came over there to expose her as a co-conspirator with James St. Patrick and she got aggressive with him, they struggled, he went for his weapon and he had no choice but to shoot her, it was self defense. 

Angela slides her gun out of her pocket while her back is turned to Mike. 

"How would you sell self defense if you shoot me in the back?" she asks. 

"What?" Mike says.

Angela quickly spins around and shoots Mike on shoulder. He falls and Angela runs over and kicks his gun away.

"Look at me," Angela says and shows him the wire on her. "You still have a chance to cover yourself."

"Why? Why do you wanna help me?" Mike says. 

"The FBI is gonna burst in here any second, you don't have any other options," she says. "You're not a murderer, you're a witness."

She stands back and points the gun at Mike as the FBI kicks down her door and storms in. Donovan tells Angela to lower her weapon and Mike gets placed in handcuffs and taken out. 

"You alright, Angela?" Mak asks.

"I'm fine," she says. "He went for his gun and I only had a second to protect myself."

Tommy's Parents Come Face-To-Face

Back in prison, Tony gets a surprise visitor. 

"Look who it is," Tony says. "God, it's good to see you. You haven't changed a bit." 

"Stay out of Tommy's fuckin' life like we agreed," Kate says. 

"C'mon, I'm an old man, I want to see my son," Tony says. 

"I'm only gonna say this once, stay away from Tommy or I'll tell Connie about us and about the son she doesn't know about," Kate threatens. 

"I might be stuck inside here, but its never been a good idea to threaten me," he responds. 

"You take it how you will, stay away from my fuckin' son," Kate says and hangs up the phone.

Tariq Is Back To No Good

Tariq meets up with his no good "friends" Brains and Big Country as they devise a plan to rob people. 

They have Tariq go to a lady's house with a box of chocolate to act like he's selling candy bars for school. They tell him to take a peak inside the home to see if anyone is around so they can rob her. Once the lady invites Tariq inside so she can find money from her purse, he gives the nod to the two guys waiting outside in the truck. Seconds later, they bum-rush inside. Brains punches Tariq and acts like he's robbing him and Big Country holds the lady at gunpoint and forces her to go upstairs. 

"You played the hell outta that shit yo, sorry about the punch, I had to make it look real, know what I'm saying?" Brains say to Tariq who is slouched down on the floor holding the side of his stomach. 

Brains orders Tariq to leave out the house once him and Big Country run upstairs. Instead, Tariq heads upstairs after Brains and he see's Big Country on top of the lady on the bed where he's unbuttoning her blouse and pointing the gun at her face. 

Tariq yells out, "Brains, tell him to stop!"

Brains stops taking money out of the safe in the lady's bedroom, he picks up his gun and him and Big Country both look at Tariq. 

Brains looks at the lady who starts saying "oh, no no no, please..."

"I really wish you didn't just say that," Brains says to Tariq and then he shoots the lady right in the head and blood splatters all over her bed. 

Tariq quickly jets back downstairs and out of the house. He runs down the block fast and then hides in alleyway to catch his breath and come to terms with what in the hell just happened. He soon receives a text from Brains: 'Yo, where you at?' and another that reads: 'Hit me up.'

Mike Sandavol Is Finally Held In Custody 

"How exactly did we get here, Mike?" Mak asks. 

Mike quickly comes up with a plan and says to Mak, "I'll give you everything you want in exchange of my immunity. If you don't, I'll say every single of the hundred or so cases I closed was done with influence from Filipe Lobos. The scandal alone would rock the United States Attorney's office for the next 20 years."

Mike continues, "You'd be buried in appeals and wrongful conviction suits, a trail from here to California with you as the head of the Mike Sandavol cleanup committee. Your whole career, up in smoke or you can give me what I want and be the hero."

Mak thinks about it and responds, "I'll see what I can do."


Angela pays Terry a visit at his office and she informs him of Mike's arrest for killing Greg. 

"Jesus, that man stood in court and accused James of the murder he committed?" Terry says  in shock. 

Angela says Mike is currently being remanded where he'll be held until his transfer to protective custody. 

"So, James really was innocent?" Terry says all surprised.

"Yes, he really was" Angela responds. 

"I'll give him the good news," Terry says. 

"And, Proctor too, he won't hear any other way," Angela says. 

Terry soon heads over to tell James the news and he briefly runs into Tasha first who is surprised to see him. 

"Didn't mean to startle you, Mrs. St. Patrick, the doorman let me up," he says. 

"Mrs. St. Patrick? ... "

In walks James and Terry reveals that the FBI made an arrest for the murder of Greg. 

"Oh my gosh, what does this means for James?" Tasha asks. 

"That he'll officially be cleared of all charges," Terry responds. "I'm happy to say you are no longer in need of any of my services."

Tasha and James are both overjoyed and they hug each other infront of Terry who just watches. Tasha looks at Terry as she's hugging James.

"I'm sure you two have a lot to celebrate," Terry says right before he's about to leave. 

"Silver, before you leave... I know we haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but I have to thank you, man," James says as he shakes Terry's hand. 

"So, who'd they arrest?" James asks. 

Terry reveals it was Mike who got arrested and he also tells James where Mike is awaiting arraignment. 

James says, "I'll be damned." 

"I'm sure Mak and company will use the allotted 48 hours to question the hell out of him. All that time as Lobos' mole is a prosecutors goldmine," Terry says.

James excuses himself and says he's going to call Simon immediately as this is good news for their project. 

Tasha and Terry are left alone and Terry says, "he came by my place the other day, what does he know?"

"Nothing," Tasha reponds.

"Well, we still need to be careful. You left this at my apartment," Terry says as he gives Tasha her earring back, the same earring that James spotted on Terry's carpet that day. 

"Shit," Tasha says. 

I feel like that earring will come back into play. Don't let James find those earrings!

Tasha starts saying, "Look, Terry, I know this is complicated..."

Terry interrupts, "Why don't we have dinner this weekend and talk it over?"

"Okay," Tasha says with a smile right before he leaves. 

Time To Cancel Christmas On Mike's Ass

Tommy pours himself a drink as he's talking to James inside his office at Truth. 

"Are you sure we can trust him?" Tommy asks.

"We don't have any clue what Sandavol knows, Tommy. Gotta know what we're looking at," James says. If he talks, I mean, there's no telling what crazy motherfucking Lobos told him about us."

Joe walks in and tells James he took the precautions and made sure he wasn't followed. 

Joe makes himself a drink and says, "Well this is some shit, you being prosecuted by the man who fucking pulled the trigger himself. If you would've been convicted, the appeal process would've been a fucking field day."

"Well, he wasn't so you can talk yourself out of that legal hard on you got thinking about it," Tommy snaps at Joe. "We gotta new problem."

"Yeah, we do. Look, Sandavol is gonna flip and fast. The question is, what is he going to say when he does," Joe says. 

Mike could possibly testify to James being Ghost, if he knows about that, and if he knows James and Tommy killed Lobos and the fact that they have been running a criminal organization this entire time, then they're all fucked, Joe points out.  

"Not if he ain't alive to testify," Tommy mentions. 

James knows where Mike is being kept for now and Joe says it's only a matter of time before he's put in protective custody. 

"So, this gotta go down right now," Tommy says. 

The three of them think of a plan to have Mike killed ASAP. James says it has to be from somebody they can trust. Tommy mentions Tony and says if he asks him to do it, he'll do it. 

"Ghost, I know it seems risky, but what are you gonna do? Break back in there and do it yourself? Its gotta happen and it gotta happen now," Tommy says. 

He makes the phone call to Tony.

Tony answers his cellphone and says, "it took you long enough, kid. I thought you forgot about me. I guess you believe me now, hunh?"

"I need your help," Tommy asks his father. 

"Well, if it's fatherly advice you're looking for, I got tons of it..." Tony replies. 

"Look, you got a roommate in there, the guy's not good for me," Tommy starts off saying.

"You got a name?" Tony asks. 

"Just like that? No questions?" 

Tony says, "No, you're family."

Dre Meets With The Jimenez Crew 

Meanwhile, double-crossing Dre meets up with the Jimenez behind Tommy's back. Cristobal is also in attendance as well as Uriel from the Toros Locos. 

"What if I tell you I can deliver Tommy's organization and I can do it without starting a war," Dre says. 

Diego wonders why Dre is offering him and his crew this deal. 

"Because it's the best deal you'll ever get in your life. Look, I don't know what you're getting ready to do, but I know Tommy going to war is wrong," Dre says. 

Dre also tells Diego that Tommy's crew is weak and they don't trust him but they trust him and they'll follow him. 

Cristobal backs up Dre and adds, "Where he goes we will follow."

"You're here taking a position against your connect, why should we trust you?" the Jimenez crew wonders. 

"Because I want to be the biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City," Dre answers. "And, I can't do that working for Tommy." 

Dre continues selling himself to the Jimenez and says he also has direct connection to Karen Bassett's hotel crew and he's sure he can arrange that the Jimenez drugs are sold in all of the nightclubs he has connections with around the world, offering them an additional revenue stream. 

Diego walks over to Dre and tells him, "If you can do that, we'll be very much interested... we can make a lot of money. If you fuck this up, I'll kill you myself." 

The Jimenez say they will give Tommy what he wants to buy Dre some time to jumpstart his plans into action. 

The End Of The Road For Mike Sandavol

In a cell, a doctor fixes up Mike's gunshot wound and tells him he is all set to be transferred into protective custody. 

"Give me a second to grab some antibiotics," the doc says and he walks out the cell. 

Mike pulls up his orange jumpsuit over his arms then he pulls a picture of him and his daughter out of his shirt and stares at it. He gets up off of the bed and walks over to the little barred window and stares straight ahead. 

Another guy, dressed in the same doctor clothes, quickly walks back in Mike's cell, picks up a razor and slices Mike one good time on the side of his neck and the guy walks right back out. 

Mike grabs his neck, falls on the floor and bleeds out.

Tommy soon receives the phone call that Mike was killed. He hangs up, looks at James and says, "It's done." 

"Cool, Terasi came through so what do we gotta do for him?" James asks. 

"Nothing," Tommy answers.

Tommy receives another phone call, this time from Dre telling him that the Jimenez agreed to his deal. 

"No shit. You damn right they did, spread the word," Tommy tells Dre. 

Cristobal is sitting in the car listening to Dre talk to Tommy and when he hangs up, he asks, "You really think you can pull off what you said to the Jimenez and Tommy won't know?" 

"Absolutely," a cocky Dre answers.

Meanwhile, back at Truth, Tommy tells James the good news that the Jimenez agreed to everything.

"We both get what we want and no war," Tommy says. "I guess we're still a pretty good team."

"Absolutely," James responds.

Meanwhile, Proctor did not get rid of Bailey's laptop (which has evidence against Tommy on it) like he told James. He places the now clear wrapped laptop in some safe deposit box and locks it up. 

I wonder how this will play out!

James & Councilman Tate 

James has a drink with Tate in his office and tells him the community problem is all taken care of and says they can now push forward to the next step. 

"What a day for Mr. St. Patrick. Fully exonerated and making a dent in the community," Tate says.

Tariq gets home and James introduces him to Tate. Tariq receives an incoming call from Brains and he ignores it. He then asks his dad about the school in Connecticut which Raina has been talking about and says he's considering going there. 

"You got yourself a superstar on your hands. He's a good boy," Tate says. 

"Yeah, he is. That boy is everything I ever wanted him to be," James replies. 

"Lucky man," Tate says. 

"Oh c'mon, Rashad, we make our own luck," James says and sips his drink. 

Karma Always Comes Back Around

Mak, Angela and Cooper show up in Mike's cell later on and find him laid out on the floor in a pool of his own blood. 

"How the fuck did something like this happen?" Mak says. "Nobody knew he was here."

"Nobody but us," Cooper adds.

A guy tells the agents that marshals are interviewing inmates that are in the area, but as of now, no one is saying anything. 

"What a waste, all of this information dies with him," Mak says before he walks out and Cooper follows behind. 

Angela stays behind in the cell, looks down at Mike's body and whispers in Spanish, "that was for Greg."



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