Saturday, April 27, 2019

Wendy Williams offers advice for women over 30 who aren't interested in dating a man with kids

Hey, single ladies... Are men with kids a deal breaker for you? If so, see what Wendy Williams has to say about it...

Wendy usually gives out some good advice on her show during her audience Q&A segment.

On one of her recent episodes, a 36-year-old woman asked Wendy for some dating advice. The woman said she's been single for five years and would like to get married one day. But, she always felt like a man with kids is a deal breaker. The woman realizes she's at that age now where most men have kids. So, her question to Wendy is, should she stay single or change her standards?

Wendy told the woman she's being unrealistic. Her answer even made me go hmmm. It actually made me think about how picky I am as a 34-year-old single woman because I feel the same way. I've never dated/been interested in a man with kids.

Listen to Wendy's advice below:

Do you agree with Wendy?  
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