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Comedian Kevin Hart Graces the Stage in Newark, New Jersey

Kevin Hart brought his Laugh at My Pain tour to Newark, N.J this weekend with four sold out shows. This was comedy at its best!

"SAY IT WIT YA CHEST!" or "YOU EVER GO NIGHT NIGHT?" are some of the random, funny Kevin Hart phrases. Now the new one is "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!"

How was I ever so lucky to get tickets? You have to purchase them as soon as they go on sale and not a second later! It's hard to get tickets to see this guy.

I'm a die hard Kevin Hart fan, from his movies to his stand-ups. I have both DVD's; Seriously Funny and I'm a Grown Little Man and I even memorized the majority of the jokes because I've watched the DVD's so many times.

He owned the stage at the Laugh at My Pain tour on Saturday night. This tour brought out all new material in which Kevin Hart incorporated personal life experiences into his jokes and said that's what makes his material so funny.

His random funny stories will make you say things like; this dude is silly! Is he for real? He gotta be making this up!
Ooooooo La La! gives the
Laugh at My Pain tour five stars!

Before he cracked on his kids, this time Kevin Hart goes in on more of his family.

He first starts off with his daughters 5th birthday party and how he had beef with Spongebob. He talked about his dad who used to be on drugs and portrayed how he used to act when he was high. His dad was the main character used throughout the show too... alright, alright, alright!

He also mentioned his grandmother and then his mother who died from cancer five years ago. And although this may sound sad, he flipped it into talking about his mothers funeral and how his family acted, which was hilarious.

He also brought back into this show, his Uncle from Seriously Funny, the "Say It Wit Ya Chest!" dude.

Now if you're a true Kevin Hart fan, you'll pick up on the little parts where he slips in some material he used in previous stand-ups; like when he acts like he's a thug, he did the, "one pillow, one pillow case, ain't nobody write me, it was early, woke ever go night night!?"

Besides his family, Kevin talked about his personal life; how he's going through a divorce and how he was unfaithful. Of course the ladies were like, "aww" but you know Kevin. He even said don't feel bad for him and turned his divorce experience into jokes.

Kevin also talked about his celebrity friends; Mekhi Phifer and Dwyane Wade and how he tries to outdo celebrities when it comes to spending money. For one instance Mekhi Phifer rented out the whole Disney World for his his sons birthday party and it was just them, Kevin Hart and his daughter. How can Kevin top that?

When explaining his financial situation he'll say, "Well you see I got a checking and a savings, but all my money is in my savings. It'll take about three business days..."

I can't say all the jokes, it's one of those moments when you just had to be there and if you weren't hopefully he releases this material on DVD because I could not stop laughing!

Before Kevin Hart came on the stage his boy, Na'im Lynn told some jokes and was very funny as well. He went in on the ladies, cracking on lace front wigs to girls dressing for summer but having winter bodies! Lol.

The stage set up, Kevin Hart is in the black
I should of zoomed in some lol
What an amazing show all together!

- Unfortunately I couldn't snap a lot of shots, only until the end and those photos didn't come out too good.

Before the show started the audience was told: no cameras, camcorders or camera phones allowed because Kevin Hart  released exclusive, new material.

Update: 4:50 p.m-Kevin Hart has on his twitter account  that his new stand-up movie Laugh at My Pain will be hitting theaters this Fall 2011!