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'Bad Girls Club' star Danielle Victor wants the same support Geoffrey Owens is getting, calls on Nicki Minaj and Tyler Perry for help

Danielle Victor "Dani" who is known as one half of the Victor Twins on season 8 of Bad Girls Clubrecently posted a video on her Instagram page (which has since been deleted) where she wants to know why she isn't getting the same support as Cosby Show star Geoffrey Owens.

A photo of Geoffrey recently went viral after he was spotted working at a Trader Joe's

The 30-year-old reality star has posted a number of times on social media that she's broke and in need of a job since her reality show days on BGC have come to an end. There have even been fundraisers to help her pay her rent. And, she's looking for the same support and opportunities that Geoffrey is getting. 

"Let them know I need help too," Dani wrote in her Instagram caption.

Nicki Minaj recently pledged to give $25,000 to Geoffrey and Tyler Perry offered the actor a job on one of his shows. Dani thinks she deserves the same opportunities. 
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Watch Dani's video below where she calls out Tyler Perry and Nicki Minaj for help:

Is this chick for real? Lol. 
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