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Tell It Tuesdays: Setting Your Standards, Do You Only Date 10's?

A bit much but I thought this was funny...
 Everyone has some type of standards/expectations when looking for a significant other (money, sex, looks) whether they are extremely high and unreachable or extremely low.

I was watching Why Am I Still Single? where couples use a team of people to help them find love and examine the reasons why of course they're still single. 

On the last episode below, Ebony looked at herself as a princess and was looking for her prince charming. She set her standards so high and only wanted the best of the best out of a man.

The episode below is by far the funniest one I've seen so far. People on the show get set up on a test date which they don't know about, they think it's a real date. They're being watched and examined on a secret camera by Siggy Flicker, the show host and matchmaker who also helps them find real dates. So what happens when Ebony looks for prince charming? ....

So with watching this episode I was thinking; Do people really wait around to find that guy/girl that meets everything on their list?

Me, myself, I'm not too picky but then again there are just some absolute must-haves:

#1 and very important: Ya gotta be tall! Over 5'9, thanks.
#2 Educated
#3 A family man
#4 In shape
#5 No thugs
#6 No kids

I don't think my main list is that bad.

When looking for a significant other, what are some of the qualities you look for? How high do you set your standards and what are some of your deal breakers?

I don't think anyone should just settle, know your worth. But then again you can't make your standards so high that you're looking for the impossible. Some advice that I once heard;
You need to take time to think about what it is that you want, and what will make you happy. Know some of the characteristics that are compatible with yours and go from there.
This will definitely be a future topic on my show.


  1. Well I can't say I only date 10s looking back at some of the guys I have dated in my past lol. However I will say personality is a biggy for me. I do not like men who are too into themselves and pushovers get on my nerves. I also have recently realized that I need a man I can have FUN with! I need him not to be afraid to be stupid with me every once in a while. If we cannot have genuine fun together now, what are we going to do 30 years later when its just him and I stuck in the house after the kids are gone? We would be so bored! So yea, looks definitely are a deciding factor, but it doesn't make the call for me.

  2. I can't help but to think of SOMEBODY when you say you like a man you can have fun with LOL. And yes that is true, if you can't be yourself and act silly every once in awhile then that sucks.

    I'm kinda shallow tho lol. I'm not the skinniest chick but I have never dated a big guy and never would. They're just not my type :/

  3. LOL yea I have dated/talked to bigger guys because personality got me. But at 1st trust me I was NOT even looking at them like that at ALL.


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