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Kelis discusses her 'abusive' relationship with Nas, says seeing photos of Rihanna after the Chris Brown assault helped her leave

Speaking about their marriage to The Guardian, Kelis recently explained that the photographs of Rihanna after the Chris brown assault led her to leave her alleged abusive husband Nas.

“It just woke me up,” she said, adding that the pregnancy also encouraged her to leave. "I can endure a lot, but I’m not prepared to bring someone else into this. So I’m done.”

The 40-year-old singer went on to say that “red flags” were there from the beginning of her relationship with Nas, which started when she was in her early 20s.

“I was really young and didn’t know that love isn’t enough,” she said. “It was crazy from the start, but I think as girls we’re taught that that’s what love is, like you can’t breathe without them. What kind of s*** is that? I want to breathe!”

Also in her interview with The Guardian, Kelis also spoke about Pharrell in her interview and said The Neptunes never paid her for her first two albums.

Read Kelis' full interview here

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