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20 things to do while social distancing at home in coronavirus quarantine

Many playgrounds have now closed in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus
We are currently facing an unprecedented time living under the threat of coronavirus. The global pandemic has changed our everyday lives, shifted our schedules and threw a loop in our plans.

Every day the virus dominates the news as it affects hundreds of thousands of lives daily. Many people are now forced to work from home, some businesses were forced to close while many are left temporarily out of work, schools are closed around the nation and many parents are now homeschooling their kids.

I know this is a trying time, but just because we're all stuck at home and embracing social distancing doesn't mean life stops. 

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Don't lose out on weeks and weeks of just passing the time by while we all wait to play outside again. I see so many memes, GIF's, videos and comments from people complaining about how bored they are being stuck in the house. And I'm like Really? Bored!?

I haven't been bored yet since New Jersey's governor issued a "stay at home" order, and I see this mandatory timeout at home in a positive light. This time will force me to get things done that I've been procrastinating on. 

And I want you, my OooLaLaFam, to use this time productively, get things in order and better yourself. Also, don't forget to socialize with friends and family. Just because you're closed off from outside activities doesn't mean you can't have a little fun in the house. This is the time for all of us to get creative and use our time wisely. 

Be productive

Browse new jobs in your field

Now is a good time to update that resume and LinkedIn profile. Let's get to it!

Teach yourself a new skill or learn a new language

Vamos a aprender español!

Read new books

Since libraries are closed, many places are offering freebies (instead of paying for Kindle). Scribd is offering free access for 30 days, while local libraries continue to offer free ebooks, digital resources, audiobooks, music, movies and digital magazines. Many libraries are also getting creative in ways to provide virtual services. Visit your local library's website and check out what they have. 

Invest in yourself: start a side hustle

Create that online shop, website, blog, write a book, etc. Now is the time to invest in yourself and create another stream of income. There are so many opportunities online to make extra money. I taught myself how to create websites, code and blog just from reading different things thanks to Google. 

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Organize your home

This is a great time for some spring cleaning! Clean out that junk drawer, organize your Tupperware, clean out your closets, get rid of items you no longer use, disinfectant high traffic areas that you touch often: (doorknobs, remotes, keyboards, microwave and refrigerator handles, etc.) 

Have some fun

Just because venues, bars and theaters are shut down doesn't mean the party and fun stops.

The healing power of music: Enjoy free live stream concerts and DJ sets from some of your favorite celebs

With many upcoming concerts and festivals postponed or canceled, many celebrities have stepped up to still entertain their fans. 

H.E.R. recently performed a free live concert for her Instagram followers as part of the Global Citizen's #TogetherAtHome series. 

And many DJ's are going live on Instagram and throwing the dopest homebound house parties. D-Nice's virtual dance parties at "Club Quarantine" have become so popular that even Michelle Obama has checked out his Instagram live! 

And other celebs, like Erykah Badu and John Legend, have given free live concerts from their homes. Hell, even Jussie Smollett came out of social media hibernation and posted a video showcasing his vocals on Instagram.

I can’t believe that I started the Home School social distancing dance party just four days ago and it’s become a place for us to virtually dance together and stay connected. From my kitchen, I’m able to send positive vibrations to each of you. Thank you for rocking with me. Thank you to all of the artists that popped in to show love. Al B. Sure, Andre Harrell, Angie Martinez, Anthony Hamilton, Beverly Bond, Bevy Smith, Big Daddy Kane, Bink, Black Thought, Bun B, Chris Spencer, Common, Damien Hall, Dave Chappelle, Deborah Cox, Debra Lee, DJ Camilo, DJ Cassidy, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Goldfinger, DJ Tony Touch, Donald Faison, Dres, Dule Hill, Erick Sermon, Estelle, Fab 5 Freddy, Fat Joe, Ghostface, Grand Puba, Jairobi White, Jazmyn Simon, Jermaine Dupri, Jill Scott, Jim Jones, Joe Budden, John Legend, Jonathan Mannion, Kardinal Official, Kenny Burns, Kenny Smith, Kevin Liles, Lee Daniels, Lena Waithe, Lennox Lewis, Letoya Luckett, LL Cool J, Louise Hazel, Mary J. Blige, Maseo, MC Lyte, Michael Ealy, Michael Rapaport, Michelle Wolf, Naomi Campbell, Nile Rodgers, Omar Dorsey, Oneal McKnight, Posdonus, Royale Watkins, Russell Simmons, Sophia Chang, Spice Adams, Spinderella, Stretch Armstrong, Swin Cash, Tank, Tasha Smith, Teddy Riley, Tobe Nwigwe, Zab Judah, and more. Class resumes today at 2pm pst. Please tell your friends. #BrandNice #dnicehomeschool
A post shared by D-Nice (@dnice) on

Now is the time to catch up on your favorite TV series, shows and movies

Join a Netflix Party and stream TV shows and movies with your friends remotely. This Chrome extension lets you watch Netflix content with friends and chat while you’re doing it. 

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Need more TV suggestions? Read my 2018 post: 17 TV shows to start binge-watching right now

Check out a new podcast

My personal favorites are The Little Miss Entertainment Show, Life In Spanglish and xoNecole's Happy Hour

Play a board game or video/app games

I recently dusted off my Wii remotes and had the time of my life playing the Wii fitness games. If you have a lot of people in your home, break out the UNO cards and Monopoly game for a family fun night. Remember these apps: Boggle, Words With Friends and Draw Something? Now is a good time to download these games again and challenge your friends and family.

Tour museums and travel the world

Traveling right now is a big no-no. Take a virtual tour of popular museums and art galleries online thanks to Google Arts and Culture who has partnered with thousands of museums and galleries around the world. The Louvre in Paris is also offering its own virtual tour online for free.

Catch a Broadway show

Broadway HD also has about 300 classic musicals, plays and shows. BroadwayWorld is also posting clips of stars singing songs from popular shows.

Chat on the phone

Don't let social distancing keep you from interacting. Use this time to catch up on the phone with friends and family, or FaceTime them.

Still craving to go outside? How about watching a movie in your car while social distancing

While many movie theaters have been closed, drive-in movie theaters are reportedly becoming increasingly popular in business across the country as audiences practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. If you're lucky enough to have an outside drive-in movie theater in your area, enjoy a movie while sitting in your car. 

For your health and wellbeing 

Take internet, TV and phone breaks. Moderate your consumption of news. Don't drive yourself crazy and stress yourself out looking at the news all day long.

Enjoy the memes, funny videos and GIFs online to break out from heavy news. And, take a day or two where you completely turn off the electronics and give them a break. 

Workout around the house 

Many gyms have now closed but that doesn't mean our health and fitness routines come to a halt. There are so many online workout apps and videos on social media and YouTube as well as live streams online. Get creative around the house and find objects to lift, workout in the living room, do wall sits, chair dips, jumping jacks, dance around to your favorite songs, (and if you have it) use Wii fitness (like I did). You don't even need gym equipment, just use your bodyweight

Debbie Allen recently gave a free live salsa class on Instagram for her followers:

Up your sexy

Soak in the tub, drink wine and read a book. Enjoy an at-home spa experience with bath salts, bubbles, face masks... the works! Since many businesses are now closed during this time (including hair and nail salons and barbershops in New Jersey), many of us are going to be on our own when it comes to certain grooming habits. Make the best out of it and treat yourself at home to the ultimate spa experience (all while saving money).

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Catch some Z's

Use this time to get extra naps in and catch up on some sleep.

Praise the Lord at home

With many places of worship closed, churches have now turned to online religious services. You can still attend church from the comfort of your couch. Plus, international speaker DeVon Franklin and many others post uplifting videos and messages on social media. 

Master your cooking skills

Me personally, cooking was never my thing. I tend to eat out a lot and I'm good at ordering delivery. But being stuck at home has made me eat the food inside of my fridge, use my stove, and step up my creativity in the kitchen. If you're already a master cook, use this time to learn new at-home recipes. Cook healthier foods and work on improving your immune system.

Take time to reflect

What have you accomplished in the last year? What goals are you setting for yourself in the next year? Take this time to write them down, start a journal, make a vision board. And, use this time to meditate.

Last but not least ... 

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