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Dafuq!? This woman got purple ink injected into her eye for her sclera tattoo and is now left partially blind

Photo credit: Catt Gallinger's Facebook
I remember the time I accidentally got poked in my left eye at my old job while working as a waitress. It was extremely painful and I was super pissed at the person who did it.

My eyes are precious to me. Being able to see is another thing that is precious to me. So, I'm not understanding this trend of sclera tattooing, also known as permanently tattooing the white part of the eye. 

Why would one purposely have someone inject a needle of colored ink into their eyeballs?!!

Hell, I have a hard time putting eye drops in my eyes while I'm blinking a hundred times, and I despise contact lenses now. I could neverrrrr even think of trying to turn the white part of my eye a different color. 

Like what in the entire fuck?!
Lawd, fix it, Jesus!
Well, this one model recently got a sclera tatt and now she's warning others against doing it after damaging her vision.

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According to TIME magazine, 24-year-old model Catt Gallinger got the sclera tattoo procedure done last month in her right eye and it went totally wrong, leaving purple ink oozing out of her eye, which quickly became swollen, infected and very painful. She's now partially blind in that eye. 

I just cringed. 

Gallinger said she expects to undergo eye surgery soon to remove the ink, but the vision in her right eye will likely never go back to normal. 

Check out her eye update below:


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