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17 shows to start binge watching right now

There are so many great TV shows out right now! Sometimes I get carried away on my day off and by the time I realize my TV and couch own my ass, most of the day has gone by and yet again, I didn't finish my 'Things To Do' list. But, it's okay because these 17 shows that I've listed below are totally worth being a couch bum (at least one day out of the week). And, with streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, it makes the binge-watching experience even easier.

So, grab your wine and some snacks because trust me, these shows will not disappoint you and you'll be hooked! 

Here Are 17 Shows To Catch Up On This Summer

(Note: A show title with * next to it means it's one of my top favorites)
Dear White People
1) Dear White People

Seasons: 2

Where to watch: Netflix

Netflix’s original series Dear White People kicks off during the aftermath of an event that happened in the original film – a blackface party held by a white fraternity on a fictional college campus. The second season was released this month and the episodes are only 20 something minutes long. You can totally bang this series out in a day or two. 

2) Atlanta

Seasons: 2

Where to watch: FX

I love how creative and weird Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino is. If you're a fan of him then you'll definitely love his show Atlanta. Get wrapped up in Earn and Paper Boi's lives as they try to make their way up in the world through the rap scene. The season 2 finale aired last week so surely you have more than enough time to catch up before the third season starts.

3) 13 Reasons Why

Seasons: 2

Where to watch: Netflix

13 Reasons Why was one of the most tweeted shows in 2017. A teenage girl named Hannah takes her own life and leaves behind a suicide note in the form of 13 tapes, each one directed at a particular individual at least partially responsible for the decision to kill herself. The second season of 13 Reasons Why will be released on Netlix on May 18. 
4) *Power

Seasons: 4

Where to watch: Starz

Power is definitely one of my top five favorite shows on TV right now! The crime drama, which is co-executive produced by rapper 50 Cent, follows the life of James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a New York City drug dealer who's trying to go legit in the nightclub business. This show has sex, drugs, violence, and cursing, thanks to the show airing on Starz. Season 5 premieres July 1st. 

5) Orange Is The New Black

Seasons: 5

Where to watch: Netflix

Wanna know what prison life is sorta like? Check out the ladies at Litchfield Correctional Facility on the hit Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black. Season 6 will most likely be released sometime this summer. So, there's a lot of catching up to do, but it's totally worth the binge.

6) She's Gotta Have It

Seasons: 1

Where to watch: Netflix

Spike Lee turned his 1986 She's Gotta Have It film into a show which revolves around Nola Darling. Nola can't decide what kind of man she wants to date so she decides to date three men at the same damn time! There's only 10 episodes to catch up on before the second season gets released. 
Being Mary Jane

7) *Being Mary Jane

Seasons: 5

Where to watch: BET

Being Mary Jane started off as a TV movie on BET and then followed up with five seasons. Unfortunately, BET decided to pull the plug on BMJ and the show will be wrapping up with a 2-hour series finale movie which is reportedly due out sometime this fall. This scripted drama follows the life of Mary Jane Paul (played by Gabrielle Union), a successful cable news anchor who balances work, love and relationships, and supporting her family. 

8) Girls

Seasons: 6

Where to watch: HBO

Girls, which has been compared to Sex and the City, follows Hannah, an aspiring writer and her three friends, all in their early 20's. Together these chicks try to make sense of what life has in store for them as they navigate through a bunch of mistakes. This show has lots of sex, weirdness, fucked up relationships, funny moments, and more. And, six seasons is all you're going to get with this series because the show ended in 2017. But, Girls is still a must watch.

9) *Insecure 

Seasons: 2

Where to watch: HBO Go and HBO Now

Some have called Insecure the black version of Girls, but I believe this show is better just because it's more relatable, especially to the contemporary black culture. Insecure uses Issa Rae's breakout web series Awkward Black Girl as the basis for a hilarious journey through the life of a young black woman that cuts through stereotypes. 
10) This Is Us 

Seasons: 2

Where to watch: NBC

First things first: grab a box of tissues ... okay, now you're ready to watch This Is Us. This sentimental show is a conventional, old-fashioned family drama. The structure of This Is Us is unlike anything else on TV. And, DO NOT read anything about the show if you haven't watched it yet. Trust me, you do not want any spoilers as it will ruin your viewer experience. 
Hustle & Soul

11) *Hustle & Soul

Seasons: 2

Where to watch: WeTV

Hustle & Soul is the BEST REALITY SHOW ON TV at the moment, period. The show revolves around the Pink Tea Cup restaurant in Brooklyn which serves up good soul food and lots of drama. It seems like the chef/owner of the restaurant cant keep his hands and other body parts to himself. Although the second season of this drama-filled show wrapped up last week, it shouldn't stop you from giving it a watch. The first season only has six episodes and the second season has eight; both can be finished over a weekend. 

12) 911


Where to watch: FOX

This new series is a fast-paced exploration into the lives and careers of first responders, including police officers, paramedics and firefighters, the individuals who put their lives on the line every day to save others. The show stars veteran actress Angela Bassett and has already been renewed for a second season. 

13) Married At First Sight

Seasons: 6 

Where to watch: Lifetime 

Want to get married at first sight? How about just watching other people do it? On this reality show, six people agree to participate in an extreme experiment where they enter a legal marriage with a complete stranger. At the end of the experiment, the couples get to decided whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. This show documents everything, from their wedding day and honeymoon to the couples moving in together, etc. It's really interesting to see which couples fall head over heels for each other and who is not attracted to one another. The beauty of this show is you don't have to watch all six seasons if you don't want to since there are new couples every season. So far, I've only watched season six. The next season of MAFS is currently casting and will take place in Dallas.
Big Little Lies

14) Big Little Lies

Seasons: 1

Where to watch: HBO Go, HBO Now

Big Little Lies involves scandals, gossip, affairs, sex, parenting, friendship and dark secrets. A-list actresses Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon star in this drama series. In addition, Meryl Streep has been added to the cast for season 2. The second season will feature seven new episodes which are reportedly not coming out until 2019. Womp womp. Well, that gives you more than enough time to watch the seven episodes in season 1.

15) Love After Lockup


Where to watch: WeTV

This docu-series explores couples finally getting to meet their significant other upon prison release, plus reveals how the couples interact after lockup and shows if they can survive and make it to the alter. Season 1 was a hot mess: there was a Mormon talking to a gang member who was in jail for 18 years, and so much more. Also, the second season is casting right now!

If you really have some down time, I also recommend watching:

16) *Grey's Anatomy

Binge watching all 14 seasons of Grey's Anatomy will take patience, tissues and some real time and dedication. Season 14 of the medical drama series wraps up this week on ABC. I caught a random episode last year and started my binge last summer. It took me a couple of months to watch 13 years worth of TV, but I finally caught up. You can do it too!

17) Criminal Minds 

Another series that has been on forever is Criminal Minds. Now 13 seasons deep, this drama series - which revolves around FBI profilers and the criminals they capture - definitely tops the list of shows to binge watch. This is another show that will take some serious commitment to finish. Plus, the series was just renewed for its 14th season. 

I also watch a bunch of other reality shows, plus I'm into home improvement shows on HGTV, and my occasional TV game shows.

TV Shows I'll Watch One Day

- Queen Sugar

- Stranger Things 

- Seven Seconds

- Shameless

- Scandal

- Game of Thrones (maybe) 

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