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Basketball Wives L.A: Jackie Ups the Gossiping After Finding Out About Laura's Trash Talking

New bestie's???
This weeks episode is all about the gossiping as usual and the different business ventures, foundations and charities that each of the ladies are working on.

This weeks show starts back up with the ladies at Laura's charity event and yes, Draya was invited by Laura. In last weeks episode some of the ladies met up with Draya after attacking her verbally about the rumors they were hearing of how she treats her son.

So, at Laura's event, Jackie says she's been hearing rumors about Laura talking about her. Jackie said that Laura said comments like; Jackie is heavy, fat, her fashion is off and her hair is ugly.

"I'm terrified of Jackie and what she is gonna do and what is gonna come out her mouth at this event. I'm just standing by Jackie's side like babysitting her because I don't know what she's gonna say next," Draya said.

A pissed off Jackie said she is very upset that Laura would talk crap about her because Laura is like a sister to her.

While at the event, Jackie manages to put on a fake smile, wave to Laura and take pictures with her...for now.

Laura said she is not going to make Jackie the center of attention or the vocal point of her event and ignores whatever issues Jackie has going on. But Laura doesn't know Jackie's anger is towards her.

Draya leaves the party early and is worried with leaving Jackie alone and tells Malaysia to watch her. Jackie tells Malaysia that she should confront Laura and that Malaysia should be there to pick Laura's face up off the floor, lol.

The next day, Jackie hangs out with Draya and Draya calls Jackie a role model career wise in how she wants her bikini line/business to go.

Now the tables have turned, Jackie is mad at Laura and now all of a sudden she says she feels like her and Draya are developing some type of relationship.

Fake, fake, fake....and did I say fake?

Draya said when somebody has a problem with everybody, it is not everybody, it is you with the problem (she's talking about Laura).

Jackie said she may be able to forgive Laura if Laura just woman's up and admit to what she said but she said she'll never trust Laura again.

Basketball Wives Rumors: Draya, Laura and Evelyn.

Later on, we see a different side to Draya, the motherly side. Draya, her mother and her son spend some time together on the beach and Draya says her and her son are best friends.

This is a totally different view than the rumors that the ladies were speaking on before.

Draya says she wants to move to Los Angeles, she feels there are more career opportunities for her there. Besides acting classes, Draya decides to take some improv classes as well to test out her stage talent.

We see Matt Barne's (Gloria's fiance) philanthropist side as him and Gloria teach a basketball camp to little kids.

Later on, Matt and Gloria go to a church to dedicate their sons as their sons get baptised.

Gloria questions her and Matt's relationship and says maybe they'll get married in the near future or far future, she doesn't know.

Jackie meets up with Malaysia and says she's been hearing a lot of back stabbing amongst the girls, it's not something she wants to be apart of and it's not her thing.

She said she is going to start letting all the girls know what's being said and that she is going to start with Malaysia.

Jackie tells her that the other girls think that she is a little too preachy.

Jackie claims gossiping and backstabbing isn't her thing but what does she think she's doing now? She is stirring up a lot of trouble.

Malaysia just said, "they can all go to hell."

Jackie continues to make her gossiping rounds to the rest of the ladies.

Jackie shows Draya her fashion line and tells Draya that she thinks Laura will hate on her fashion line. Draya said everytime she wants to talk business with Jackie she gets sidetracked and starts gossiping.

Jackie tells Draya there is a lot of gossiping and bickering going on behind Draya's back. Draya realizes that Jackie is trying to make it seem like everybody has drama with her but Draya said Jackie has all the drama.

"I don't condone violence, I don't start it but I tell you what I do, I finish it. So if you start some sh*t you're gonna get smashed," Jackie said.

Draya tells Jackie that there's only so long that she can be nice and when Jackie hears that comment she thinks Draya is faking her niceness and thinks she's phony and will do what she has to do.

Jackie later on meets up with Gloria and Jackie tells Gloria what her sister has been up to. Gloria thinks Jackie might be over-sensitive and doesn't think her sister said these things maliciously. Jackie said she's not sure if Gloria will step in between her and Laura or let it ride out.

Malaysia invites Imani, Gloria and Jackie to a jewelry showcasing for her jewelry line. She's a little worried at how the ladies will react when they see her jewelry pieces.

Jackie goes over the top in saying how much she loves Malaysia's line and even Imani realizes the compliments aren't authentic after awhile.

Well, the shine doesn't stay on Malaysia's jewelry line for long because Jackie starts up with the gossiping once again. As the ladies talk crap about Laura, Gloria isn't around by the way.

Jackie tells Imani that Laura has been speaking negatively about her and Imani lets the girls know that she got Laura's kids into school and that Laura is storing some of her items at her house.

"For her (Laura) to do that to me is really hurtful...I'm just mad I over extended myself to you, like I bent over backwards for you and you would try to bend me forward to screw me, I don't like that ..." Imani said.

Imani said she wants to close the chapter and has no interest in being Laura's friend anymore.

Wow, Jackie managed to turn everyone against Laura, all except for her sister of course.

Well, Jackie's manipulative ways will come back to haunt her when all of the ladies go to Hawaii soon and we all know Basketball Wives trips never go well!