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'I need a Cameron in my life': Here's why Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' is must-watch TV (recap)

WARNING: Huge spoilers for "Love Is Blind" season 1 revealed below

A popular new reality love show "Love Is Blind" has taken over social media! 

After seeing so many people on my timeline posting about the Netflix series which premiered on Feb. 13, I figured it was time to give this show a shot, and I'm so glad I did! 

I binge-watched eight episodes on Friday... literally, I was stuck to the couch and glued to the TV until I fell asleep... then I woke up early on Saturday and watched the final two episodes. 

I need more!

"Love Is Blind" will make you love love, will make those who gave up on love believe in love again, will make you smile, shed a couple of tears and say "aww," and it will make you a little anxious as you root for some of the couples and hope they make it all the way through to the end. Now, I'm fully invested in these people. 

I watch shows like "Married At First Sight" and I've been into all of the "Flavor of Love" "I Love New York," "Rock of Love" VH1-type of reality love shows, but I haven't seen anything quite like this dating show before.

"Love Is Blind" is a 10-episode unscripted reality dating series that was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Thirty singles went on the show for a three-week experiment to find "the one." 

Some participants got engaged (while some even fell in love) via isolated “pods," little comfy rooms with couches that the singles used for getting to know one another and emotionally connect without seeing what the other person looks like. Only when the man proposes and the woman accepts is when the pair finally come face-to-face for the first time.

On "Love Is Blind," a group of single men and single women 
build an emotional connection and get engaged 
without even knowing what the person looks like. 
A wall stands between couples as they build connections 

and speed date one another in "pods."
Six couples made it out of the pods engaged and went on a pre-honeymoon trip to Mexico where they got to spend more time together. 

One couple, Diamond and Carlton, didn't even make it past Mexico and dropped out of the experiment early after Carlton's true colors came out. 

Carlton and Diamond
Carlton kept his sexuality a secret while getting to know Diamond in the pod. He opened up to her about other things and proposed to her after feeling a connection... but, he left out the part that he dated men in the past. 

Carlton finally decides to be truthful about his past and he tells Diamond his secret while on their Mexico vacation. But, by then, it was too little too late. The two wind up getting into an explosive argument and Carlton even says to Diamond: "That's why I don't deal with bitches like you." 

Yes, chile! Carlton had thee nerve to call Diamond a bitch, and he clowned her wig! Woosssaaahhh! 

Well, Diamond already took off her engagement ring by then and she walked away from Carlton while quoting some Beyonce lyrics. 

Yeah, that relationship was a wrap, real fast. 
Carlton was dead wrong for withholding that type of information and he took away Diamond's right to choose from the beginning. He truly irked my soul on the show and I was glad to see him gone. 

Oh, and did you know: Carlton was on Real Housewives of Atlanta as Cynthia Bailey's assistant? 

Anyways, after the Mexico trip, the remaining five "Love Is Blind" couples started to plan a wedding to someone they had only known for like a week. Now the real test begins. They start living in the real world while having to deal with real-life issues, they meet each other's families and friends, they get their phones back (a distraction? For some, yes), and all of the couples live together in a mutual space until their wedding day.

After 38 days of many ups and downs, and visits from hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey, all five couples head to the altar to find out if love is truly blind. 

I also love that this reality show is on Netflix: there are no commercials and it's not censored. So, yes, we get to hear all of the cursing going on.

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Which couples made it and who didn't?

Gianina and Damian: Did not get married, and I was glad!

Damian got tired of dealing with Gigi's ups and downs. He tried so hard to accept her crazy and loud side, but in the end, it proved to be wayyyy too much for him to handle, and he had to turn Gigi down at the altar despite her saying "I do." 

It was hard for Damian to turn Gigi down as he kept saying he loves her, but he would've been doing himself a disservice by marrying someone with that type of personality. Gigi is A LOT to handle. She knows that and even her family knows that. In the end, she did her own self in and lost out on Damian.

Kelly and Kenny: Unfortunately, they didn't make it. 

In my opinion, these two were the most boring to watch out of all the couples. However, I did like Kenny and I loved how he respected Kelly and he kept it real. But, Kelly wasn't physically attracted to Kenny, and that led to her "no" at the altar. 

Thee nerve of her, like she's some Barbie or something!

Amber and Barnett: Yup, these two crazies tied the knot. 

Barnett, who jokingly kept saying he was scared of Amber and who was quickly labeled the "player" at the beginning of the experiment, decided to settle down and wife up Amber despite her not having a job (and not looking for a job) and despite her not being as financially stable as him. 

I was worried about these two, but in the end, they said their "I do's" and it looks like they're still together. 

Jessica and Mark: Did not get married. Are we surprised though?

Jessica was hot and cold towards Mark since the beginning and Mark was ultimately her second choice after Barnett. Once Barnett told Jessica he wasn't choosing her, she then turned around and went back to Mark in the pods. She settled since she didn't get her first choice, Barnett. I wanted Mark to turn Jessica down after that, but he didn't. Mark proposed and Jessica said yes. 

She let the outside world get to her once the pod phase was over. One of her biggest concerns was their 10 year age difference. Jessica is 34, has her own house, and is doing financially well in life for herself. On the other hand, Mark, who is 24, is a fitness instructor who is just starting off in his career, he shares a place with his friend and his friend's girlfriend, and he also admitted to Jessica that he knows he wouldn't be the financial provider that he should be in their relationship.

Jessica obsessed too much about their age difference and she constantly worried about what other people thought. Even Mark's mom and Jessica's friends didn't mind the age difference and accepted their relationship. 

Everyone was fine with their relationship but Jessica which led her to say "no" at the altar which clearly devasted Mark. In the end, Jessica felt they both weren't ready for marriage. But, why go on this type of show in the first place knowing what it leads to in the end? Like, duh. 

And as for Mark, although he was clearly hurt, he told his mom that he will be fine. And, I believe he will. Mark seems very mature for his age, plus he's still young enough to find the perfect woman for him...a woman who will put him first and not treat him as option #2.

Let's not forget how much of a hot mess Jessica was when she was drinking on the show. She would show off her lingering feelings for Barnett. And, she also let her dog sip from an actual glass of wine.

Mark dodged a bullet, if you ask me.

Lauren and Cameron: Of course these two lovebirds got married!

Although Lauren was scared of losing herself and losing her independence, she decided to take a chance on love and she married the wonderful, Cameron.

Lauren and Cameron's instant love connection

Can these two get a spinoff show, pleaseee!

I see a lot of comments on social media that say: "I need a Cameron in my life!" ... Hell, I need me a Cameron too! Does he have any brothers or uncles that look like him and have his kind heart? 

From the first moment Lauren and Cameron connected in the pods, I was rooting for them. They were the first couple to say "I love you" and the first couple to get engaged. 

I was rooting for Lauren as a black woman... I wanted her to find real love and I was happy she was giving dating outside of her race a chance.

Cameron Hamilton, a 28-year-old white male from Maine, is a scientist, he has dated outside of his race before, he's a family man, he's tall and he's very good looking. His calm, mellow voice just puts you at ease, and I'm sure he makes the woman he's with feel protected. Plus, he has swag (did you see him rap?), and he has his shit together. Then there's Lauren Speed, 32, who has never dated a white man before Cameron. Lauren is a gorgeous, strong, smart black queen from Atlanta who has her own apartment and her own career as a content creator going on. 

Cameron cried. Lauren cried. I cried watching them cry, and I'm sure other viewers cried watching their beautiful love story unfold in such a short amount of time. 

Cameron and Lauren just fit together so perfectly. And, when they first met, you can tell there was instant chemistry and physical attraction. Cameron's body language throughout the entire show always showed how deep he was into Lauren. She always received his undivided attention (unlike Gigi who would be on her phone), and just the way Cameron would always look at Lauren while she was talking, hold her and comfort her. He wanted her to move into his home, have his babies, and from the jump, he told Lauren he would take care of her. Hell, he even saw her in her bonnet while on vacation and he was cool with it. 

These two truly adore each other. 

Seriously, where are the Cameron's in this world?! Are there some more in Jersey? I want one, and I want to feel cherished. What woman doesn't?!

Are Lauren and Cameron still together?

By the looks of their social media pages and recent positive comments about the show, I would say YES, Lauren and Cameron are still happily married! 

The couple recently attended a "Love Is Blind" finale party where they reunited with the rest of the crew, and they look even more in love than they did on the show. 

Lauren also recently opened up about the experiment process and she wrote on her Instagram page:

"You know one of the best parts of this whole process... (outside of meeting @cameronreidhamilton wonderful self ☺️) is the reoccurring positive messages that say that people are SO HAPPY to see a woman, a BLACK woman, in reality who is being her authentic self, without fighting, without being catty... showing her quirks, awkwardness, flaws and heart. But MOST IMPORTANTLY just being herself ."

She continued, "I must say I made a point to be super transparent throughout this process, even down to the bonnet i wanted a love who saw me for me, respected and valued that. I’m so happy that the world not only received that but appreciated it!"

A post shared by Lauren Speed (@need4lspeed) on

Two additional couples were engaged but were cut from the show

Us viewers only got to see six couples get engaged on the show. But, there were reportedly eight engagements in total. Two couples, Rory Newbrough & Danielle Drouin and Westley Baer (the guy who mentioned most chicks don't go for short guys) & Lexie Skipper left engaged. 

According to People, when it came time for the couples to head to Mexico after getting to know each other in the pods, producers told the two couples that they didn’t have the resources to continue filming their stories, and their love story, unfortunately, got cut early from the show. 

It looks like both couples continued dating after their experience outside of the pods but both couples are reportedly no longer together, according to People.

In the end, I think following the journey of five couples is enough... any more and it'll get to be too much, in my opinion.

What's next for the show?

The reunion special will air on Netflix's YouTube channel and will be available on Netflix on Thursday, March 5, and all six couples who made it out of the pods will join to give updates on their lives after the experiment. 

Also, it looks like the creator of the show is reportedly looking forward to many more seasons of "Love Is Blind." He wants to expand the show to other states and possibly even outside of the country. 

In an interview with, creator Chris Coelen revealed, "I want to see a Season 2 or a Season 12. Don't you?" Coelen also said that he would be "100%" ready to make a second season if Netflix approved the idea.

He also told Variety, "I think we’ll be doing Season 20," so it looks as though "Love Is Blind" could be around for a long time to come.

I'm not sure when another season will come back or if it will be on Netflix again, but with the recent popularity of this show, I'm pretty sure it will come back for a season 2. And when it does come back, I'll be ready to blog about it, again. 

And, if you're single and down for an experiment like this, be on the lookout for upcoming casting auditions if the show comes to a city near you!
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