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Rumors Surface About Rihanna Claiming She May Be Pregnant

Alright, so the latest MediaTakeOut rumor claims Rihanna is pregnant. Rihanna recently cancelled her Sweden tour dates stating that she had the flu but MTO posted "Rihanna's PREGNANT!!!" two days ago and they report:

" just spoke with a peron EXTREMELY close to Rihanna . . . and it looks like Rihanna may be PREGNANT!!! Rihanna has canceled TWO shows in the last week. The official cause of the cancellations, is "The flu." But the unofficial word amongst people around her, is that she may be pregnant."

"A member of Rihanna's camp told, "[The word] was that Robyn [Rihanna] had the flu, but we all suspect it's more than just that. She's no longer drinking - which is big for her - and she has a doctor traveling with us." And it gets better. Rihanna's insider snitch explained, "Rihanna no longer carried ANYTHING. And she is on doctors orders to take it easy for the remainder of the tour."

Rihanna releases "Talk That Talk" Snippets, album due in stores Nov. 21st.

MTO said they are unsure of who the father may be but mention Rihanna's hookups with Matt Kemp and Dudley O'Shaughnessy. Other rumors on the web is that Rihanna possibly got knocked up by Drake after the two collaborated on Drake's new song "Take Care."

On Tuesday  tweeted about Rihanna and said, "@Rihanna's pregnant but had 4 bfs last month.. #hoefosho"

Rihanna tweeted back and said, "@ayana_shakera hello, u must be my pu**y! Nice to meet u."

Wow! Lol.

Rihanna and her team have yet to officially reject the pregnancy rumor, but reports also say Rihanna's crew failed to reject rumors back in 2008 when MTO claimed she was expecting Chris Brown’s child. And notice MTO reported that Rihanna "MAY" be pregnant, so as always, we never know, time will tell.

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