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Bad Girls Club: The Girls Say Goodbye but Wilmarie Doesn't Get a Chance To

Finale Recap: The show starts off picking back up with the Nikki and Wilmarie fight. Nikki keeps picking on Wilmarie, hitting her in the back with a pillow and she takes Wilmare's clip out her hair and then it's a wrap.

A topless Wilmarie beats up Nikki and "wangs" her good. Then security comes, breaks it up and Wilmarie knows from that point she's going home.

"This is how official bad girls leave the house, beating a b*tch to the ground," Wilmarie says.

None of the replacements lasted. Ashley, Jennifer, now Wilmarie...all gone. I was rooting for Wilmarie to stay too, she managed to hit Nikki and not go home until now.

Char talks to Nikki and tells her everything is not a game and that she's not a man, this is the Bad Girls Club not the Bad Boys Club, she says.

Nikki says the girls have no choice but to be receptive to her apology and that she's there to stay. She then wants to have a chat with the other girls. Nikki apologizes to Kori and Kori says she respects her now, ha! Nikki then tries to apologize to Lauren but she isn't trying to hear an apology from Nikki yet.

The original seven bad girls meet up together to take a photo shoot. Jade and Sydney get called weak sauce by Char and Nikki because they left the house early.

Char and Lauren then call it truths and Lauren confides in Char that Nikki is two-faced and she can't ever be friends with her again.

Nikki waits until the last minute to become cool with everybody and out of all the girls I don't think she learned anything from the experience and she will not change.

Nikki did win her game; she's the last one standing and the girls that she wanted to get out of the house, she got to go home.

The chicks on Nikki's "kicked out the house" list:

Will we ever see on the Bad Girls Club the orginal seven girls stay throughout the whole season and make it to the end?

Nikki actually sheds some tears as her and Jessica have a side conversation about their friendship. Jessica winds up being the first one to say goodbye and leaves the house early than the other girls.

The last four girls hang out later on that night. Lauren finally gives in and accepts Nikki's apology when they go out to the club. And of course there has to be one last fight and the girls get into it with some random girl and her boyfriend at the club.

The next morning the rest of the girls say their goodbye's as they leave one by one. The two dominant forces and sworn enemies, Nikki and Char wind up being the last two to leave the house, how ironic.

"Team Char prevails and I'm leaving this house the head girl in charge," Char says.

She says the girls have a love/hate relationship and she's right. Everyone left cool at the end and this dysfunctional bad girl family is a wrap.

Bad Girls Club season finale: May 2 and May 9 at 9 p.m.

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