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Alexis Sky is reportedly pregnant with Fetty Wap's 1738th kid


Alexis Sky is supposedly pregnant with Fetty Wap's baby, according to The Shade Room.

The Love & Hip Hop star and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, rapper Fetty Wap, have been together a lot lately and are rumored to be working things out. Also, a couple of weeks ago, Alexis posted some pictures on Snapchat at Fetty’s house and the two recently followed each other back on Instagram, TSR reports. 

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Fetty's baby mama and Alexis' nemesis and LHHH co-star, Masika, tweeted yesterday, hinting about the news and she wrote:

I just don't get it... like why add yourself to the list?? Why?!! Like, seriously? You think that low of yourself to settle into the "baby mama" role and join the lineup of women that he rawdogged and knocked up before you? Andddd, knowing that he cheated on you with Masika and knocked her up! Is this just to even the score?! Like, wtf?! 

Masika & Alexis are the new Tara and Amina: Dumb Dumb #1 & #2.

I. Can't. Deal.

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