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Watch the 'Love Is Blind' reunion: Carlton addresses backlash from his blowup with Diamond, Amber confronts Jessica and more!

After a highly-anticipated season finale, the "Love Is Blind" cast joined together for the first time after filming the show to spill all the tea!

Lauren, Cameron, Barnett, Amber, Jessica, Mark, Carlton, Diamond, Kelly, Kenny, Giannina and Damian all came back to share their "Love Is Blind" experience with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey. 

And, guess who got back together after their altar fallout?! ... GiGi and Damian! The two are currently dating after their failed engagement.

Carlton has taken self-reflection after filming the show and is still currently single. Both Carlton and Diamond said they have received death threats after "Love Is Blind" aired. Diamond also jokingly said she's waiting for Beyonce to call her after she infamously quoted her lyrics on the show. And, I knew Carlton jumped in the pool in Mexico to get that ring, lol. 

Kelly is currently dating a friend (someone who was actually at her and Kenny's wedding). Although Kelly feels Kenny is a great guy and she loved him, she was not in love with him. She also revealed her and Kenny both agreed to an "I Don't" way before the wedding. But, don't feel bad for Kenny... he's dating someone new as well and said his experience on the show will help him in his new relationship.

Lauren says life for her and Cameron is really, really good (they were definitely in their own lovey-dovey bubble during the reunion). Of course, these two lovebirds are still happily married and their families have blended well together. The couple now has a fur baby, and as for children in the future: Lauren said they'll have kids "one day" and Cameron said, "hopefully soon." 

Jessica reflected on her "cringeworthy" moments throughout the season. And, Amber called Jessica "fake" for throwing herself at her husband, Barnett, while they were in Mexico. Oop! 

And, of course, Barnett and Amber are still married!

Jessica admitted she drank too much on the show and called it "disturbing" with how things played out. She said it's tough for her to watch the show back. She also cleared the air with whether she was attracted to Mark or not and said there was an attraction there and that wasn't the reason they didn't work out. Jessica just wasn't ready for marriage and shouldn't have done the experiment. 

Mark wishes Jessica would've told him about her lingering feelings for Barnett and said that was something they could have talked through. However, Mark said he still has so much respect for Jessica and has become a better man since the experiment wrapped up. He said all of the things he went through in the experiment prepared him for who he is supposed to be. 

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