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Comedian Jess Hilarious under fire for allegedly getting 4 Sikh men in turbans removed from her plane because she felt 'threatened'

Jess Hilarious, a comedian known for her Instagram skits, her appearance on MTV's "Wild N Out" and her most recent role on FOX's new show "Rel," recently got herself in some deep ish.

This morning, I happened to be on Twitter and saw Jess Hilarious was trending and thought: 'what the hell she do?!'

But, Jess isn't trending for anything that's good.

The Baltimore native is currently getting dragged on social media for a video she posted (and later deleted) where she made comments about four bearded Sikh men in turbans to her millions of social media followers.

While her plane was waiting for takeoff, Jess said that the men made her "nervous" because of their appearance and she also later said she felt "threatened." 
After Jess posted her video, the men were reportedly removed from her flight. 

Jess later apologized for her comments and said she was wrong for profiling the men. 

On Friday, two white supremacists opened fire inside a New Zealand Mosque and killed 50 Muslims and left many injured. 

Jess has been under fire before for using homophobic slurs towards gay men and she was also criticized for dating Kountry Wayne who is reportedly married.

Check out some of the tweets below from this dragging session:

UPDATE: Jess posted about the situation again and said she's not racist. The comedian also said she didn't get anyone kicked off a plane. (Click the arrows on the pictures below to read her full response):  

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