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This 'broke' man was upset his woman didn't buy him Red Lobster

A woman recently shared an epic text argument from a guy she was seeing and it all came down to her not getting him Red Lobster. The alleged text exchange, which was shared in screenshots on Twitter, went viral on Monday.

On her Twitter account, Robles Teonna shared the screenshots between her and the unnamed man who asked her to buy him some food from Red Lobster. 

Robles Teonna was willing to give this guy some homecooked food, and she said she didn’t have money for the seafood meal after paying her bills. Instead of being understanding, homeboy went OFF on her.

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Peep the text exchange below:

Whew, chile! Some of these men nowadays ain't worth a poop.

Robles Teonna then went on to explain her history with this man, and she tweeted: 

This thread became so popular on Twitter that even Chrissy Teigen tweeted about it!
Not only did the OooLaLaFam go IN on this dude (as he deserves) but the Twitterverse couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. Check out some of the hilarious Instagram comments from my social media post below: 

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