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Chrisette Michele discusses miscarriage, suicidal thoughts + aftermath of performing at Trump's inauguration

Chrisette Michele appeared on the Breakfast Club earlier today where she talked about the stress in her life from her career, the hatred she receive online, the stress which took a toll on her body, and suicidal thoughts.

She said, "mental health in the black community is something we shy away from."

After peeps online blasted her for recently posting a miscarriage photo on her Instagram that wasn't her photo, Chrisette confirmed the photo was in fact not hers. 

She explained, "people post things from the internet all the time," but she felt like it was important to share what she's been through.  

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The R&B singer also said she "regrets everything" that has happened with performing for Little Hands Bish (Trump) at his inauguration, and she apologizes deeply for the people she hurt... she's still getting booked for shows though! 

My personal opinion: I think we need to let Chrisette breathe and move on. The woman said she was sorry, what more do you want from her?! Now if something were to happen to her then everyone would be all sad and shit, but meanwhile they're the ones still contributing to her breakdown by constantly bashing her online. I'm still gonna listen to "Blame It On Me," "A Couple Of Forevers," and all her bomb songs on Spotify. 


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