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Nas rants about Kelis in a 7-part Instagram post, responds to abuse allegations: 'I do not beat women'

Nas is fighting back against claims of abuse by ex-wife Kelis, and making claims of his own. In a lengthy open letter, Nas also alleged that Kelis was verbally and physically abusive.   

On Thursday, the rapper took to Instagram to vent his feelings after he learned Essence would potentially be doing a story on Kelis' allegations. 

In the lengthy statement, the artist questions why their custody negotiation has driven the singer to cause "real struggle and pain." He even accuses the singer of being "jealous and verbally abusive" of his daughter. 

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Now, Nas usually ain't the type to post his business on social media, but he's had enough! 

In a summed up version of his 7-part Instagram rant, Nas basically says:

-He cheated on Kelis during the marriage.

-She is angry he didn't work harder to make the marriage work.

-He went back to her after the divorce just so he could see his son.

-He won joint custody the last time they went to court and she told him she was going to get him back for it.

-Three weeks later, the Hollywood Unlocked interview comes out.

-She is allegedly verbally and physically abusive to everyone around her.

-She told their son Nas was going to hell because he doesn't go to church.

-She has been dropped from every label because of her attitude.

-She is jealous because he is making money.

-He paid for her to go to culinary school and taught her how to make money.

-She wants him back, but he wants her to move on with her new husband and let him see his son.

-She was ordered to pay his lawyer fees because the judge was tired of her wasting the courts time.

-She texted him recently and asked for more child support, but not to go through the courts.

-She is jealous of his daughter and was verbally abusive to her as well.

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WOAH! That's A LOT! ... and that's the cliff notes version! (thanks to the OooLaLaFam who broke it down on Instagram). 

Well, grab your wine and read all of the juicy details below:

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