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Nicki Minaj is not intimidated by competition, talks beef with rappers, explains why she dissed Lil' Kim on 'Roman's Revenge'

Nicki Minaj is currently on a huge press run to promote her newest album Queen

With Nicki's tell-all interview with Funk Flex, her recent beef with DJ Self, her back and forth Twitter beef with her ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, and giving Stephen Colbert his own "Barbie Dreams" line on The Late Show, Nicki has been very busy lately!

And, in addition to all of that, the 35-year-old Barbz rapper recently sat down with veteran hip hop journalist Elliott Wilson for the latest edition of TIDAL's CRWN interview series where she talked about her new album, her infamous beefs with other rappers, and why she no longer has to prove why she’s on top.

Nicki talks about her competition in the rap game

Nicki discussed her place in rap compared to Cardi B and other female artists and said, "I can't not have the top position." 

She did admit that she has always had competition, but her longevity places her above the rest. "I'm not intimidated," she added.  

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“To me, it’s silly now to compare me to women. Because there’s no woman to come in right now that — not only cannot out rap me — but realistically can put up the stats that I’ve put up,” she argued.

“Every two years I get told about some female rapper,” she told the crowd, which was full of her most loyal fans.

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Nicki also gave her thoughts on why she feels there is an agenda to knock her off her spot and why real artists have a hard time staying in the game.
"When I was growing up I would put on the radio and hear talented people. When you guys put on the radio now you hear popular people,” Nicki said. 
“Let me tell you something having a big push from a label do not make you great. If you don’t think that there are people out there trying to knock me off and get me out of here, you’re crazy. You can just look and tell but I got one thing to say to them, you can’t get rid of me bitch I ain’t going nowhere.” 
This interview with Nicki also got a very long response out of Cardi B: 

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Nicki Minaj speaks on Lil' Kim

The rapstress recently sat down with Genius to discuss some of the lyrics on her new studio album, as well as to dissect some of her older bars. Nicki also discussed her high-profile beef with the Queen Bee, Lil' Kim. 

Speaking of her initial rise in the rap game, she said "If you play my interviews, I didn't only name Foxy [Brown]. In all my interviews, I named several females over and over and over and over and f***king over." 

"But they don't tell you that story about me. They only have one narrative. Someone got at me. A veteran got at me, and I hit them with 'Roman's Revenge' and then I kept on going." "Because what am I supposed to f***ing do? Not feed my f***ing family? You're never gonna make me not feed my motherf***ing family, ever. So I did what I had to f***ing do. Prior to that, I was bigging them up over and over and over. Do I have to pull up the f***ing interviews?" 

Nicki added that four women were listed in her top five favourite rappers, mentioning Lauryn Hill, Foxy Brown, Remy Ma and Lil' Kim. "Nobody remembers that," she stated.

Watch Nicki's full Genius Live interview below:

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get a "Ladies Night" part 2 from Kim, Nicki, Cardi and Remy! I'll keep on dreaming...
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