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WTF is Going on With Katt Williams? The Comedian Announces His Retirement From Stand-Up Comedy After Recent Foolishness

Something is seriously wrong with this dude Katt Williams because he has been buggin' lately! I haven't had the chance to blog a lot but let me catch up on all his recent foolishness...

He's had several arrests after drunken altercations, cop chases and fights - with the most recent and most talked about altercation being when he went into a Target store and slapped a Target worker.

Last week video footage surfaced of the comedian slapping the employee, and then Katt Williams used a motorized shopping cart as his getaway vehicle!

He also threatened people in a Seattle bar and then got arrested only to be bailed out by the notorious Suge Knight!

During a live interview with Seattle’s KOMO Channel 4 News, Katt Williams announces he’s quitting comedy. He says his controversial stay in Seattle in the past few days have led him to retire from stand-up comedy.