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Mikki Taylor on the importance of finding peace, purpose and self-love

Last week, I attended Mikki Taylor's event and book signing in Jersey City, NJ. If you don't know who Mikki is, she's the Editor-at-Large for Essence magazine, and she's an incredible author, beauty maven and motivational speaker. She discussed her latest book Editor in Chic and inspired a room full of us bosses who are full of dreams, goals and big plans.

I shared some of my notes from Mikki's talk in my free blog newsletter, La La's Insider, and I received a lot of positive feedback from it. So, I figured I would also share the notes on my website to reach an even wider audience.

5 points for self-examination

1) Know Your Value
Self-perception defines you. Don't let others define who you are and stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of all joy.
*Know that your self-worth is non-negotiable. And, may you wake up everyday excited to be YOU.
2) Treasure Your Vision Space
Know that your mind is your command center. Be careful with what you take in, what enters in your mind, and what you accept as facts. Do, however, nurture what you want to grow. And remember, weaknesses are not meant to make you feel bad, weaknesses help you grow.
*You don't want to go through you want to grow through.
Get out of your comfort zone and welcome challenges. It's at the moment when things get uncomfortable in your life is when you know changes are happening. Embrace it!
3) Honor Your Temple
Always manage your health and well-being. Your phone has a 'do not disturb' setting, do you? Make self managing choices for your mind, body and spirit. Make time to take a nice bubble bath instead of racing in and out of the shower, get that massage (and not just on special occasions), make time for YOU, and learn to say NO! (I wrote a newsletter on the power of saying NO, read it here if you missed it)
*Set boundaries before life's overload sets them for you.
4) Establish Your Celebration Circle
Your greatness was not designed to operate in isolation. A strong support system is essential. You cannot afford to be at the top of your game and be lonely. You can't be a successful queen without surrounding yourself with a tribe who wants to see you win. You need a true celebration circle!
5) Master Your Purpose With Distinction And Brand You
You were created to do more than just labor. What have you been created to do? What's your unique gift? The success that rests on your shoulders, requires you to be ready! Know that vision without execution is hallucination.
When you go to a movie theater or a concert and there is reserved seating you don't expect anyone to be in your chair because that space is reserved for you, right? Well, God has reserved seating just for you and your talents. Design your empire and bless others with your knowledge.
*Be wholly engaged in your life and stop passing through. This is your life and you have to own it!
I hope you enjoyed Mikki's tips!
Feel free to share this post and spread the inspirational tips! For more, check out her book: Editor in Chic.

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