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Will Smith joining Instagram is one of the best things to happen in 2018!

Will Smith's very first Instagram photo!
Will Smith joined Instagram last month and he already has one of the best accounts, ever!

Within a month, the West Philly native gained an impressive 5.3 million followers and counting on the 'Gram!

He was schooled by Ellen DeGeneres with tips on how to manage his new page and thanks to her, we've been blessed with a bunch of funny yet entertaining posts from the legendary actor.

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Will was welcomed on Instagram by another A-list celebrity, Justin Timberlake, who gave him a quick tutorial about 'Throwback Thursday,' Will responded to JT and poked fun at his infamous Super Bowl halftime performance with Janet Jackson!

Now, Will is 42 posts deep into Instagram! Among those brilliantly crafted posts are dad jokes, funny selfies and videos with his family, some throwback posts, and even a beautiful message of him celebrating his 20th anniversary with his wife, the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith. 

In his very first Instagram post, Will uploaded a selfie (shown above) of him doing the duck face, lol. So, obviously, it could only get better from there...

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His trip to the zoo will give you life!

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He jokes about suing. Call Uncle Phil!

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His videos will certainly make you laugh. And, we all could use some extra laughter throughout the day. 

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He gives out good advice. 

He writes the sweetest messages to his queen.

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He had the best Christmas song with his family.

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And, he's a Rubik's Cube master!

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I just want to say ... Thank you, Will Smith, for improving my social media experience! 


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