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POWER Season 4, Ep. 10 Finale Recap: 'You Can't Fix This'

"You Can't Fix This" Season 4, Ep. 410 - Full Recap

The St. Patrick's Deal With The Aftermath Of Losing A Family Member

The season finale of Power kicks off with Tariq getting questioned by a detective about his sister's murder. When Tariq is asked if he knows of anyone who may want to hurt him or his family, he lies and says "no." 

"Everybody liked Raina, she was a good person," Tariq says.

"Have you been threatened by anybody that seemed dangerous or suspicious after your father's court case?" the detective asks. 

James, who is sitting right next to Tariq, steps in and answers, "No, detective, he hasn't been threatened. We've been through a lot this year as a family. He's told you everything he knows."

A visibly broken Tasha is sitting on the other side of Tariq and she asks the detective, "Please, can we just go home?"

The detective informs them that the cops found a boot at the crime scene, and he asks Tariq if he remembers seeing anyone wearing boots last night. 

"I told you I didn't see anything, don't you think I would've said something if I did! Don't you think I want to catch them?!" a tearful Tariq answers. 

The detective tells the St. Patrick family they are free to go home. Tasha collects some of Raina's belongings in a baggie. 

"I can't just leave her here," she says to the detective. 

He tells Tasha that Raina's body has to undergo an autopsy and she'll be notified when the body can be released. 

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Kanan Has Unfinished Business

Kanan pulls up on Tommy with a gun while he's getting acquainted with a couple of Tony Terasi's associates. The two guys pull out their pieces and ask Tommy if he's in any trouble, but Tommy tells them to go inside, he's got this. 

"The fuck you doing, K? Ghost told me you split after you killed Jukebox?"

"I had unfinished business, I come back here to find this shit," Kanan says as he opens up his trunk to show Tommy a couple of dead bodies.

Tommy looks inside the trunk and says, "Yo, what the fuck?" 

"Is this your idea of a welcome home present?" Kanan asks. 

Tommy says he didn't send the guys after Kanan and didn't even know he was back in town. 

"Most importantly, you saved Tariq's life, according to him and Ghost," Tommy says. "We ain't got no beef."

Tommy notices the tattoos on the dead guys' hands and he realizes they are a part of Cristobal's crew. Tommy explains who Cristobal is and says him and Dre are tight.

"Dre, he knew I was coming back. I'm gonna take care of this shit," Kanan says. "I'm gonna go out of town, I'm gonna put a crew together, I'm gonna come back and fuck Dre up, and that Cristobal bitch too."

Tommy tells Kanan he may be able to get him some local backup. He then receives a text saying it's about Raina. 

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Tasha And James Mourn The Death Of Their Daughter

Tasha, James and Tariq pull up in their parking garage. Tasha says to Tariq, "Look, I know I've told you not to talk about our family to anyone, but if you saw something last night, that you were scared to tell the cops, you have to tell us, you have to."

"I already told you everything I know, ma," Tariq says before getting out of the backseat.

Tasha tells James that their son is lying. James says it's most likely an inside job and tells Tasha about the Jimenez being after him. 

"Wait a minute, why the fuck would the Jimenez be after us?" Tasha asks. 

James explains more and tells Tasha the real estate project he was building with Simon was the Toros Locos' territory and he made a deal with the Jimenez. 

"You dragged us back into the life. This is on you! What happened to going clean?!," Tasha says with tears in her eyes. 

"I'm gonna take care of it," James says.

"There is no taking care of it!" Tasha screams back."You can't fix this! Our daughter is gone, Ghost."

"I knowwwwwww! Fuck!" Ghost yells out. 

"I carried her, I carried that girl in my body, Ghost. She was blood of my blood. Flesh of my flesh. This isn't just happening to you," Tasha says.

They both sit in the car, crying. Tasha stares at Ghost. He faces her and says, "But, I'm gonna be the one to end it though. I won't rest until the man who killed our daughter is dead."

"Good. You just better not get killed and don't get fucking caught. We still got two kids upstairs that we need to take care of," Tasha says.

Tasha and James head upstairs to their penthouse. When they get off the elevator, family and friends surround them. LaKeisha hugs Tasha while James shakes a couple of hands and heads to his bedroom. He goes to his closet, takes off his suit and transforms to his regular street clothes. James see's a brochure from the gala with his face on it as 'Man of the Year' and he crumbles it up. 

He soon receives a text from Tate which reads: 'Sorry for your loss, brother.' 

Tate wants James to meet up with him. 

Angela Is Making Boss Moves 

Angela holds a meeting with her team, the Eastern district's criminal division, as the new head person in charge of the criminal department. 

"Under my leadership, we will become a paragon of criminal interdiction," Angela says. "The mistakes in the past, will stay in the past." 

Angela goes on to brief her department on a drug case and John Mak speaks up when he realizes it was one of his cases that he was working on for months.

"And, maybe I'll assign it to you, John. For now, everyone is briefed."  

Cooper Saxe walks into the meeting late while Angela is in the middle of presenting. 

"I was distracted by the news of St. Patrick this morning," he says while taking a seat at the conference table. 

"James St. Patrick no longer matters to this office," Angela responds.  

"Never should have in the first place," John interjects. 

Tamika says, "That case is closed as far as we're concerned, Saxe." 

"Oh, it's not about his case. His daughter was shot and killed outside of school last night," Cooper says and he looks right at Angela for her reaction. "I'm sorry, what were you saying?" 

Tamika, John and everyone else in the room look at Angela. She manages to keep it together and continues on with the briefing. 

After the meeting, Angela looks up the news about Raina's murder online. Just as she's about to contact James, Cooper walks into her office and starts talking about James and how he's supposed to be this totally clean businessman. 

"He is, as far as I know," Angela says. 

"The teenage daughter's of a legit businessman don't get gunned down in cold blood outside of a Sadie Hawkins dance," Cooper says.

"We don't know what happened, she could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time," Angela says. 

But, Cooper is not buying it and he says, "If it were me and my daughter was murdered, I'd want revenge, and I'm from Connecticut, not Queens."

"I'm from Queens, Saxe."

"Exactly," he responds. "Greg, you remember Greg? He had a theory that James St. Patrick was the real Ghost, major drug dealer, murderer. Guys like that, their kids get hurt." 

Cooper says James will make a move and when he does, it will be the perfect opportunity for their team to take him down. Angela tells him, their office is not looking to prosecute James, especially after everything that has happened. 

"This office, Angela, or you?," Cooper asks. "This is evidence of criminal involvement, you ignore it, it's your funeral. Well, the little girl's really."

"Get out! Now!" Angela snaps back. 

"Too soon?" Cooper asks. 

Angela Expresses Her Condolences As James Is Ready To Seek Revenge

James empties the contents in the plastic baggie containing Raina's belongings, including the pocketbook she wore to the school dance, her school I.D., and a gold necklace. 

Tommy sends a texts that he's downstairs. James puts Raina's belongings in his drawer along with his cellphone, and he grabs his duffel bag and heads out. He looks at Tasha on the elevator, before the doors close, and they give each other a nod. 

When James gets outside, he's greeted by Angela.

"Hey, Angie, what are you doing here?"

"Jamie, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do?"

"No, nothing anyone can do," James responds. 

Angela asks if he knows who did it and if there's anyone targeting him. James looks down the street and see's Tommy's blue car parked. 

"No. Look, Angie, I gotta go make funeral arrangements, alright?"

She stops him, touches his duffel bag and asks, "What's in the bag?"

"It's just a suit," James answers. 

Angela continues to beg James to let her help and says, "Whoever did this, I will put them in jail. If you know, please tell me."

"I just told you, I don't know." 

"If you do know and if you're taking steps to get revenge, if you get caught, you will lose everything you ever worked for. You will lose everything," Angela warns him.

"I already lost everything. Thanks for coming by," James says. 

He quickly kisses Angela on the cheek and walks off. After Angela pulls off, James walks down the block and hops in Tommy's car.

James says, "Everything we've ever done, every choice we've ever made, was for those kids, brother." 

Tommy looks at James with tears in his eyes and says, "I know, brother." 

He hands James a cellphone and a gun and says right before pulling off, "Let's go get em."

And, just like that, James is fully pushed right back into his old life. There's no other choice now but to seek revenge, right?

Ray Ray Plans To Skip Out Of Town While Tariq Is On A Mission To Find Him

Kanan is getting the trunk of his car cleaned.

"I want that shit to be sparkled, so I can fuck your momma on it," he tells the dudes cleaning his car.

Kanan receives a call from Tariq who is asking where he can find Ray Ray. 

"Yo, little man, what's good?"

Tariq keeps it short and says Ray Ray owes him money so he needs to find him. But, Kanan says he just got back from DC so he doesn't know where he is. 

"If you hear from him, let me know," Tariq says. 


In the next scene, Ray Ray is at his cousin's spot on the computer. Destiny walks in and asks for her cellphone back but Ray Ray says, "not yet."

"Your boy ain't show last night, you might need to text him again," he says. 

"Really?" she asks and seems disappointed. 

"What, you catching feelings for him or something?"

"No," Destiny quietly answers. 

Ray Ray comes clean and says Tariq was there but things got messed up, "I had to clip his sister."

"What?! You said he just owed you money! What the fuck you shooting his sister for?!"

Ray Ray is browsing the NYPD website and tells Destiny that he just read Tariq's statement and he didn't say anything about him to the cops which means he's going to tell his father. 

"He hates his father," Destiny says.

"Yeah cuz his daddy is a no good motherfucker, yo, and he'll be looking for me in a minute."

Ray Ray says he has to leave town. 

There's a knock at the door and he tells Destiny to go in the back and stay quiet. 

Ray Ray calls out to the person on the other side of the door, "yo, what's good?"

It's Angela! 

She's looking into Tariq's case and was wondering if Officer Raymond can help since Tariq's principal said he was recently at his school looking for him. Ray Ray gets into officer mode and tells Angela two student's houses were robbed and Tariq was near or on the premises both times. He says Tariq is on a bad path so he went there to scare some sense into him. 

"You know his sister was killed last night, right?" Angela asks. 

Ray Ray responds, "Yeah, I heard about that, that's very sad."

James And Tommy Are Out For Blood

James and Tommy bust up into a Toros Locos car shop and they start shooting up peeps. 

Uriel (the guy who killed Julio) yells out, "The fuck is this, man?" 

"You know exactly why we're here!" Tommy says and shoots Uriel's leg. 

James punches Uriel in the face and throws him in a chair, and he grabs a nail gun. When Uriel stands up, James pushes him back down and staples both of Uriel's hands to each arm of the chair so he can't move. 

"Don't move," Tommy says to Uriel and chuckles. 

James asks Uriel which one of the Jimenez' killed his daughter.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Uriel yells out.

"If you tell me, maybe I'll spare your life. Who gave you the order?" James asks. 

"Go to hell," Uriel says to James in Spanish and he spits at him.

James staples both of Uriel's shoulders. 

"I had nothing to do with your daughter," Uriel says as he's yelling out in pain. "I didn't even know about her until right now!"

"Fucking liar," Tommy yells out. 

"Why the fuck should we believe you?!" James asks Uriel.  

"The Jimenez don't kill kids..." Uriel explains.

James looks at Tommy and then holds the nail gun to Uriel's neck and tells him to swear to him that he didn't make a move against anyone in his family.

"I said swear to me, motherfucker!" James yells out. 

"I killed Julio, Dre set me up to do it!" Uriel confesses. 

"Dre!?" Tommy asks in shock. "Dre set you up to do what?"

Uriel moves around in the chair and tries to break free from the nails. James has had enough. He takes out his gun and shoots Uriel right in the head. 

"Ghost, what the fuck!?" Tommy says. "It was fucking Dre!"

"I don't give a fuck about Dre, I don't give a fuck about any of that. The Jimenez didn't kill Raina."

"He could've been lying!" Tommy says. 

"The truth was the only way to save his life. He gave that up, didn't he? Fucking no, man, the Jimenez didn't do this so we're back to square fucking one," James says. 

James hands Tommy the nail gun and says before walking out, "I gotta go plan my daughter's funeral."

"We're gonna find out who killed Raina, Ghost, I promise you that," Tommy yells out and he shoots Uriel (who is already dead) in the chest. 

Terry Shares His Feelings For Tasha

Terry pops up at Tasha's place while she's in mourning with other family members and friends who are still at the house. 

She takes Terry to a room, closes the door, hugs him and says, "I cannot believe this is happening."

Terry consoles her and says, "I know, I know... it's unimaginable, I don't understand how you're even walking upright."

He tells Tasha that he's going to help get justice for Raina.

"I have investigators, I have contacts, I will not rest until her killer is found," Terry promises. "Do you have any idea what happened?"

"No, I don't," she says.

"You can trust me, Tasha, you know that. Whatever it is, I can help," he says. 

"Look, Terry, I can't talk about it..."

"Yes, you can, look, I love you, Tasha. I'm sorry, I know this isn't the right time, it's certainly not the right place, but it is the truth and I can't watch this happen to you without being a part of making it right."

Tasha just stares at Terry.

He then asks, "wait, where's James?"

"He's out, making arrangements."

"Tasha, listen to me. Your family is under intense scrutiny right now, so if something criminal is happening that you can stop then you need to stop it right now," Terry says. 

"You don't understand, you're not a parent!" she says. 

"Then help me to understand," he responds. 

"Thanks for stopping by, Terry. I think you should leave now," Tasha says and shows him the door. 

Ray Ray Blackmails Dre Into Getting His Money While Kanan Plots Revenge

Tommy is parked across the street as he watches shady ass Dre walking out of a luxury residence building. A pissed off Tommy gets out of the car and is about to handle his business until he see's Dre walk up to Ray Ray. So, Tommy turns around and gets back in the car and drives off.  

"I want my fucking money for babysitting that punk bitch, Tariq. You ain't give me or Juke our money in a minute. What's up, man?" Ray Ray asks. 

"I don't have time to play games with you. I don't owe you shit," Dre snaps back. "You ain't gonna shoot me in broad daylight so get the fuck outta my face."

"You think you so slick, youngin', you forgot I'm an undercover cop, motherfucker. This whole time I've been wearing a wire. I've got tapes of you and Kanan running your fucking mouth about drugs, kidnappings, pulling licks, all that shit. You want me to keep my mouth shut, you pay me, motherfucker."

Dre says he doesn't have money on him at the moment and Ray Ray says he will text him an address of where to meet him at later. 

Meanwhile, Kanan meets up with his crew as he plans on taking Dre's money and his position in the drug world. Kanan says if Dre is smart, he would move his kid because he knows where that spot is at. 

While Kanan's crew is googling Dre, a picture pops up with him walking with Councilman Tate and James. Kanan points out Dre to his peeps and they also come across news that James' daughter was killed. Kanan starts doing some thinking. 


Back at the penthouse, Tariq pours cough syrup into his drink as he deals with the aftermath of seeing his sister getting murdered. He walks around the house, getting sympathy from everyone. He then sits down next to his younger sister, Yasmine.

"Where's Raina? Is she coming back home" Yasmine asks.

"I don't know, Yas," Tariq says. 

He then gets up from the couch and leaves. 

Tommy Finds Out Who Murdered Raina

Tommy is at church for confessions with Father Callahan (his old primera). He starts talking about Raina and how smart and beautiful she was and says, "You know, a godfather is supposed to be there to protect you. How fucking good was I for her?" 

"Tommy, you can't blame yourself, it's God's will," Father Callahan says on the other side of the latticed wall. 

"Fuck God's will," Tommy says. 

He says if he wasn't high this never would have happened. 

"I am sorry about the girl. I'm glad you came to see me," Father Callahan says. 

Tommy switches the conversation and asks how are things going with Dre. Father says he has a meeting later on with the new connect. 

"... He's been setting me up all along," Tommy says. "He even set up Julio to get killed by the Toros."

"Is that true?" Father asks. 

Tommy responds, "Oh yeah... he's been fucking me left and right this whole fucking time. If I catch him alone, I'ma break that sixth commandment again."

Tommy walks out as he receives a phone call from Kanan. He tells Kanan he's down to roll up on Dre. 

"I think I know who killed Ghost's little girl," Kanan says.

"The fuck you talking about?" Tommy asks. 

Kanan explains how him and Tariq used to hit licks with Ray Ray, a dirty cop and one of Jukebox's friends. 

"Why would he shoot Raina?" Tommy asks. 

"I dunno, but Tariq called me asking how could he find him and now the little nigga ain't answering his phone. Either he went looking for Ray Ray or Ray Ray came looking for him."

"I need to find Ray Ray, where he stay at?" Tommy says. 

Councilman Tate Forces James' Hand, Again

James is at a church where he meets up with Councilman Tate and a Reverend. The Rev offers to do Raina's service at his church since Tate informed him James doesn't have a church home. The Rev says Raina can have the homegoing she deserves with a police escort, etc., etc.  

"I'm humbled by your offer, but I think that would draw a lot of publicity. I think that's the last thing my family and I need at this time, I mean, we've been in the news enough," James says. 

"We can help shape that publicity, son," the Rev says. "It's coming whether you like it or not, consider it. I'm sure you'll see God bringing us together is for a reason."

After the Rev walks off, Tate says the Rev is certainly an opportunist, but he believes in what he's saying. 

James says, "Yeah, just like I believed in what you were saying, Rashad, when you said you wanted to give back to the community... you got me up in here turning my daughter's funeral into a press conference?"

Tate responds, "James, Raina is gone. As hard as it is to face this..."

"No, no, no... you have no idea how hard this is to face." 

"I don't, but it's reality and this is an opportunity in a wake of tragedy," Tate says. "You wanna help your community, be the symbol we need you to be, you gotta use that agony to make change, brother."

"Look, Rashad, with all due respect, I know we're in a church, but I don't give a fuck about that today."

"You will tomorrow and all the tomorrow's after that. The daughter's of innocent men sleep safely in their beds, James. I don't know what happened to Raina or why. But, if it had something to do with your past, it needs to stay there," Tate rudely says. 

James has that serious/angry look on his face as he says, "whatchu trying to say?"

Tate tells James what is going to happen and says he WILL let the Rev do Raina's service and that he's going to stand right by his side as his brother, and he also wants James to let the police handle everything else. 

"Are we clear?" Tate asks. 

"Real clear," James says. 

Tommy Searches For Ray Ray

Destiny is in the living room at her apartment. She opens up the box to her new cellphone and Tommy busts the door open and storms in.

"Where the fuck is Ray Ray? You fucking hear me you insect, TALK!" he yells out. 

Destiny screams out loud and Tommy puts his gun right up to her neck as she's backed up against a wall. 

"I dunno! Look, he left town. Please don't shoot me, please, please..." Destiny begs. 

"Motherfucker!" Tommy yells out and backs off of Destiny. "Did he say where?"

Destiny shakes her head and asks, "is Riq okay?" 

Tommy says, "You know Tariq?"

"Yeah, I heard about his sister. I just wanted to make sure he was okay. I didn't want him to think I had anything to do with it because I didn't, you have to let him know."

"Why would he think that?" Tommy asks. 

Destiny explains that Ray Ray took her cellphone last night and used it.

"Used it to what??!" Tommy asks her. 

Destiny gets scared and says never mind. 

Tommy calmly asks, "Hey, what's your name?" 

After she tells Tommy her name, he puts his gun in his jacket and tells Destiny to have a seat. 

Tommy sits next to Destiny on the couch and says, "You know, Tariq mentioned you. He was really upset last night that you lied to him. He thought that you set him up to die."

Destiny is crying and says she didn't know what Ray Ray was going to do. 

"It's okay, Destiny, cuz you can make this right right now, you understand?"

Tommy pulls his gun back out, points it at her and says, "you are gonna make this right. I just need your help."

"You're asking me to snitch on my cousin," Destiny says crying out. 

"I ain't asking you to do nothing. An innocent little girl, just like you, died yesterday. I don't wanna hurt you, but you need to tell me where Ray Ray is at," Tommy threatens. 

With no other choice, Destiny spills the beans and reveals that Ray Ray plans on heading to DC but first, he's making a stop at his spot in the city. She also gives Tommy an address.

After getting the info he needs, Tommy heads out and calls up Tasha to tell her he found out who killed Raina. He tells her it was a dirty cop and to not let any cops at her place. 

"I don't get it, why would a cop want to hurt Raina?" she asks. 

"It wasn't Raina they was after, it was Tariq, and the guy is still out there looking for him."

"Okay, I'm coming to meet you. LaKeisha can watch after the kids."

"No, we got this. You stay there. Hold down Tariq, find out what else he knows," Tommy says. "Tasha, figure out some alibi's. We gonna need them."

She says, "Fucking gut him, Tommy."

When Tasha gets off the phone, she starts looking for Tariq but she can't find him. Yasmine tells her that Tariq left. Tasha starts worrying as she's walking around the apartment looking for her son. Keisha watches on, confused and clueless as to what is happening and what her friend has got herself involved in. 

Tasha goes to Tariq's room and there's kids chillin' in there. They tell her that Tariq took his bag and left and he went to the office. Tasha walks in the office and immediately opens the safe. She see's her gun is gone and so are some of the bullets. She calls James and hears his phone vibrating in the desk drawer. She sits and scrolls through her phone to think of who to reach out to next. 

Tariq Gets Closer To Finding Ray Ray After Blackmailing Dre

Tariq rolls up on Dre while he's conducting some business about a club. 

Dre see's Tariq, walks over to him and says, "Hey man, sorry, I heard about your sister, man. I'm glad you hit me up. How you doing?"

Tariq ain't there for play play. He pulls out his gun and points it straight at Dre's chest. 

"Riq, what the fuck is this, man?"

"I need to find Ray Ray," Tariq says. 

He tells Dre since he introduced him to Kanan and he knew where he was when Ray Ray sent off that text, he's guessing Dre knows everything.

"Riq, are you on that Lean again?" Dre asks. 

Tariq answers yes and says, "And, I might be high enough to shoot you right here in broad daylight."

Dre says he doesn't know where Ray Ray is and he would help Tariq if he could. But, Tariq calls BS.

"You're lying to me. Everybody is always fucking lying to me," Tariq says. "Ray Ray was looking for me when he shot my sister, man."

"I feel you, but Ray Ray is a bad motherfucker," Dre says. "Let me handle this, put the gun down."

"I'm taking care of it," Tariq says while still pointing the gun at Dre's chest. "I've covered for you before, but if you don't tell me where Ray Ray is, I'll snitch on you to my pops and my Uncle Tommy. I'll tell them you knew everything. I'll tell them that you knew Kanan was alive this whole time and that you knew who killed my sister and you still ain't say shit."

"I did that for you, man. I kept shit quiet for you, man," Dre says. 

"Yeah, I'll tell them everything about you at any time, so either you speak or I will. So, where the fuck is Ray Ray!? Where is he!?" Tariq threatens. 

Dre gives in and tells Tariq exactly which apartment Ray Ray will be in. 

Tasha Goes To Angela For Help

While Angela is in her office, looking at Raina's informational report in the system, she see's the last person to view the report is Officer Raymond Jones. She gets a knock on her office door and Tasha comes in saying she needs Angela's help. 

Angela is shocked to see Tasha in her office and she says, "I asked Jamie, James, if he wanted me to help and he said no."

Tasha tells Angela that Tariq is missing and she asks her to track his phone. 

"Oh my gosh, yes, yes I can do that," Angela says. 

Angela gets on her office phone and asks for agent Donovan, but Tasha quickly interrupts her and tells Angela, no police.

"Ghost, James said, you cloned his phone once," Tasha says.

Angela finds another way and calls up someone off-the-books to track Tariq's phone. 

While the two are waiting, Angela asks, "Did Tariq run away because he shot Raina? Is that why Jamie told me he didn't need my help?"

"What?! Tariq did not kill Raina. Are you out of your goddamn mind?" Tasha says. "He would never hurt his sister!"

"Tasha, then why are you here? Why couldn't I involve the police?"

Tasha says nothing. 

Angela continues on, "You don't trust me, but you knew I would help. Tell me, what's happening?"

"I just need to find Tariq," Tasha says.

Angela tells Tasha that she went to Tariq's school and Officer Raymond Jones was looking for Tariq so she went to visit the officer and he's the one who suggested that Tariq killed Raina.

"I just looked in Raina's file and the same detective Jones had been looking at Tariq's witness statements. Did Raymond Jones kill Raina?" Angela asks. 

Tasha is crying and says, "I don't know."

"Tasha, where is James right now?" Angela asks. 

Before Tasha can answer, Angela receives a text back on Tariq's location in Washington Heights. She gives Tasha the closest address to the nearest cell tower of where they linked Tariq's phone.

"If James gets caught killing detective Jones, he will get the death penalty this time, Tasha, I promise you," Angela warns. 

"Thank you, Angela," Tasha says before heading out.

Tariq Gets Justice For Raina

Tariq heads to the address where Dre told him Ray Ray would be at. James pulls up at the same spot and see's Tariq is already inside the apartment complex, heading up on the elevator

As the elevator doors close, James yells out from his car, "Tariq!" 

Tariq heads upstairs to the apartment, slides his school ID in the door lock to open the door, walks in and pulls out his gun. 

James rushes inside the apartment complex and waits for the elevator, but it's taking too long so he starts running up the stairs. Tommy pulls up at the spot as well and he heads up the stairwell. 

Tasha also pulls up and easily finds the location when she spots Tommy's blue car. 

Tariq walks up behind Ray Ray who is putting loads of cash in a bag. 

"Don't fucking turn around," Tariq says and points the gun at Ray Ray's back. "You killed my sister."

Ray Ray has both of his hands in the air. He also eyes a gun that he has on the table nearby. 

"Who the fuck told you I was here? Dre?" Ray Ray asks. 

"I ain't dumb. I knew you were a cop and I got the drop on you," Tariq responds.

"You goddamn right I'm a cop and you came in here with no backup," Ray Ray says.

"I ain't alone," Tariq responds. 

Ray Ray chuckles and says ain't no way Tariq's pops or his Uncle Tommy would let him come up to the apartment first.

"If they were here, I would already be dead," he says. 

"You deserve to die for what you did," Tariq says. 

"Then pull the trigger, motherfucker," Ray Ray dares Tariq. "Be a man. Go head, do it. Do ittt!"

Tariq hesitates while pointing his gun and Ray Ray says, "yeahhh, that's what I fucking thought, you little bitch. Just like I thought you were when I first met you. 

Ray Ray quickly reaches for his gun on the table as he says to Tariq, "your sister, she's a real G, she stepped up."

James and Tommy hear a gunshot from the stairwell. Tasha, who is still outside all frantic, see's and hears a gun go off in an apartment. She runs inside. 

James finally enters the apartment with his gun out. He see's Tariq standing there and Ray Ray is laid out, dead, with blood spilling out all on the floor. 

"Son, are you okay?" James asks and he hugs Tariq. 

Tommy soon barges in and asks Tariq if he's okay.

"He killed Raina, I had to fix it," Tariq says. 

Tommy starts cleaning up as he picks up two empty gun shells off the floor. 

Tasha runs in the apartment and see's Tariq standing there holding her gun. She takes her gun away from him. 

They soon hear sirens and Tommy and James start rolling up Ray Ray's body in a rug. 

"We have to get out of here!" Tasha says to Tariq. "Take off your backpack, turn your jacket inside out, c'mon let's go!" 

As they're rolling up the body, Tommy says to James, "I saw this motherfucker talking to Dre today. Do you know this piece of shit?" 

James says "no" and then he asks Tariq how did he know where to find Ray Ray.

"Dre told me," Tariq says before him and Tasha head out.

James and Tommy look at each other and continue rolling up the body.

Maria Is Ready To Talk 

Back at the office, Cooper is walking with Tamika and says a witness picked out Tommy's face as the guy who kidnapped her. He explains that they already have a tracker on Tommy's car and they could just turn it on. 

Cooper also says, the witness can voice ID James as the man who told her to say goodbye to her boyfriend, the boyfriend whom she never saw again. Cooper explains that the witness heard James talking on TV and thought she should come in.

"I told you we are staying away from St. Patrick," Tamika says. "I'm not convinced there's enough to pursue here. Have you talked to Angela?"

"She's been gone for hours," Cooper says. "Just listen to what the woman has to say."

Tamika walks in an office and Cooper introduces her to Maria who has a story to tell. 

Maria will definitely be a problem next season!  

Dre Double Crosses Tommy, Again 

Father Callahan later meets up outside with Dre. He tells Dre he wants out because he doesn't like the way he does business. Dre is shocked to hear this news and wants to know why he wants out because they never had problems before. 

"That was before I found out you set up Julio to die. I don't want any part of that," Father Callahan says. "You do that, you'll do anything. I gotta keep my kids safe."

"And, umm, who told you I did anything to Julio?" Dre asks. 

Father Callahan looks at him and says, "Tommy."

"Okay, and you believe him? You know he's a fucking crackhead, right? Dre says as he takes a seat on a nearby bench. 

"He wouldn't lie to me," Father says as he sits next to Dre on the bench. "Look, Dre, you let me walk away without a fight, I'll never tell those guys about Julio."

Dre leans in closer to Father and says, "You ain't saying shit to anyone, ever."

"I just told you I won't be a problem," Father says. 

"No, no, you just told me that you belong to Tommy. You know this ain't gonna fly with me, right?" 

Dre quickly stabs him right in his chest, near his heart. Father slumps over on the bench and Dre says, "rest in peace, motherfucker." He gets up and wipes his bloody knife on Father's jeans and leaves him right there on the bench.

Tasha Quickly Cleans Up Tariq's Mess

Tasha takes Tariq straight home and they head to the basement to burn his sweatshirt which had Ray Ray's blood on it.

"I had to fix it," Tariq says. 

"Listen to me, Tariq, when we go upstairs, you're going to get off that elevator and go straight to my bathroom. Don't talk to anyone," she tells him. 

Tasha instructs Tariq on how to thoroughly wash the evidence off of him. She tells him to put the rest of his clothes in a trash bag, scrub his nails with a toothbrush and hydrogen peroxide, and to wash every inch of his body, twice. 

You know, Tasha is used to doing this type of stuff. She has helped Ghost clean up his mess plenty of times. 

Tariq heads to the bathroom, stares at himself in the mirror and follows his mother's instructions. 

It looks like he's becoming a mini Ghost!

Tasha later meets up with Terry at a restaurant and says she needs to tell him what happened today.

"But, I need to know that you will never tell anyone," she says.

"Tasha, you can trust me," Terry says.

"If someone lost a member of their family, the person closest to them in the world and they knew who killed her and they went to confront that person just to talk, but in the heat of the moment, their gun... if they killed the person who killed her. If they did, what would you tell them, Terry?"

"Tell James to get a lawyer," Terry responds. 

"It's not James, it's me," Tasha confesses. 

"Wait, what?" Terry asks all confused.

"I need a lawyer, Terry."

"I can either be your lover or your lawyer, Tasha, but not both," he says. 

Tasha pulls out a check from her purse, hands it to Terry and says, "will you take my case?"

Tasha chose Terry as her lawyer over him being her lover and she's ready to take the rap for her kid. 


Towards the end of the episode, Angela and other crime scene agents walk into Ray Ray's apartment and start investigating. Blood is still on the floor. One of the agents tell Angela that when Officer Raymond didn't report in for duty, he sent someone out to look for him. 

The agent says shortly after he spoke to Angela, the shots fired were called in from this location shortly after he spoke with Angela. He also says the apartment was used as part of Ray's cover and the blood type on the floor matches Raymond's. 

Angela realizes there was a rug on the floor and says whoever shot him must have used the rug to get rid of his body. 

"Detective Jones was very careful. We have no idea who could've tracked him here," the agent tells Angela. 

Angela looks around the apartment some more and finds a bullet lodged in the wall. She tells the agent to run the ballistics to get a match on the gun. 

Dre Meets With The New Connects, His Days Are Numbered 

Tommy and James are both loading up more guns. They have one more stop. Tommy receives a phone call as James is suiting up in his "black killa clothes." Tommy hands over the phone to James and says, "it's for you."

Meanwhile, Cristobal and the rest of Tommy's former primera's are waiting around to meet their new connect. In walks Dre with the Jimenez crew and he introduces the infamous duo, Alicia and Diego, as their new connect. 

"We're very happy to begin this new partnership," Dre says. 

The Jimenez say they don't normally like to meet their primera's, but they have an issue they need to address. 

Alicia Jimenez says she doesn't want a war and she alerts everyone that the head of the Toros Locos, Uriel, is dead. 

Dre promises her that no one in his crew made the call to have Uriel killed and that him and his crew are ready to proceed and get to work. 

"No one will make a move without my say-so," Dre promises the Jimenez. 

After coming to an agreement, the Jimenez crew head out and Alicia tells Dre they will be in touch. 

Across the street, James and Tommy are watching. James spots the Jimenez and says they can't just go up and shoot Dre. Now, it'll take more planning and more soldiers. 

Kanan (surprise!) is in the backseat and he says, "I got some guys with me."

"That's not gonna be enough, K," James says.

Tommy says, "I may have some people, anybody feel like Italian?" 

Tommy drives off ... with the tracker shown still underneath his car.

Ayy! The trio has reunited! Lol
Next season is going to be on and popping! Tommy is obviously going to get his new guys from Terasi. Dre's ass is grass!

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