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Love Games: Sydney's Jealousy of Judi Spins Out of Control

Ten guys are left on Love Games, who went home last night? Well...

John is feeling a little cocky, feeling like he can do what he wants since he knows Sydney is feeling him. But he tells Sydney he can't sleep with her and that he needs his space, so he sleeps in his own bed.

"I don't know what his motive is, it's like he's trying to be the dominate one and I'm the last girl you want to try and play the dominate card with," Sydney said.

Sydney and John
Feeling played, Sydney starts spazzing out and she goes to talk to Kori and Judi and tells them John is a player.

Judi said John won't like crazy Sydney but he can come on over to 'Team Judi.' Since Sydney and John are fighting, Sydney starts to do her rounds with other guys to make them more on her team.

Kori says a lot of the guys in the house are attracted to her but they're not locked in to her yet. Pasquale tells Kori she's the most beautiful one in the house and Kori says she isn't feeling him like that but she will use him to her advantage.

Pasquale and Sydney are still beefing from last weeks episode and Pasquale feels like Sydney is trying to push everyone away from him. He later talks to Judi and seems like he is on her side now...or is he just playing the game?

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Jordan says that Judi is the real one in the house and he has been down for her since day one. John says he is going to push up on Judi more because he was attracted to Judi first and he wants to slowly start moving away from Sydney.
This weeks HBIC challenge involves a BS meter to seperate the studs from the scrubs. The guys had to spin a status wheel that included different statements.

The guy spinning had to direct the statement to another guy in the house leaving the ladies to determine if the statements were true or false. The guy chosen revealed his answer and if the ladies got it right then they got a point.

Tanisha says to the ladies, it is not what the ladies know about these guys but what they think the guys lied about.

Robby's spin landed on, "Has had more than 20 sexual partners" and he picked Matthew to answer. 

Matthew said he doesn't keep count and said 'true.' Judi said that makes her even more attracted to him because maybe he has some moves he can show her.

C'mon Judi!

Pasquale has to answer 'true' or 'false' to, "Is into Judi more than Kori," he says 'false' and Judi is shocked. But in the end, it is Sydney who gets a perfect score and is also this weeks HBIC.

Sydney picks Edson for her date, she chooses Jonathan for Kori and Joey for Judi. For their additional dates: Sydney picks Robby, Judi picks Matthew and Kori picks Nick.

The ladies go on a private Tiki boat. Sydney uses her HBIC power and steals Jonathan away from Kori's on their date. Sydney starts to feel a distance from Jonathan and tells him she has no more fight for him.

Sydney and Jonathan
Kori reveals that Joey is her favorite in the house but she plays it off to get to know the other men.Kori is pissed that she didn't win the challenge but then is happy that Sydney thinks they are best friends so they can work on eliminating Judi's men.

Judi and Matthew connect on their date and share a kiss and Judi says it is one of the best days ever.

"Judi's not this b*tch that everybody thinks she is, she is very sensitive and I think she's very genuine, more genuine than the other ladies in the house," Matthew said.

Back at the house, John seems a little salty that he isn't chosen by Sydney to go on a date.
Tanisha feels out the guys and which lady they like and she tells the guys to step their game up.

Jordan uses Tanisha's advice and runs a bubble bath for Judi and says he will always be 'Team Judi' from the bottom of his heart. Aww he's too cute.

When the ladies return to the house, John starts hanging around Judi while everybody is outside talking and Sydney gets jealous.

"She's just a stupid f*cking c*nt, she's f*cking ugly, she's nothing like me. Like what do you see in her? Look at her. She's got back fat," Sydney says out loud to Kori, talking about Judi and John's connection.
John says Sydney's negative atitude is unattractive. Sydney feels like Judi is competition when it comes to John. Sydney later on talks to John and says that she wants to win the game with him. Of course the two start arguing like an old married couple over nonsense and John winds up cursing Sydney out.

Kori said instead of encouraging Sydney to break it off with John she's going to encourage Sydney to stay with him so she can get more pyscho and lose the game.

Tanisha advises Sydney to use her head and put up anyone for elimination who isn't feeling her. So Sydney puts Jordan, Pasquale and Jonathan for elimination. Sydney is taking her frustrations out on everybody and surprisingly puts Jonathan up on the chopping block who is sorta still feeling her.
Crazy Pasquale
The tension in the house rises and Pasquale and Jordan start beefing and Pasquale charges him but the fight gets broken up by security.

During elimination Sydney calls Judi out and says Judi is getting blinded by the love games. Sydney and Judi start arguing because Sydney is still jealous that John is feeling her.

Towards the end, while Jordan is pleading his case, he has a message for Sydney and says, "The guy that you like, likes Judi and that's John."

Sydney didn't like to hear that.

Kori and Judi both save Jonathan at elimination and feel like he will leave 'Team Sydney' since she put him up for elimination.

Jordan (in the middle) gets eliminated
Afterwards, Kori and Judi can't agree on who to send home so the final decision goes back to Sydney and she sends Jordan home. Sydney saves crazy Pasquale over sweet Jordan and says it's because Pasquale will be easy to manipulate.

Judi starts getting emotional and says to Kori and Sydney that she's real and thought they were her friends.

All the ladies start screaming at each other and Tanisha cuts in, "Hey! There's no friends in this house! It's a competition..."

Exactly! Friends my a**. Which bad girl do you think will win it all in the end?