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America's Next Top Model: The Ladies Say Goodbye to L.A. and Head to Greece!

This week on ANTM: And then there was six...

The ladies all go out and bond a little over a meal as they get away from the house and escape the competition for a little while. But in their minds they are thinking other things:

Angelea says, "I wanna like Domique but she is an actress, Dominique you're not 'Postive Patty' all the time, you have issues too...I feel like she's fake...and I'm wondering is she going to crack and show the real Dominique?"

Lisa said, "Although Allison is very unique, she is not everything the judges are asking for...I am the whole package."

"I do think I can win the competition because I do thrive on my personality to make up for the fact that I'm so short," Laura said.

Judge, Andre Leon Talley shows up to the ladies house and announces to them that they are packing up and going to Greece for the remaining time in the competition.

The ladies are then greeted by Miss Jay and Vicky Kaya, Host of Greece's Next Top Model when they arrive.

During their flight to Crete, Greece the ladies have to prepare a one minute speech to wow the crowd with knowledge of Greece and to prepare them to be a spokesperson and camera ready on top of being a model. And the paparrazi was right outside the airplane waiting for the ladies as they landed.

Afterwards, Ms. Jay met up with the ladies at their Greece home and it is gorgeous! He announces that the chosen winner of the challenge was Allison, who won expensive jewelry from one of Greece's most exclusive jewelers.

The models then get collaborate with a designer to work on their final runway gown, the theme will be "Immortal Goddess." But like Jay Manuel says, there are six of the ladies working with the designer but only two will get to walk in the final runway and wear their runway design.

Laura starts to feel really sick on the morning of the ladies first photo shoots in Crete and is concerned that her sickness may hurt her performance later.

Jay Manual tells the ladies they will be shooting in a Greek salad bowl in their underwear.

"Getting into the bowl feels like you're stepping into someone's organs," Allison said.

Allison stuggles through her photo shoot saying she has vampire vision as the sun got to her eyes. As the photographer was shooting Allison, her eyes kept closing and she was tearing from the sunlight. Allison is known for her big eyes but still pulled off a good photo with her eyes closed.

Shannon's facial expression changes as she says, "I don't do underwear." Of course Shannon has a problem with posing in underwear, even if it is underwear that looks like a bathing suit.

"I'm married and I think that lingerie and underwear should just be for my husband and I don't need the world to see it," Shannon said.

Shannon takes a stand and stays genuine to her brand. Even though she wants to win the all-star season she doesn't do the photo shoot, Shannon said it's important to stand up for what you believe in to have the respect of others.

Jay Manuel tries to persuade Shannon but it doesn't work. Instead, she watches the other ladies photo shoots and starts to worry that they may send her home. But, the ladies still fight hard, because they say Shannon may not go home over not participating.

The ladies work their salad and with six ladies left in the competition, every photo shoot and every move they make counts.

"Nikos Papadopoulos" -- At a photo shoot, one of the models is conflicted when they are asked to pose in underwear on America's Next Top Model on The CW.  pictured: Dominique Cycle 17 Photo: Walter Sassard/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights ReservedDuring judging, the judges get a little confused with Shannon's morals and views with the whole lingerie versus swimsuits.

Tyra tells Shannon it is important to stand up for what you believe in but since she didn't do the photo shoot her past photo's and performance throughout the season will be judged as a whole.

Dominique rocked it out in her photo shoot and won best photo this week. Allison was the runner-up for best photo and the bottom two models this week were; Laura and Shannon of course.

Laura's brand was loveable and Tyra said she didn't stick to that this week and Tyra found it notable that Shannon stuck to her brand, but that wasn't enough to keep her in the competition and Shannon was sent home.  

Tyra said Shannon isn't going home just because she didn't do the photo shoot but because while reviewing her entire performance, the judges realized Shannon was the only model out of the bunch who never won best photo or won a challenge.

Shannon said she has no regrets in her decision and says she handled herself with class and dignity. Do you think Shannon made a mistake and ruined her chances at winning?

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