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Bad Girls Club: The New Girl Doesn't Get a Warm Welcome as Her Initiation Begins & Season 7 Chicks Return

Episode 4: "Sink or Swim"

Six against One. Only the Strong Survive...

Jenna is gone from last weeks fight with the rest of the bad girls. Demetria said Jenna showed her true colors when she chose guys over her roommates. With Jenna gone, Demetria wants the rest of the girls to all bond and not they all start plotting against the replacement girl who will take Jenna's spot.

"The new girl better be on her best behavior because the original six is in full effect, if she steps to us or looks at us wrong, it's not gonna be pretty," Erica said.

The six remaining girls start to get along just great and everything is fine for now. Jenna makes a quick return for the Bad Girls photo shoot. She notices that Amy and Demetria are buddy, buddy with the other four girls who jumped her.

The tension is thick during the photo shoot and Gabi, Erica and The Twins hold their tongue's. When Jenna gets ready to leave the rest of them raise up and watch Jenna leave while cursing her out and giving her the finger.

"You're nothing but an extra...go home," Erica said.

Later on, the girls go out to party and the DJ introduces Tiara from season 7 as the baddest bad girl. Demetria goes on stage to represent for her season. These girls don't like the fact that someone from a past season is getting all the attention.

Amy said, "She (Tiara) doesn't need to be stepping on our territory."

"B*tch you are past season hop off our d*ck," Erica said about Tiara.

Tiara walks over to the ladies and invites the bad girls to a mansion pool party. After the club, the ladies return to their house and find a surprise; the new bad girls picture is up and she's ready to make her entrance into the house soon!

The ladies judge the new girl based off of a picture.  

"This girl looks like a straight up b*tch," Dani said. 

They didn't even meet her yet but they want a new girl that they like.

"Too many black people in one house is going to be a problem."

The ladies decide to take a part the new girls bed. They throw her mattress and bed parts in the pool.

Tiara from last season calls up the bad girls house to invite them to the mansion pool party again and Erica calls Tiara thirsty, so they don't plan on going.

But when Dani tells the rest of the ladies Tiara's party is an after party for an award show where a lot of celebrities will be at, the ladies decide to change their minds. 

Who is the thirsty one now Erica? As soon as she heard the word "celebrities" she changed her mind quick.

They plot some more against the new girl and set a game plan to get her out the house fast.

In comes the new bad girl: Elease Donovan and she hopes the house is up to her standards. But as soon as she comes to the door, she's locked out and can't get in.

And the show begins...

Elease walks in and screams, "yoooo I'm home" and the girls think she has a stank attitude already and decide not to like her. Elease introduces herself but the other girls don't even acknowledge her.

"Did you walk by the pool? That's your bed," one of the girls blurt out to her.

Elease said the girls are making her feel like a guest in her own house. She continues to talk and smile and she also includes herself in their plans to go to the mansion pool party.

"I don't need friends, I didn't come to make friends anyways," Elease tells them. 

The six other girls bully Elease right away.

Elease told them, "You touch me I'ma hit you right back."

Later, she goes out with them anyway. They all arrive at the pool party and as soon as they get there they don't even bother speaking to the Bad Girl Club season 7 chicks Nastasia and Tiara.

Nastasia walked over to them and said, "ok rudeness we invited ya'll to our party and ya'll can't even come speak?"

Elease introduced herself and said she felt a connection with them right away. Elease decides to hang out with Nastasia and Tiara and the other girls ditch Elease and leave her at the party.

Tiara and Nastasia offer a little guidance to Elease and they gave her a lesson on how to survive in the bad girls house as the new girl.

"If these b*tches touch your sh*t take over that house for real, cuz you can do it because these b*tches are clearly weak" Nastasia advises Elease.

Elease realizes the other girls left her but she decides to stay and have a good time with the two bad girls from last season.

The other six ladies go back home and they see Elease's suitcase outside of the house. 

Dani said, "Lesson number one: a bad girl should never leave her bag unattended."

When Elease arrives to the house, she finds her items from her suitcase all over yard and in the pool. They lock her out the house again but she finds her way in through a sliding door and she asked he ladies who touched her stuff. 

"Who had the nerve to touch my stuff, disrespect my stuff...I'm beyond pissed right now," Elease said.

Elease gets pushed in the pool
Nobody answered her, so Elease takes this as everyone is responsible. She goes upstairs and grabs their random items to throw in the pool. When she throws their items in the pull, she gets pushed in the pool by Gia.

I give Elease credit because she keeps going.

"Since they're a big happy Brady Bunch I'm going to go after every last one of them, no one is excluded," Elease said.

Elease goes back in the house to grab more items and the girls gang up on her and pound on her in every direction. The six other girls charge upstairs against Elease and stalk her every move, daring Elease to go in more rooms and touch things and she does! 

The fight gets broken up
The original six vs. replacement Elease
After security breaks them up, Elease leaves the house in a limo. The girls think Elease is leaving for good and they think they won. 

"There's no way these b*tches are kicking me out this house because I'm the number one bad girl and I'm here to stay...I'm sorry but nobody scares me... I have such a strong mentality that I can put up with this every single day."

"B*tches it's on and poppin' just watch your f*ckin' back...," Elease said.

Will the original six ever respect the new girl?

Nastasia tweeted about this episode and said Elease is the baddest chick in the house:

 Nastasia Townsend 


 Nastasia Townsend 


Tiara also tweeted her thoughts about this episode:

 It's T Dolla to u™ 

But the b*tches showed up.Thirsty!!! I got paid to party... Me and Stasi got paid STACKS b*tch and we got camera time :)! B*tch I'm the sh*t

 It's T Dolla to u™ 

This season is FULL of muthaf*ckin FOLLOWERS!!!!

 It's T Dolla to u™ 

 to the BADDEST b*tch of Season 8 :)!!! She's the reason people will KEEP watching !!!


  1. Elease is the BADDEST of this season! The rest are wack...bunch of thirsty ass haters!!! Especially the chick with the red hair and big ass head please bitch if u about money why u keep wearin that same dress!

  2. Look im young but erica give elease a chance im eleven tell tell the twins and gia to be careful

  3. Look your all the baddest I dont know about eleasethe twins are the prettiest im only eleven dont get mad

  4. All of these girls are LAME!


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