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6 shockers from Bobby Brown's BET biopic: Janet Jackson affair, cheating, drugs and more

Woody McClain plays Bobby Brown and Gabrielle Dennis plays Whitney Houston
in The Bobby Brown Story
BET's two part-mini series The Bobby Brown Story chronicled the life and fame of the “Bad Boy of R&B."

Almost two years after the release of The New Edition Story, BET has returned with its follow up biopic chronicling the life of Bobby Brown. 

Everything you could have ever wanted to know about Bobby Brown is answered in this two part-mini series, which kicked off Tuesday night (Sept. 4).

Check out these 9 shocking moments from part 1 of the biopic:

Before Whitney, Bobby smashed Janet Jackson!

Perhaps the biggest shocker to most viewers was the fact that Bobby was in love with Janet Jackson before he met Whitney Houston. Bobby even showered Janet with gifts, but that didn't last long because Janet wanted to keep her and Bobby's relationship on the hush hush... this may be due to the fact that Janet was engaged to James DeBarge. 

In The Bobby Brown Story, Bobby believed his darker skin complexion was the reason why the Janet's family would not allow her to be with him. 

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Also, in a rage one night after sex, Bobby supposedly exploded and kicked Janet out of the hotel room that they shared, she was naked and all! And, he also supposedly slammed the door in her face. 


Bobby has told this story before in his book "Every Little Step: My Story."

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Bobby witnessed the brutal death of loved ones

Growing up in the housing projects of Boston, Bobby got into some trouble and sometimes would have to fight for his life. One day in a dispute after school, a fist-fight escalated to the fatal stabbing of his childhood best friend.

Bobby also dodged getting killed while his sister's fiancé was shot to death in a drive-by shooting right after the two walked out of a bar. 

Bobby used to do drug runs for Whitney during the middle of the night

It's no secret that Bobby drank a lot and smoke cigarettes and weed. But, it seems as if Whitney introduced him to cocaine. Whitney and Bobby’s drug habits quickly grew out of control and the couple would allegedly disappear for months, stay secluded in their home on drug binges, and leave their daughter, Bobbi Kristina, with nannies. 

In one scene, Bobby returned to his and Whitney's hotel room unable to find drugs after their usual dealer was dry. Whitney, who was alone with her best friend, Robyn Crawford, winded up slamming the door in his face. Whitney sent Bobby back out on the street and told him not to come back until he had the drugs.

Also, according to the biopic, Bobby found out that Whitney did drugs on their wedding day, right before they got married. And, he still married her anyway.  

Whitney's BFF was lurking around as the third wheel

There have been rumors for years that Whitney was bisexual and even had a lesbian affair with Robyn. 

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Bobby and Robyn had a strained relationship. The TV film really alludes to Robyn and Whitney having a sexual relationship, which enraged Bobby. They faced off, on night, and Bobby kicked Robyn out their house and bedroom.

Was Bobby's current wife at his and Whitney's wedding?

It seems as if Bobby's current wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, has been in the picture since the '90s. In the film, Alicia is seen as one of Bobby's friends who actually helps him deal with wedding jitters in the bathroom right before he married Whitney.

Bobby got Whitney and another one of his baby mama's pregnant at the same damn time

Shortly before Bobby proposed to Whitney, he slept with one of his baby’s mother and got her pregnant, again. Whitney happened to also be pregnant at the time. Unfortunately, Whitney lost her child while filming The Bodyguard. She eventually got pregnant again and gave birth to Bobbi Kristina.

The Bobby Brown Story concludes tonight (Sept. 5) at 9 p.m. ET on BET.

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