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WATCH: 'Life After Lockup' first look!

Courtesy of WeTV
My favorite reality show is back and it's better than ever! Love After Lockup returns as a spinoff Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup!

Five Love After Lockup couples face parole, restrictions and temptations in Life After Lockup — will they break the rules or break old habits? From new jobs, new children and family drama, the stakes have never been higher in the fight to stay free.

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According to a release from the network, the new series follows five returning couples who fans have grown to know and love – or love to hate – as they face parole restrictions, temptation, and turbulence in their lives outside of prison walls. 

Will these troubled lovebirds break old habits with the support of their loved ones? Or will they break the rules and land back in the clink? 

Throughout the eight episodes of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, fan-favorites Clint and Tracie; Marcelino and Brittany; Megan, Michael, and Sarah; Scott and Lizzie; and Andrea and Lamar will face new challenges and tackle many firsts in their new lives.

Now that these former inmates have left prison, will they be able to survive the real world and stay out of prison for good? 

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup will premiere on June 14! 

Check out this crazy trailer and a sneak peek of the upcoming season below!

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