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Jon Jon comes out as bisexual on 'Hustle & Soul,' Ana reveals how much her staff makes per episode, and chef Lawrence Page goes OFF on Jon Jon for talking about his kids

If you're not up on the WeTV show Hustle & Soul, then you're missing out on some good ol' reality TV drama!

The show centers around chef Lawrence Page and his now-wife, Ana, who own The Pink Tea Cup restaurant (formerly in Brooklyn, NY, and now located in Miami, Fla.). While Lawrence is bringing his soul-food concept to the next level, Ana tries to get their restaurant staff and drama in line. It's one of my favorite reality shows on TV right now!

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Well, now the show is in season 3 and a former Pink Tea Cup bartender, Jon Jon (who we were introduced to last season), has had an open relationship with Cola, another former PTC bartender.

On the latest episode, Cola finds out that her boyfriend Jon Jon is bisexual.

After the episode aired, the drama continued on social media between Jon Jon & Cola and Ana & Lawrence!

Also, Lawrence and Ana went on Instagram Live and called out Jon Jon!

Chef LP went off on Jon Jon (and Cola) for supposedly crossing the line and talking about his kids. Plus, Ana spilled some tea and said Cola been KNEW Jon Jon had a boyfriend! She said Cola was playing like she didn't know for a story line on the show. 

Ana also revealed that Jon Jon and em only make $500 per episode.

Watch their live below and get ready to sip this tea:


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