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Meghan Markle gave up her acting career, social media, selfies and more to marry Prince Harry

I never really cared about gossip and news concerning The Royal Family. That's up until now...

On Sunday night, I watched Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance on Lifetime with my mom. Since it was Mother's Day, I let her pick the movie and I felt like I was stuck watching it (I had to, for her).

So, the movie started and I'm like: ughhhh, why are people so obsessed with The Royal Family?!

But, like a typical lovey dovey Lifetime movie, I quickly got into the film and constantly had to Google check certain things to compare it with the movie. 

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance is about Prince Harry (Henry Charles Albert David), 33, and 36-year-old Los Angeles actress, Meghan Markle. The two are set to tie the knot this Saturday (May 19) in what is being called "the wedding of the year." The pair met in 2016 and have been in a whirlwind romance ever since.

Harry is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and sixth in the line of succession to the British throne.

What intrigued me, aside from the fact that Meghan is half black, is how many traditions and unwritten rules there are. Little things shocked me: like, no taking selfies. 


When marrying into royalty, you're basically becoming a brand new person and saying goodbye to who you once were. And, if you're okay with that, then so be it. Your new life awaits you.

Harry is known as the "royal rebel" by the media and Megan is bringing her Hollywood glamour and swag to some of these Royal and somewhat boring ways. I love how the two are ignoring typical traditions when it comes to their wedding and are doing things their own way - like changing up their wedding location, cake and even the guest list rules. 

Brides typically don't even speak on their wedding day, they just stand there and look pretty while the man does all of the talking. Ha!

Also, Meghan Markle is divorced. This obviously has not been a problem since Queen Elizabeth, the boss of The Royal Family, gave her approval and permission to marry. Yes, the Queen had to give her permission to Harry and Meghan.

Check out more of what Meghan had to give up to fit in with her in-laws and become royalty. These are the rules:

No more selfies or social media for Meghan

Social media presence is gone

Meghan deleted all of her social media accounts the beginning of this year, accounts that she used to be active on and had millions of followers on. 


The Royal Family doesn't allow one to marry a Catholic. What's interesting is that Meghan's upbringing was Roman Catholic. She went to a catholic school. But, she chose to be baptized in the church of England and she's all good now to marry the Prince. 

Clothes and style

No plunging necklines, no mini skirts, and stockings are supposed to be worn when legs are out, etc. 

No side projects

Buh-bye, acting career! Meghan quit her career as an actress (she just finished her role on the legal drama Suits which recently wrapped up season 7). Meghan also used to be a blogger and has since shut down her lifestyle site The Tig. 

No signing autographs

The Royal Family are also not allowed to sign autographs for fans. This is to prevent anyone from forging their signatures. 

No public displays of affection

Royals are always supposed to be super formal. No holding hands, no kissing in public, etc. 

Know your position in line when walking with the other royals

Walking behind The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is a must when appearing together in an official capacity. The Royal family always walk in order of who's next in line to the throne.

Oh, and there's more:

Privacy is a wrap

No selfies 

No running for office  

She must always carry a black outfit when traveling

No shellfish 

Could you give up your life to marry into royalty?

[Source: ABC Online]

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