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'I’m going to be Steady Eddie for you:' Ciara and Russell Wilson reminisce on the very first time they met five years ago

Ciara and Russell Wilson recently went on a quarantine Instagram Live where they shared with their fans the story of the very first time they met five years ago. 

I watched their live video twice because their story was just so darn cute!

During the video, the Wilsons shared never-heard-before stories about their first date, Russell had some good game and not only did he meet Ciara, but he also met her father and her son little Future during their first encounter. Ciara also cracked jokes on Russell’s “janky” wallet.

“I had this wallet. She says it was janky, I said it was necessary,” Russell said. “So, I was single and I lost all my stuff back then. So, I had this Bible-looking wallet. It had like my cards on one side, my phone on the other, but it was a broke-down wallet.”

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback continued, “You need a man that’s going to be consistent for you. This wallet has been consistent for me.” 

Russell told Ciara she needs a "steady Eddie" in her life (someone dependable and consistent) and that he's going to be that guy for her.

“When you said that, in my head I was like ‘okaaay, I see how you talking. Okay!'” Ciara said while laughing. 

Russell took it upon himself to school the guys who were watching their live and he said:

“Fellas you got to talk to them like that. You’ve got to let them know what it’s going to be. You can’t be stepping into this thing without no confidence. You’ve got to be in there confident. You’ve got to know what you want. You’ve got to know what you need, and she’s got to know, and you’ve got to tell her what she needs to know.”

Alright now!

Watch Ciara and Russell share their cute love story below:

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