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Tell It Tuesdays! - Pros & Cons of Blogging

A message from La La...
My one year anniversary of Ooooooo La La! is coming up and I can't believe I have been blogging strong for almost a year! I've come a long way on this site and I love my blog, this is my baby.

I think the computer has become my new best friend, lol, seriously. I let out frustrations as Im writing and typing, sometimes this is something I can't do when talking to someone. And I also like sharing my TV show recaps with all of you.

My very first blog post: A World Without Music -- Nothing fancy, no pictures, just thoughts

I did a radio show about addictions and realized that blogging is one of my addictions. I'm always blogging in between jobs, at work, while I'm watching TV, while I'm trying to go to sleep and I wind up on the computer till like 5 in the morning. Does that make me an obsessive compulsive blogger? Nahhh.

I love what I do and I love seeing a wonderful product that I created and knowing that others enjoy reading my posts. This is an entertainment blog so I hope you enjoy it. Every once in awhile I post personal stories, rants and poems so my readers can get a glimpse of what I go through.

I've also recently reached 100,000 views!! and counting. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and being interested in my material. I will continue to keep up this blog and continue to deliver good stories, recaps and celeb gossip!

Why Blog? ... To have a say. Give your view. Engage with people.
1) Sharing my creativity with others and knowing that my readers like the same shows, stories and topics that I enjoy.

2) I like playing around with the design and widgets of my page and knowing that I created this myself. Seeing my work blossom is awesome. I love the appearance of my blog, someone has said my blog looks like a Victoria Secret bag, lol...thank you.

3) I love feedback and seeing that I have new comments or emails from people. It also lets me know that people actually read my work.

4) When I have down time, I like browsing other blogs, looking at the different designs and reading other posts.

5) I like venting out on here. Sometimes my built up frustration is released when I blog about it or just blog in general and amazingly it keeps me busy and I feel better.

For example: My story on restaurant servers

A couple of rants about blogging...

1) I'm not sure if people realize that I do actually have a life outside from constantly blogging on my laptop, so try to understand when I miss a recap here or there, or if I didn't catch the biggest scoop on a celeb. I'm only one person so I do miss some things.

2) The comments I receive are usually good and I don't mind criticism, in fact that helps me improve, but I flat out got a nasty comment once which I had to delete. The person was bashing me because I spelled a couple of things wrong. Like really? C'mon. Maybe I had an off day, I usually double check my post before publishing it. But this person really went in on me and on top of that had the nerve to be "anonymous." If you wanna send some "hate mail" have some balls and show your name. Why not?

Those are my only two rants, other than that my blogging experience has been such a joy and experience to share with the online internet community. So enjoy Ooooooo La La! And thanks again for your views and feedback.


  1. Great job honey! You have been my bff for like what 18yrs? And I even told my mom that this is SO you and I couldn't even see you in some corporate suit, you are just too FREE for that! Don't change a thing, true success and happiness come to those who are them themselves and LOVE themselves. Thanks for getting me into blogging too! It actually has made me less stressed to just be able to share my thoughts, sometimes to people I don't even know. I enjoy your blog, it keeps me posted on real life since I miss so much with work lol. I will continue to follow AND go back and read some of your old stuff too! Luv ya!

  2. Awww!!! Brittany!! I'm like about to tear at my desk here. Thank you so much! And yes blogging is a big time stress reliever, that and yoga lol

  3. LOL! No problem honey! I swear I can see why you are so addicted! I think about 20 of those views on your page a day are from me trying to see if you posted something new or to read some older posts I have missed over the past year! LOL

  4. LMAO! oh wow, I'm glad my posts are good


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